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Security for Composable Architectures

How Secure are Composable Architectures?

As composable architectures continue to expand and influence the future of e-commerce, is the security of these technologies being fully considered? Is composable intrinsically more secure than the monolith?

Matt Lawrence, Head of Defensive Security at JUMPSEC

7 Ways to Maximise MSSP Effectiveness

Matt Lawrence, Head of Defensive Security at JUMPSEC, highlights the challenges organisations face when detecting and responding to cyber threats, and how to ensure maximum value from your MSSP.

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Configuring Security

Do businesses need a radical change in how they approach access security? Does a shift away from user responsibility – particularly with the generation and security of passwords – offer post-pandemic enterprises stronger digital securi ...

Connor Morley, Senior Threat Hunter, F-Secure.

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Threat Hunters

Staying one step ahead of cyber attackers takes a special kind of mindset. You need to think like an attacker to anticipate their next move, have razor-sharp analytical skills and thrive on the unpredictability of spotting anything in ...