Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or ‘things’ embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices.

Intelligent Machines: AI and Manufacturing

As AI begins to be applied as a practical tool, what are the challenges manufacturers are facing using AI across…

4 weeks ago

UK Law Aims To Boost Security For ‘Smart’ Devices

New UK rules bring in basic security requirements for millions of internet-connected devices, aiming to close notorious cyber loophole

3 months ago

Amazon Opens Sidewalk Mesh Network To Third-Party Devices

Amazon opens its long-range, low-bandwidth mesh network known as Sidewalk, to any IoT device in the United States

1 year ago

The State of IoT: Audio Roundtable

IoT has continued to develop and expand its reach to every industry and sector. Will IoT maturity deliver the connected…

2 years ago

Latest Feature: Intelligent Spaces: Using Smart Cities

The demands from everyone that lives in a city has radically changed over the last decade. Silicon UK considers how…

4 years ago

M2M: The Future of Cybersecurity

The focus across much of the cybersecurity landscape has been to mitigate human attacks on networks. However, what about machines…

4 years ago

Can More Data Save Our Climate?

As IoT and IIoT continue to rapidly develop, could this explosion in data collection result in vast improvements to how…

4 years ago

Can Your WAN Cope?

As remote working becomes the norm for many businesses, what does this mean for network access and flexibility? Already video…

4 years ago

Amazon Ring Logs All Doorbell And App Interactions

Privacy issue emerges as Amazon confirms it logs records of every motion detected by installed Ring doorbells, and interactions with…

4 years ago

Inside Knowledge: IoT Data Collection and Analysis

IoT can enable businesses to collect vast quantities of data. Analysing that information is critical to deliver the actionable insight…

5 years ago

Police To Use Drones To Locate Missing Persons

Drone programme officially launched in Scotland this week using AI to help search remote areas for missing or vulnerable people

5 years ago

Intelligent Living: The Smart Home and IoT

As IoT expands, one area where this technology will have the most profound impact will be in the home

5 years ago

How Machine Learning is Transforming Manufacturing

Manufacturing is transforming thanks to AI. As factories become more intelligent, their use of machine learning will only increase. Are…

5 years ago

Amazon Sidewalk To Offer Long-Range Wireless For IoT

Move over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi - Amazon reveals development of long-range wireless alternative for IoT devices

5 years ago

IoT Device Popularity Poses Home Security Risk – Avast

Research from Avast warns the rise in IoT devices puts homes at greater risk of cyber-attack

5 years ago

Future Factory: How 5G will transform industry, networking and communications

Manufacturing looks set to become one of the first industries to be transformed by 5G. Until now, the full potential…

5 years ago

Government Proposes New IoT Security Laws

New law to ensure basic cyber security features would be implemented in all Internet-connected products

5 years ago

Researchers Hack Third-Party Car Alarms To Take Control Of Vehicles

Simple trick could have allowed attackers to take over an account, enabling vehicles to be stolen or even hijacked while…

5 years ago

IoT Devices Under Constant Attack

Cyxtera research finds sustained attacks, mostly from China, are being conducted against IoT devices

5 years ago

IBM Brings Blockchain To Australia, Pilots Water Conservation Project

The company offers its blockchain via Melbourne data center and tests the use of blockchain and IoT sensors in groundwater…

5 years ago

Gartner: Cloud Fuels Enterprise Software Spending Surge

Brexit and US-China trade tensions pose less of a threat than skills shortages, as businesses buy into the cloud and…

5 years ago

UK Security Firm Uncovers Hot Tub Remote Hack Flaw

The lack of security means tens of thousands of hot tubs could be remotely controlled by attackers from anywhere in…

6 years ago

IT Life: Giorgio Regni, Scality

Scality chief technology officer Giorgio Regni talks about cloud apps, collaborative development and the surprising way he found to improve…

6 years ago

IT Life: Labhesh Patel, Jumio

Labhesh Patel, chief technology officer and chief scientist at Jumio, talks about AI, the challenges of data protection and how…

6 years ago

Qualcomm Expects $1bn From IoT Sales This Year

Qualcomm's figures underscore the rapid expansion of connected gadgets into all areas of life, even as smartphone sales level off

6 years ago

Microsoft To Invest $5bn For IoT Push

Redmond pledges $5 billion over next four years for Internet of Things, to make IoT access easier for all

6 years ago

Google Renames Android Wear ‘Wear OS’ As Industry Mutates

Smartwatch sales have surged in recent months, but so far the main company to benefit hasn't been Google

6 years ago

IoT Smart Devices Easy To Hack, Researchers Warn

A simple Google search can show how to hack IoT devices such as baby monitors, web cameras, doorbells, and thermostats

6 years ago

Government Guidelines Aim To Secure Smart Devices

A draft code of practice would encourage manufacturers to remove default device passwords and make communications less easy to hack

6 years ago