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Security and Compliance for Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Embracing a cloud data warehouse for your company means paying particular attention to security. Storing and accessing what could be sensitive information must have robust and flexible security measures in place. Your company needs a d ...


Your Engine for Innovation: Designing a Cloud Data Warehouse

Every business is now a data business. A data warehouse is an essential asset your enterprise can use to innovate at speed. Collecting, connecting, and analysing the masses of information your business has is critical. But how do you b ...

Do We Want an Immersive Web?

Do We Want an Immersive Web?

A fully immersive web should have been a reality by now but is conspicuous by its absence. Do businesses need these immersive spaces? Is there a business case to build these environments? Does the technology need to improve further for ...

Stefan Sambol, Partner and Co-Founder of ONMAX.

Silicon In Focus Podcast: The Omnichannel Evolves

How has the concept of omnichannel retail evolved over the past few years, and what are the key drivers of this evolution? And what are the primary benefits businesses can expect to achieve as omnichannel strategies evolve?