Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Threat Hunters

Connor Morley, Senior Threat Hunter, F-Secure.

Staying one step ahead of cyber attackers takes a special kind of mindset. You need to think like an attacker to anticipate their next move, have razor-sharp analytical skills and thrive on the unpredictability of spotting anything in the customer’s infrastructure that looks unusual.

Threat hunters operate in the eye of the cyber storm and tackle the daily challenge of fighting cyber criminals on the frontlines, by discovering and shutting down potential attack techniques. No two days are the same but with organisations at constant risk of a potential attack, their skillset is much in demand.    


What does it take to succeed in this role and what are the most rewarding aspects of the job?


Connor Morley is a senior threat hunter at F-Secure. A keen investigator of malicious TTP’s, he enjoys experimenting and dissecting malicious tools to determine functionality and developing detection methodology. As a threat hunter as well as holding OSCP accreditation he is experienced with traditional and ‘in the wild’ malicious actors’ behaviour.