Researchers Warn Of Software Flaws With Medical Devices

More than a dozen vulnerabilities found in software used in medical devices and machinery, which could cause crashes if exploited

4 weeks ago

Texas Governor Bans Vaccine Mandates

Over 4 million cases of Covid in Texas and 66,000 thousand deaths, does not stop Texas governor from banning vaccine…

2 months ago

YouTube To Block All Anti-Vaccine Content

Streaming platform will now block all anti-vaccine content, in a major expansion of its ban on misinformation on Coronavirus vaccines

2 months ago

Complex Design Causes Apple Watch 7 Production Delay – Report

Complicated design, Coronavirus disruptions and performance problems have delayed initial manufacturing of Apple's Watch 7

3 months ago

YouTube Suspends Rand Paul Over Facemask Claims

Another social platform has banned yet another US Republican politician over false claims about facemask effectiveness during pandemic

4 months ago

Amazon Reinstates Mask Requirement For US Warehouse Staff

All Amazon staff in its US warehouse are now required once again to wear masks indoors, irrespective of their vaccine…

4 months ago

Uber CEO: Governments, Not Companies, Should Push Vaccinations

Boss of ride hailing firm explains reasoning behind why Uber office staff must have vaccinations, but not its fleet of…

4 months ago

Facebook To Require All US Office Staff To Wear Masks

In addition to requiring staff be vaccinated, Facebook will also order all employees to wear masks when in office or…

4 months ago

Amazon To Halt Covid Testing For US Workers

Too soon? E-commerce giant Amazon has confirmed it is to end testing for Coronavirus for warehouse workers at the end…

5 months ago

NHS Covid App Could Be Changed, Minister Confirms

Government minister admits that as Covid restrictions are eased in England on 19 July, the NHS app will need to…

5 months ago

Apple Updates Magnet Warning For Pacemakers

Updated list of Apple devices that should be kept a safe distance away from pacemakers and other implanted medical equipment

5 months ago

Tim Cook Warns Sideloading Apps Will Hurt iPhone Security

During a rare interview, Apple's Tim Cook warns EU that allowing the sideloading of apps by avoiding the App Store…

6 months ago

Ireland Shuts Down Health IT System After Ransomware Attack

The health service in Ireland has suffered a 'significant ransomware attack' and has shut down IT systems

7 months ago

NHS Covid-19 App Saved Up To 8,700 Lives, Says Research Paper

NHS contact tracing app used in England and Wales during Coronavirus pandemic saved thousands of lives, research suggests

7 months ago

NHS Challenged Over Data Contract With Palantir

Contract between NHS and data mining firm Palantir now at centre of lawsuit filed by UK political website

10 months ago

New York Sues Amazon Over Pandemic Protection For Workers

New York’s attorney general files lawsuit against e-commerce giant, alleging it failed to protect workers during pandemic

10 months ago

Cyclist Swept Into River Calls 999 From Apple Watch

Lucky escape. Man uses Apple Watch to alert emergency services, after he was swept off his bike in Herefordshire and…

10 months ago

Apple Issues Warning About iPhones And Pacemakers

After researcher deactivates an implanted defibrillator with a MagSafe iPhone 12, Apple tells customers to keep iPhones away from Pacemakers

11 months ago

Bath Council Refuses To Allow 5G Mast

Fearmongering victory? Local council in Bath refuses permission for 5G mast, after local resistance and intervention of Lib Dem MP

12 months ago

Apple One Subscription Bundle, Fitness+ Service Launched

Apple continues its move into the services segment with a bundled subscription package called Apple One, plus the Fitness+ virtual…

1 year ago

Amazon Enters Wearables With Halo Band

Health market entry for e-commerce giant after it unveils the Amazon Halo Band, which can track a user's sleep and…

1 year ago

Apple And Google Set To Release Coronavirus API Amidst Privacy Furore

Native coronavirus contact-tracing tech set to make official debut in the next few days as UK and Germany differ on…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Amazon To Make Affordable Face Shields

Amazon to use engineers from its drone and hardware divisions to make face shields for medical professionals, before selling them…

2 years ago

Facebook Moderators Agree $52 Million Settlement After PTSD Lawsuit

Facebook has agreed a multi million dollar settlement with content moderators who sued it for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Pledges $1 Billion For Covid-19 Fight

Twitter's Jack Dorsey pledges $1 billion, more than a quarter of his personal fortune, to help in the global fight…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: NSO Offers Covid-19 Tracking Software

Surveillance specialist NSO offers Western governments software that uses mobile phone data to monitor and predict the spread of coronavirus

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Bill Gates Urges Total Shutdown To Halt Covid-19 Spread

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has warned over the last ten years about the dangers of a global pandemic. Today he…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Government To Order 10,000 Ventilators From Dyson

Urgent need to address potential shortage of ventilators, if Covid-19 epidemic goes full blown in the United Kingdom with mass…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: NetMedia Group Message To Our Readers

Message to the readers of Silicon UK, and all other NetMedia Group publications across Europe, in light of the ongoing…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: American Singer Blames 5G For Pandemic

Seriously? American singer/songwriter Keri Hilson blames 5G networks for the start of Coronavirus pandemic around the world

2 years ago