Apple ‘Find My’ App To Locate Third-Party Items

Wireless earbuds, electric bikes, and other third-party products can now be tracked or located using Apple's 'Find My' app

6 days ago

Snapchat Owner ‘Explored Ways’ Of Violating Apple’s Privacy Rules

Snap, owner of Snapchat, admits it conducted tests into tech that could bypass Apple's privacy controls to track iPhone users

1 week ago

Tesla In-Car Camera Prompts Privacy Worries – Consumer Reports

Privacy issue? Tesla's use of in-car cameras to record and transmit video, worries influential US magazine Consumer Reports

3 weeks ago

India Orders Watchdog Probe Over WhatsApp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp's largest market in India is launching an official antitrust investigation over its mandatory privacy policy update

3 weeks ago

Musk Denies Tesla Cars Could Be Used For Spying

Elon Musk reassures China over privacy of data collected by Tesla cars' sensors after vehicles are banned from sensitive military,…

3 weeks ago

Judge Dismisses Most Claims Against Zoom In Proposed Case

California judge dismisses privacy violation and 'Zoombombing' claims in proposed class-action lawsuit, citing immunity under federal law

4 weeks ago

NHS Challenged Over Data Contract With Palantir

Contract between NHS and data mining firm Palantir now at centre of lawsuit filed by UK political website

2 months ago

WhatsApp To Limit Messaging, Unless Users Agree New Terms

Users who don't agree to WhatsApp's updated terms will be blocked from messaging, and their account could be eventually deleted

2 months ago

WhatsApp To Press Ahead With Privacy Update

What backlash? Facebook's WhatsApp says it will go ahead with its privacy policy update, but hopes that it has better…

2 months ago

Google Has Not Updated Its iOS Apps For Two Months

No update for Google's iOS apps including Chrome, Photos, YouTube etc, after Apple insists on privacy 'nutrient label' requirement

2 months ago

More Privacy Safeguards Needed – EU Watchdog

Privacy watchdog EDPS backs European Commission's DMA and DSA draft rules on tech firms, but suggests more safeguards are needed

2 months ago

Baltimore Ends Controversial Spy Planes Over Privacy Fears

Controversial aerial surveillance program in major US city to reduce crime ended, after lawsuit and pressure from civil rights group

2 months ago

Facebook App Pop-up To Explain Benefits Of Data Collection

Response to Apple privacy rule. Facebook testing new pop-up alert for iPhone apps, explaining benefits of data collection

2 months ago

Facebook To Reduce Political Content After Posting Healthy Profit

Mark Zuckerberg admits platform is looking at ways to reduce political content in news feeds, after it posts billion dollar…

3 months ago

Google Updates Plan To End Cookies In Chrome Browser

Look ma, no cookies. Google says it has made progress in effort to remove third-party cookies from its Chrome web…

3 months ago

India To Quiz Facebook Over WhatsApp Privacy Terms

Delayed mandatory privacy policy update by Facebook's WhatsApp, to reportedly trigger questions from Indian parliamentary panel

3 months ago

WhatsApp Delays Deadline For New Privacy Terms

WhatsApp delays deadline for users to agree to new privacy policy by three weeks as notice triggers backlash over Facebook…

3 months ago

WhatsApp Will Share Data With Facebook, Despite User Wishes

What is the point of end-to-end encryption? Facebook to access people's WhatsApp data, whether they like it or not, from…

3 months ago

Google To Add Privacy Labels To Its iOS App Portfolio

Bad news for advertisers. Search giant is to update all its iOS apps to carry Apple's privacy labels that will…

3 months ago

NSO Used Real Location Data Of People In Demo, Researchers Allege

In a demonstration of its Covid-19 contact-tracing system earlier this year, researchers allege NSO Group used real people's location data

3 months ago

Google Wins EU Approval For Fitbit Deal

Over a year since Google announced it was acquiring fitness device maker in a $2.1bn deal, EU gives its official…

4 months ago

Facebook Slams Apple Advertising Changes

Fight, fight, fight. Apple's move to place 'privacy labels' on apps is slammed by Facebook, as feud erupts into the…

4 months ago

Facebook To Move UK Users To US Data Agreements

Escaping GDPR protections? Social networking giant Facebook insists move will not change privacy controls or the services it offers

4 months ago

Google Fined $121 Million By French Watchdog Over Cookies

Stiff financial penalty imposed on Google by French privacy watchdog, which at the time also fined Amazon over advertising cookies

4 months ago

Will Privacy Kill the Open Web?

Privacy and how the personal data of individuals is collected, stored, manipulated and shared is governed by GDPR. However, some…

5 months ago

Apple Hits Back At iPhone Tracking Complaints By Privacy Group

Two privacy complaints filed by Max Schrems campaign group draws robust response from Apple, which labels allegations as 'factually inaccurate'

5 months ago

Ring Warns 350,000 Smart Doorbell Customers Over Fire Risk

Amazon's smart home device maker Ring has issued new installation instructions for 350,000 doorbells in the United States, after some…

5 months ago

WhatsApp Setting To Remove Messages After Seven Days

Messaging titan to implement setting to allow for “disappearing messages” option after seven days, in an effort to bolster privacy

5 months ago

Police Ask Residents To Link Smart Doorbells To Surveillance Hub

Privacy nightmare? Police ask residents in US city to link their smart doorbells to surveillance hub to reduce local crime

5 months ago

Judge Rejects Government Appeal On US WeChat Ban

US judge rejects government appeal to reverse earlier decision allowing Chinese app WeChat to remain available in US app stores

6 months ago