digital transformation

The Future of Consumer Tech in Business

As consumer and business technologies continue to merge, and as businesses transform into post-pandemic enterprises, how will consumer technology develop,…

9 hours ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Why Digital Transformation Projects Fail

The pandemic catapulted digital transformation up the priority list of many businesses yet McKinsey estimating that around 70% of digital…

2 weeks ago

Looking Ahead: Tech Predictions for 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, what will the tech landscape look like next year? Silicon UK spoke to a…

1 month ago

CTO 3.0: The Neo Chief Technology Officer

As businesses continue to transform, what has this meant for the development of the CTO? Tasked with managing new working…

4 months ago

Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

A lack of diversity and inclusion has been a significant issue for many industries. However, tech enterprises are showing the…

5 months ago

Microsoft Criticised For ‘Workplace Surveillance’ Feature

Microsoft 365 Productivity Score feature, introduced last month, criticised for analysing 'extensive data' on individual employees' activities

1 year ago

The Shape Of IT In A Post COVID-19 World

Global IT spend is projected to contract 8% in 2020, according to Gartner. Gartner expects IT priorities to move away…

2 years ago

Agents of Transformation

AppDynamics have launched a COVID-19 edition of its global research ‘The Agents of Transformation.’ The report includes data from interviews…

2 years ago

Is Your Next Employee Digital?

With skilled workers becoming increasingly hard to find, could a digital employee be the answer to chronic skills shortages?

2 years ago

Digital Transformation At The Met: Box, Windows XP Migration & Amazon Echo

Met Police CIO Angus McCallum talks about the adoption of Box, how the force is nearing its Windows XP migration…

4 years ago

HPE Teams Up With ABB To Create Industrial IT

HPE DISCOVER: HPE's enterprise technology and ABB's industrial smarts will be combined to help businesses make more of their data

4 years ago

Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Missive Is A Slow-Burn Evolutionary Strategy

OPINION: Microsoft's keeps providing the tools for genuinely useful digital transformation rather than touting tired disruption rhetoric.

4 years ago

On & Off The Pitch: How Fan Data Is Keeping Real Madrid The Kings Of Europe

IN-DEPTH: Real Madrid understands each of its fans more than at any other time in its history. Here's how this…

4 years ago

Domino’s Alexa Intergration Enables Pizza Ordering Via Voice Commands

Pizza fans will be able to order their favourite Domino's meal through a simple voice command barked at the Amazon…

5 years ago

TGI Fridays Uses Oracle & MasterCard Tech For Bar Tab Ordering And Payment Service

Digital transformation continues to penetrate traditional businesses with mobile and cloud tech

5 years ago

Technology Business Management ‘Can Change The Game’ For IT

Digital transformation has elevated IT departments to being central to business success, which means they need to be run differently

5 years ago

Leonardo Live: SAP Talks Up Deloitte And Accenture Partnerships

Both firms have partnered with SAP to build and deliver digital services

5 years ago

Tottenham Hotspur’s New Stadium Will Be Most Technologically Advanced In The Premier League

IN DEPTH: Tottenham Hotspur has built tech into the design of new stadium and believes HPE networking capabilities will bring…

5 years ago

SAP: Tech Convergence Is Driving Digital Transformation And Industry 4.0

And why there's still plenty more to come from artificial intelligence

5 years ago

SAP Extends Leonardo Platform With New IoT Tools

New Internet of Things tools cover a range of industries to position SAP as a leading player in digital transformation…

5 years ago

National Theatre Embraces Digital Transformation With Android And iOS Queue-Jumping App

It is digital transformation with customer experience at its core

5 years ago

Cheeky IT: Engagement And Human Experiences Drive Nando’s Tech Ambitions

Restaurant chain Nando's places culture and human engagement at the heart of its digital transformation strategy

5 years ago

BP: Digital Transformation Enables ‘Magical’ Innovation Beyond IT

Digital transformation is all about enabling innovation across the whole organisation, not just in IT

5 years ago

House Of Fraser Enters £15m IT Management Deal With Capgemini

Capgemini will look to simplify House of Fraser's IT ecosystem

5 years ago

How The Sports Industry Can Benefit From Digital Transformation

INTERVIEW: Digital transformation is taking place in the sports industry, but what are the goals and preconditions for a technological…

5 years ago

Trump Meets With Tech Titans To Plan Government Upgrades

Trump seeks advice from the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft as part of government digital transformation initiative

5 years ago

Huawei Makes Commitment To Digital Innovation In Europe

Huawei wants to partner in digital infrastructure, cultivate digital innovation and contribute to Europe's digital ecosystem

5 years ago

Tata Communications Joins Forces With Alibaba To Drive Cloud Era

Partnership aims to aid businesses with their digital transformation efforts

5 years ago

How Digital Transformation Is Powering Football Success At Real Madrid

IN-DEPTH: Real Madrid is in the middle of a digital transformation project to ensure it wins more trophies, engages fans…

5 years ago