Google Fires More Staff Over Israel Protest

Another 20 staff have been fired by Google over Israel protest and their “completely unacceptable behaviour”

4 weeks ago

SpaceX Illegally Fired Staff Critical Of Elon Musk, Says US Agency

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleges SpaceX illegally fired staff who in 2022 had denounced Elon Musk's behaviour

5 months ago

AI Used In Most Organisations, But Staff Unaware

New research from UKG finds that AI is now used by majority of organisations, but most staff are unaware of…

7 months ago

Twitter Owes Former Staff $500m, Lawsuit Claims

Lawsuit from Twitter's head of employee benefits alleges Elon Musk platform owes sacked staff $500m in severance payments

10 months ago

Microsoft Freezes Salaries, Amid Economic Uncertainty

CEO Satya Nadella informs Microsoft workforce there will be no salary increases in 2023, and executive bonuses will be 'down…

1 year ago

PayPal To Axe 7 Percent Of Workforce

More job losses as PayPal announces plan to lay off 2,000 staff amid “challenging macroeconomic environment”

1 year ago

Google Delays Portion Of Bonus Payments To Staff

Alphabet is to defer a portion of the bonus given to staff until later in the year - in a…

1 year ago

Hundreds Of Former Twitter Staff File Complaints

Twitter this week is being accused by 100 former staff members of a variety of legal violations including targeting women…

1 year ago

Snapchat Staff Ordered Back To The Office

No more home working. Return to office working after Snap workers instructed to work in the office 80 percent of…

1 year ago

Elon Musk Demands Twitter Staff Agree To Long Hours In ‘Hardcore’ Email

Twitter staff ordered in Musk ultimatum email to choose to work “long hours at high intensity” or leave. They have…

2 years ago

Amazon Raises Pay For US Warehouse Workers, Drivers

The wage packets for Amazon warehouse workers and transportation drivers will get a welcome increase, in the United States at…

2 years ago

Google Staff Demand Protections, Amid State Abortion Bans

Senior management at Google urged by hundreds of staff to adopt policies to safeguard staff and users data, amid abortion…

2 years ago

Apple HR Allegedly Mishandled 15 Misconduct Complaints From Women

Apple's HR department accused by 15 women of mishandling serious misconduct allegations, and in some cases even retaliating against them

2 years ago

SpaceX Staff Denounce Elon Musk’s Behaviour – Report

Embarrassed by the boss. Open letter to SpaceX executives from staff say Musk's recent actions are a “distraction and embarrassment”

2 years ago

One In Ten Staff Want To Leave Over Tech Frustrations, Says Freshworks

Workplace tech frustrations. 94 percent of UK staff are frustrated by inadequate workplace tech, and many are considering resigning because…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Return To Office Demand Opposed By German Union

Blunt order by Elon Musk for Tesla staff to return to the office or resign their jobs, faces pushback from…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Tells Tesla Staff To Return To Work Or Resign

'Come back to the office or resign' Elon Musk tells Tesla staff, as the world's richest man rejects remote working…

2 years ago

Apple Accused By Union Of Staff Law Violations At NY Store

Staff at Apple's World Trade Centre store in New York are allegedly being questioned and spied on, over trade union…

2 years ago

Twitter Sees Three More Executive Departures

Three executives apparently jump ship. More high level departures at Twitter, ahead of Elon Musk's takeover battle for the platform

2 years ago

Apple Delays Staff Mandate For Three Days A Week In Office – Report

Tech giant blames rising Covid cases as it again pushes back return to office deadline, and reinstates mask requirements for…

2 years ago

Apple Store Union Vote To Take Place Next Month

First Apple store in the US is set to hold a vote on 2 June, over whether to join a…

2 years ago

Amazon Faces Union Vote At Second State Island Facility

Second Amazon warehouse in Staten Island begins voting on whether to join grassroots trade union formed by fired Amazon worker

2 years ago

Amazon To Carry Out Racial Equity Audit

E-commerce giant will conduct racial equity audit led by former US Attorney, after shareholder proposal on diversity, equity and inclusion

2 years ago

Amazon Staff At New Jersey Facility To Hold Union Vote

Snowballing movement? National Labor Relations Board says Amazon staff at New Jersey facility have enough signatures to hold union vote

2 years ago

Apple Staff In Flagship NY Store Begin Steps To Unionise

Trouble for Tim? Staff at Apple's flagship New York store at the Grand Central Terminal begin process of unionising, say…

2 years ago

Google Sets 4 April For Staff Return To Offices

Staff at Google have been told to should return to physical offices from 4 April, with hybrid working approaches being…

2 years ago

Microsoft Reopening Campuses, Offices As Pandemic Eases

Software giant reopening its offices in Washington State, and giving staff 30 days to return to the office starting 28…

2 years ago

Amazon Brings Back Masks For Warehouse Workers

All Amazon warehouse workers in the United States are once again required to wear masks at work, amid Covid infection…

2 years ago

Google Staff Refusing Vaccine Will Be Fired

Staff at Google who refuse to be vaccinated will first lose their salary, and eventually will be fired, according to…

2 years ago

Apple Delays Return To Office Again

Tech giant Apple pushes back return to office until 1 February 2022, and will also pilot a hybrid working model…

3 years ago