Wrongly Convicted Post Office Staff Demand Prison For Former Bosses

Public inquiry update: Former Post Office workers wrongly convicted in Horizon IT scandal, call for prison sentences for management

3 months ago

Wikileaks Julian Assange Granted Permission To Marry In Prison

Fresh twist in the life of Julian Assange as he is granted permission by Belmarsh governor to marry partner Stella…

7 months ago

China Confirms Death Sentence, Amid Meng Wanzhou Case

Hostage politics. Beijing confirms death sentence of one Canadian, and jails another for eleven years, ahead of Huawei CFO extradiction…

10 months ago

Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee Found Dead In Spanish Jail

John McAfee is found dead in prison cell, hours after the Spanish High Court approved his extradition to the United…

11 months ago

Post Office Slammed After Convictions Overturned

Convictions overturned due to Post Office's faulty Horizon computer system, with Prime Minister calling the convictions "an appalling injustice"

1 year ago

US Teenage Twitter Hacker Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

Graham Ivan Clark hacked high profile Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Barak Obama, Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian West

1 year ago

Julian Assange Denied Bail, Despite Extradition Halt

Wikileaks founder denied bail and will remain at Belmarsh prison, as Assange still has “incentive” to abscond from unresolved proceedings

1 year ago

Julian Assange Extradition To US Denied By UK Judge

Protracted extradition of Wikileaks co-founder to the United States is halted by London court, but US DoJ is expected to…

1 year ago

Former Google Executive Sentenced To 18 Months Prison For IP Theft

Former senior executive at Google’s self-driving car project sentenced to 18 months in prison for large trade secret theft

2 years ago

Former Wirecard CEO Released From Jail

Former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun walks free after arrest on Monday for allegedly falsifying the accounts for the German fintech…

2 years ago

Julian Assange Is So Ill He Could Die, Warn Doctors

More than 60 doctors warn British Home secretary that the health of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is so bad he…

3 years ago

Judge Spares Jail Time For Parents Of TalkTalk Hacker

Suspended jail sentences for 'misguided' parents of TalkTalk hacker Elliott Gunton

3 years ago

Julian Assange Life At Risk In Prison, Claims Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson says Julian Assange has been 'psychologically tortured' by his ongoing detention

3 years ago

Equifax Former CIO Jailed For Insider Trading

DoJ - Former CIO knew of breach and opted to excise his stock options before breach became public

3 years ago

TalkTalk Hacker Gets Four Year Sentence

One of the youngsters behind TalkTalk detained for four years, despite depression and Asperger claim

3 years ago

Julian Assange ‘Too Ill’ To Appear For Court Hearing

The health of Wikileaks co-founder in question after his lawyers state he is too ill to appear for court hearing

3 years ago

Chelsea Manning Jailed Again For Wikileaks Testimony Refusal

As expected Manning jailed again for up to 18 months for her refusal to testify for Wikileaks investigation

3 years ago

Chelsea Manning Freed After Wikileaks Testimony Refusal

Freed after 62 days in jail when she refused to testify for Wikileaks investigation, Manning now faces more legal challenges

3 years ago

Fibre Broadband Fraudsters Handed Hefty Jail Sentences

SFO probe leads to conviction of four men involved in bank fraud to fund fibre cables through sewers

5 years ago

Rehab Order For One TalkTalk Hacker As Another Teenager Faces Prison

Teenager TalkTalk hacker has iPhone confiscated, as a second teenager pleads guilty to ISP attack

5 years ago

Drone Conference Examines Security And Safety Implications

Experts discuss safeguarding against drones that pose increasing threats to prisons, airports and public safety

5 years ago

Journalist Convicted Of Aiding Anonymous Newspaper Hack

Journalist jailed for two years for helping Anonymous hack the computer system of his former employer, the LA Times

6 years ago

Software Glitch Grants Early Release To Thousands Of US Prisoners

Thousands of US prisoners released early from prison, after software glitch went unchecked for 13 years

6 years ago

Greater Manchester Police Website Suffers DoS Attack

Police website knocked offline for several hours following denial-of-service attack

7 years ago

Lizard Squad Hacker Avoids Jail Despite 50,000 Attacks

No justice? Finnish teenager and Lizard Squad member responsible for 50,700 hacks avoids prison time

7 years ago

Silk Road Undercover Agent Admits Bitcoin Fraud

Fallout from Silk Road continues after former DEA undercover agent pleads guilty to extorting bitcoins

7 years ago

Two Arrested Over Naked Selfies App

Two men behind an app that trawls through private photo albums looking for naked selfies face prison sentences

7 years ago

Death Threats From Hacker Lead To Prison Sentence

A hacker who made a number of death threats in Japan has been jailed in a case that captured the…

7 years ago