OpenAI Signs Axel Springer Deal To Offer News In ChatGPT

OpenAI and German news publisher team up, so ChatGPT can deliver news summaries utilising Axel Springer content

5 months ago

Meta Warns It May Remove US News Content

Facebook owner warns American Congress it may remove US news from its platform if it passes “ill-considered journalism bill”

1 year ago

Google Appeals $591m Copyright Fine From French Watchdog

'Disproportionate fine' says Google, as it files appeal against 500 million euros penalty imposed by France’s competition regulator

3 years ago

Facebook Accused Of Using Content Of Three Australian Publishers

Dustup down under, as three Australian publishers allege Facebook used content for its news service without their permission

3 years ago

US Newspapers Hit By Cyber-Attack

Printing and distribution of major US newspapers disrupted at the weekend after cyber-attack

5 years ago

Journalist Convicted Of Aiding Anonymous Newspaper Hack

Journalist jailed for two years for helping Anonymous hack the computer system of his former employer, the LA Times

8 years ago

The Independent’s Blog Section Hit By Ransomware Attack

Millions of Independent readers at risk of being infected with ransomware

8 years ago

Google Lambasted For Building ‘Digital Superstate’

A German media boss accuses Google of building a digital superstate and operating a global network monopoly

10 years ago

Metro Newspapers To Address “Smart Boredom” With Swiping

Metro commuter freesheet available on more platforms, geddit?

12 years ago

Yahoo Preps Customised, Mobile Livestand Newspaper

Yahoo announces Livestand, a digital newspaper tailored for tablets and smartphones to compete with The Daily

13 years ago

Daily iPad Newspaper Slated For February Launch

The iPad-only newspaper, the Daily, will launch from 2 February at a cost of 62 pence a week

13 years ago

Reports Predict Apple iOS 4.3 December Launch

The launch is expected to include a subscription billing capability, ahead of the rumoured launch of an iPad-only newspaper

13 years ago

iPad Newspaper Rumour Links Apple And News Corp

The dynamics of the e-reader market could change if Apple and News Corp actually launch an iPad-only newspaper

13 years ago