Neuralink To Begin Brain Implant Trial On Paralysed Patients

Elon Musk brain-implant startup, Neuralink, gains approval to begin human trials on people dealing with paralysis

9 months ago

FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Surviving On ‘Bread And Water’

Jail is not agreeing with vegan Sam Bankman-Fried, as lawyers express concern about access to suitable food, medicine in Brooklyn…

10 months ago

Amazon Clinic Rolls Out Across US, As Healthcare Push Continues

Amazon's virtual doctor's surgery, known as Amazon Clinic, is now available in all 50 US states, as well as Washington…

11 months ago

Amazon Faces Senate Warehouse Safety Investigation

US Senator Bernie Sanders leads Senate investigation into Amazon’s workplace safety practices, amid injury and turnover concerns

1 year ago

Appointments Cancelled After Ransomware Attack On Barcelona Hospital

Cyberattack on major hospital in Spanish city of Barcelona has resulted in cancellation of thousands of appointments

1 year ago

Amazon Closes Acquisition Of Healthcare Provider One Medical

After US authorities refuse to challenge acquisition, Amazon closes its $3.9 billion deal for healthcare provider One Medical

1 year ago

Autonomous Drone Saves The Life Of Heart Attack Victim

A man is Sweden is alive thanks to the speedy arrival of flying medical drone that carried and delivered vital…

2 years ago

Isle Of Wight Drone Medical Delivery Trials Set To Continue

Delivery trials of medical goods to the Isle of Wight set to recommence next month as authorities look at expanding…

3 years ago

Apple Issues Warning About iPhones And Pacemakers

After researcher deactivates an implanted defibrillator with a MagSafe iPhone 12, Apple tells customers to keep iPhones away from Pacemakers

3 years ago

Google’s DeepMind Prepares Clinical Device For Eye-Scan Diagnoses

London-based AI unit demonstrates real-time diagnosis of eye health using cloud-based prototype, as it plans clinical trials

5 years ago

Pacemaker Code ‘Contains 8,000 Vulnerabilities’

Researcher warns of troubling security vulnerabilities with pacemaker devices

7 years ago

Synopsys Questions Cyber Safety Of Medical Devices

Question marks over the safety of medical kit has been raised again as study finds widespread medical complacency

7 years ago

5G Connected Smart Bandages To Monitor Wounds

The bandages are to use nano-sensors to detect wound conditions, relaying this and other patient data to doctors over 5G…

7 years ago

13 Companies And Organisations Transforming The Healthcare Industry

TechWeekEurope identifies some of the most interesting companies in the health-tech sector

8 years ago

IBM Drives Nanoscale Cancer Detection With Lab-On-A-Chip Breakthrough

IBM scientists develop new lab-on-a-chip technology that can, for the first time, separate biological particles at the nanoscale

8 years ago

Computer Brain Control Helps Paraplegic Man Walk Again

A man paralysed in both legs has walked again after he used a computer to bypass his damaged spinal cord

8 years ago

Medical Equipment Vulnerable To Hackers

Is there a hacker in the hospital? MRI machines and other medical kit can be compromised by hackers, researchers warn

9 years ago

IBM Opens Watson Health HQ, Expands Watson Health Cloud

Big Blue opened new headquarters for its Watson Health unit in Cambridge, Mass., and expanded the Watson Health Cloud with…

9 years ago

Google Expands Health & Disease Information Library

Hypochondriac’s dream gets even better with information on over 900 conditions

9 years ago

3D Printing – The ‘Logical Technology’ Set To Change The World

Health and manufacturing industries will push boundaries of printing innovation, Gartner analyst tells TechWeekEurope

9 years ago

SuiteWorld 2015: Switching to NetSuite Was A “No-Brainer”, Claims UK Medical Manufacturer

Case Study: We hear from a NetSuite customer who had the definition of a hairball and was the opposite of…

9 years ago

Digital Hearts Stored For Big Data Research

Doctors can access 1,600 digital hearts for research as big data cross into medical environment

9 years ago

Micro Robots To ‘Swim’ Through Human Body

Doctors in the future could make use micro robots swimming through your body to deliver medicine

10 years ago

Google To Develop ‘Nanoparticle’ Pill For Cancer Detection

Search engine giant lends its R&D prowess to tackle health problems including cancer and heart attacks

10 years ago

Facebook To Launch Healthcare Services

Support communities and Facebook fitness apps among offerings rumoured to be on the way

10 years ago

National Data Centre Launched For Researchers

The UK launches a data centre tailored especially for academic and medical research communities

10 years ago

Google’s Larry Page Reveals Vocal Cord Paralysis

Google's CEO Larry Page has broken his silence about a rare medical condition affecting his vocal cords

11 years ago

Hack Attacks Warning On Medical Implants

Insulin pumps and pacemakers can be turned off by radio control warn researchers

12 years ago

Government Prescribes Medical Apps For Smartphones

Is there a doctor in the house? Andrew Lansley suggests we all check our smartphones, as part of an NHS…

12 years ago

High Court Demands Action Over Gary McKinnon Extradition Case

Two judges have given medical experts 28 days to report on hacker McKinnon's psychological state pending his extradition appeal

12 years ago