X (Twitter) Now Hides Posts Liked By Users

Elon Musk’s X platform (formerly Twitter) has this week begun hiding user likes, amid reports of declining engagement

2 days ago

Microsoft ‘Recalls’ AI Screenshots After Backlash

Microsoft takes step back on 'Recall' AI screenshot feature on Copilot+ PCs after critics compare it to pre-installed spyware

5 days ago

Meta Plan To Train AI With EU, UK User Data Spurs Complaints

European privacy group files GDPR complaints over Meta plan to use public user data from Facebook, Instagram to train AI…

5 days ago

Microsoft Recall Triggers Enquiry From UK Data Regulator

Privacy concerns. ICO seeks feedback after Microsoft introduces AI Recall feature that screenshots users' laptops every two seconds

3 weeks ago

Deepfakes: More Than Skin Deep Security

As deepfake technology continues to blur the lines between reality and deception, businesses and individuals alike must arm themselves with…

2 months ago

Google Delays Removal Of Third-Party Cookies, Again

For third time Google delays phase-out of third-party Chrome cookies after pushback from industry and British regulator

2 months ago

UK Lawsuit Claims Grindr Shared HIV Status

Dating app Grindr sued over claims it shared sensitive user data, including HIV status, with third parties for advertising purposes

2 months ago

Google To Destroy Billions Of Private Browsing Records

Lawsuit settlement. Google agrees to destroy billions of private or “incognito” mode records as part of lawsuit settlement

2 months ago

Fears Over ‘Mass Surveillance’ With Bill Changes

techUK and other tech, human rights groups say proposed changes to Investigatory Powers Act could introduce 'mass surveillance'

3 months ago

Spain Temporarily Bans Worldcoin Eyeball Scans Over Privacy

Privacy watchdog in Spain orders Worldcoin to halt eyeball scans to make digital IDs in exchange for crypto

3 months ago

Taylor Swift Threatens To Sue Student Who Clashed With Elon Musk

Florida student Jack Sweeney threatened with legal action by Taylor Swift, over location tracking of her private jet

4 months ago

Amazon Ring Halts Controversial Police Video-Sharing Program

Ring confirmed it is 'sunsetting' its Request for Assistance (RFA) tool that allowed police to request doorbell footage

5 months ago

Microsoft To Allow Cloud Users To Store Personal Data In Europe

In effort to resolve privacy worries, Microsoft is to allow its cloud customers to store all personal data within EU

5 months ago

China Cracks Apple Encryption, Claims It Can Identify AirDrop Senders

Apple's encryption for AirDrop file-sharing has alleged being cracked, as Chinese authorities claim they can ID senders

5 months ago

Google Settles $5bn Web Tracking Lawsuit

Settlement not disclosed after Google ends web tracking lawsuit with Chrome browser in “private” or “incognito” mode

6 months ago

Three Big Porn Websites Must Verify User’s Age In EU

European Commission classifies Pornhub, XVideos and Stripchat as “very large online platforms”, subjecting them to strict DSA rules

6 months ago

Ofcom’s Age Verification Proposals Pose ‘Significant’ Privacy, Security Risk

Open Rights Group slams Ofcom's proposals for age verification checks on porn websites, citing privacy and security concerns

6 months ago

Ofcom Proposes Face Scanning, Banking Details For Porn Age Verification

Proposals published by Ofcom for porn websites to implement acceptable age verification measures under Online Safety Bill

6 months ago

Online Safety Act May Require AI Facial Scans

Ofcom proposed guidance suggests users may be required to submit to facial scans to view pornography online

6 months ago

Meta Offers Paid Ad-Free Subscription For Facebook, Instagram

Facebook and Instagram to offer a paid subscription in Europe in return for no adverts, costing from 9.99 euros (£8.73)…

8 months ago

Mexico Orders Samsung, Motorola To Stop Remotely Disabling Phones

Samsung, Motorola, ZTE instructed by Mexican government to stop remotely bricking gray market smartphones imported into the country

8 months ago

Meta Admits AI Assistant Trained On User Posts

Executive admits it used people's public Facebook and Instagram posts to train its new Meta AI virtual assistant

9 months ago

Poland Probes OpenAI Over Data Protection Worries

Data Protection Office confirms it will investigate Microsoft-backed OpenAI after GDPR data protection complaint

9 months ago

Google Agrees $93m Location Tracking Settlement With California

Another settlement over Google's location tracking practices, with agreement to pay California $93m to settle lawsuit

9 months ago

WhatsApp Boss Denies Chat App Is Exploring Ads

Head of WhatsApp at Meta Platforms firmly denies media report the service is exploring adverts to bolster revenues

9 months ago

Mozilla Names And Shames Privacy Compromising Cars

Privacy nightmare on wheels! Mozilla Foundations reviews 25 major car brands, all of which fail privacy tests

9 months ago

X To Collect Biometric Data, Employment, Education History

Platform formerly known as Twitter is to begin collecting people's biometric data, as well as employment and school history

10 months ago

Max Schrems’ Noyb Files Privacy Complaint Against Fitbit

Complaint from campaign group alleges Google's Fitbit broke EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules

10 months ago