German Court Strikes Down Telecoms Data Access Law

Current laws give security services 'excessive' access to citizens' data, finds top court, giving government until end of 2021 to…

3 weeks ago

Apple Issues Damage Warning For MacBook Users

Apple MacBook users are being warned of possible damage to their displays if they close their notebook with a camera…

4 weeks ago

Advocacy Groups Warn Against Google’s Fitbit Acquisition

Twenty advocacy groups from around the world warn that Google's acquisition of Fitbit risks damaging privacy and competition

1 month ago

Google To Delete User Searches, Location Data After 18 Months

Privacy win? Google will automatically delete user's website searches and visits, as well as some location data, after 18 months

2 months ago

France Upholds Record Google Data Protection Fine

French court upholds earlier £45m penalty on Google for failing to obtain Android users' consent to use their personal data…

2 months ago

Microsoft Bans Facial Recognition Sales To Police

Software giant follows IBM and Amazon with police facial recognition ban until there is national regulation of the technology

2 months ago

Tech Firms Pledge Child Abuse Disclosures To Blunt Anti-Encryption Drive

Strategic move? Google, Facebook, Microsoft pledge to improve and standardise annual disclosures around online child exploitation

2 months ago

Amazon Joins Police Ban Of Facial Recognition Tech

E-commerce giant Amazon joins other tech firms with announcement it will pause police use of its facial recognition software

2 months ago

IBM Cancels All Facial Recognition Programs, Urges Police Reform

Big Blue cancels its facial recognition programs and calls for reform and new ways to work with law enforcement, "to…

2 months ago

Singapore Says Contact Tracing Token ‘Not An Electronic Tag’

Singapore to distribute contact tracing device to all residents beginning later this month following low takeup of TraceTogether smartphone app

2 months ago

ACLU File Lawsuit Against Clearview AI

American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against facial recognition firm alleging “privacy-destroying surveillance activities”

2 months ago

Coronavirus: France Approves Contact Tracing App

French minister defends centralised approach of its Covid-19 contact-tracing app, citing the French and UK's nuclear deterrent

2 months ago

Google Chrome Follows Firefox Lead With DoH Option

Three months after Firefox turned on privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), Google's Chrome browser gets same feature, but only if…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Apple, Google Release Contact Tracing API

Both firms say 22 countries and a number of US states have requested to use the contact-tracing API for their…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Government Grants GCHQ Access To NHS IT

Fresh twist in privacy debate surrounding Covid-19 tracing app, after government reportedly grants GCHQ access to security data of NHS…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon Uses Blacklisted Chinese Firm For Thermal Cameras

Chinese firm banned by the United States over allegations it aided the Chinese government, supplies thermal cameras to Amazon for…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: British Covid-19 Tracing App Ready In 3 Weeks

The NHS confirms its coronavirus tracing app will be ready in two to three weeks, but concerns remain over its…

3 months ago

NHS Says Trust ‘Crucial’ For Virus Contact-Tracing App

NHSX 'prioritising' privacy in development of coronavirus contact-tracing scheme, whose decentralised approach contrasts to that of France and Germany

3 months ago

Coronavirus: France Asks For Easing Of Privacy For Covid-19 Tracing API

France asks Google and Apple for their ‘private’ Coronavirus tracing API to be a little less private, with the easing…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: EU Sets Out Guidance For Covid-19 Tracking App

European Commission publishes detailed guidance for EU member states developing their own Coronavirus tracking and warning apps

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Google Location Data Shows Rise In Visits To Parks

Google releases second tranche of location data that reveals there was a rise in people visiting parks during the warm…

4 months ago

Facebook Tracking Lawsuit Renewed By US Appeals Court

Federal Appeals Court has approved proposed class action by Facebook users over alleged tracking of their internet activity, even after…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: EU Seeks Unified Approach For Covid-19 Tracking App

European Union warns against fragmented approach for digital technologies and mobile apps, used to help track the Coronavirus pandemic

4 months ago

Smartphone Scheme Aims To Track Coronavirus While Protecting Privacy

Boston University proposal would involve tracking randomly generated IDs via short-range broadcasts as means to contain coronavirus infections

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Google Releases Location Data To Help Authorities Check Lock-downs

Location data is being released by Google in 131 countries so officials can see if people are obeying self-isolating rules

4 months ago

Coronavirus: NSO Offers Covid-19 Tracking Software

Surveillance specialist NSO offers Western governments software that uses mobile phone data to monitor and predict the spread of coronavirus

4 months ago

Coronavirus: WHO Expert Calls For Mobile Phone Tracking

Time to track? To ensure people follow self isolation, their smartphones need to be tracked, expert at World Health Organisation…

5 months ago

Coronavirus: Has The Government Requested Mobile Location Data?

Contradictory reports state the government has requested location data of citizens to see if they are obeying Coronavirus advice

5 months ago

Amazon Ring Logs All Doorbell And App Interactions

Privacy issue emerges as Amazon confirms it logs records of every motion detected by installed Ring doorbells, and interactions with…

5 months ago

Drone Industry Up In Arms Over ‘Remote ID’ Regulations

US regulator proposes 'digital licence plate' for drones, but critics say regulations would be expensive and complex to implement

5 months ago