European Court of Justice

Google’s $2.7bn EU Antitrust Fine Should Be Upheld – Court Advisor

Bad news for Alphabet, as advisor to Europe's top court says $2.7bn antitrust fine for online shopping, should be upheld

7 months ago

Amazon Wins $274m Tax Battle With EU

Defeat for European Commission after court rules Amazon does not have to pay 250m euros in back taxes to Luxembourg

7 months ago

Apple Setback In EU $14 Billion Tax Row

Legal setback for Apple as it seeks to avoid to paying over $14 billion in back taxes, after EU clampdown…

9 months ago

Google Begins Last Attempt To Overturn $2.6bn EU Antitrust Fine

Alphabet's Google goes to Court of Justice of the European Union in last ditch attempt to overthrow 2.42bn euro EU…

10 months ago

Europe’s Top Court Rules Google Must Remove ‘Inaccurate’ Data

Fresh development in 'right to be forgotten' case, as CJEU rules Google must remove data from online search results if…

2 years ago

EU Top Court Rules German Data Law Illegal

Germany's data retention law ruled illegal by top EU court, except in cases of serious national security threat

2 years ago

European Court Backs National Watchdog Data Enforcement

Blow for Irish data protection watchdog, as Europe's top court rules it is no longer the only data enforcer across…

3 years ago

Qualcomm Ordered To Hand Over Data To EU Antitrust Regulators

Europe's top court orders Qualcomm to hand over data to EU officials, after US firm objected saying EU was exceeding…

3 years ago

European Court Backs EU Net Neutrality Rules

The top court in Europe, the CJEU, has officially backed the European Union's net neutrality laws that were enacted back…

4 years ago

Top EU Court Strikes Down EU-US Privacy Shield Data Deal

Data sharing deal between the United States and Europe has been struck down by the European Court of Justice, with…

4 years ago

Intel Argues EU Antitrust Decision In 2009 Was ‘Fundamentally Flawed’

Over a decade later the billion euro antitrust penalty levied against chip giant Intel, continues to be played out in…

4 years ago

Facebook Wins Data Transfer Opinion Against Max Schrems

ECJ advisor says that personal data transfers from tech companies in the EU into the United States are “valid”, in…

5 years ago

Europe’s Top Court Rules Facebook Has To Remove ‘Illegal’ Comments Worldwide

Far reaching ruling by ECJ could have big implications for other tech firms, and there is no appeal open to…

5 years ago

Google Wins Significant Victory In ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Case

Victory against censorship? Google wins landmark ruling from Europe's top court over right to be forgotten case

5 years ago

Top EU Court Says Websites Liable For Facebook ‘Like’ Button Data

Decision makes websites and Facebook jointly responsible for collecting user data via 'Like' button plugins, potentially meaning 'serious repercussions'

5 years ago

Facebook Privacy Case Will Be Heard At ECJ

Europe's top court will finally hear privacy case against Facebook, after Irish Supreme Court ruling

5 years ago

Court Strikes Down Facebook Appeal In Landmark Privacy Case

Case is referred 'immediately' to the European Court of Justice

6 years ago

Facebook Moves To Block Privacy Case From Reaching Top EU Court

A ruling by the European Court of Justice could disrupt transatlantic data transfers for thousands of companies

6 years ago

EU Court To Reconsider Intel Antitrust Fine

Nearly a decade later...Europe's highest court to take a second look at the billion euro fine against Intel in 2009

7 years ago

European Court Of Justice May Rule On UK Surveillance Law

The legality of last year's Investigatory Powers Act may be referred to the European Court of Justice, following a challenge

7 years ago

UK Data Surveillance Powers Declared Illegal By EU Court

The decision could create some major problems for the UK in a post-Brexit world

8 years ago

Irish Watchdog Refers Facebook Data Transfers To European Court

Debate over data privacy reaches next level as Facebook's transfers to the US are pushed up the legal ladder

8 years ago

Ireland Confirms Facebook Data Sharing Probe

Fallout begins after court ruled data sharing with America is invalid, as Ireland kicks-off investigation

9 years ago

Jimmy Wales: Good Luck Trying To Stop Wikipedia Doing What It Wants

Wikipedia's co-founder says ECJ's dismissal of the safe harbour agreement won't impact his company, but will be a nightmare for…

9 years ago

Landmark EU Data Protection Ruling To Impact Tech Giants

European court decision against Slovakian property website could have far reaching consequences

9 years ago

Zettabox Surprised At Lack Of Cloud Data Awareness

Where do you store your cloud data, and can the US government access it? Many executives simply unaware, says Zettabox's…

9 years ago

EU US Data Sharing Deal Is ‘Invalid’, Says ECJ’s Advocate General

Potential world of hurt for Facebook and others after AG says data sharing deal with US is invalid

9 years ago

Advocate General To Advise On EU, US Data Sharing Agreement

Legal expert to offer his opinion on whether EU Safe Habour data sharing agreement is binding

9 years ago

Top European Court Mulls Over Facebook Data Sharing Case

June will see the decision by the top European court on the data sharing agreement between the US and Europe

9 years ago

EU Court Tells Google To Abide By The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

It looks like users from the EU will be able to edit results which come up when someone searches for…

10 years ago