class action lawsuit

Tesla Owners Lose Battery Range Class Action Bid

Setback for Tesla owners, after federal judge rules legal claims over false range claims, must be pursued individually

3 months ago

Apple Ordered To Face Apple Pay Antitrust Lawsuit

US judge orders Apple to face antitrust lawsuit by payment card issuers for over the Apple Pay mobile wallet

9 months ago

Google Faces UK Lawsuit Claim It Contributes To Cost Of Living Crisis

Alphabet's Google has been hit with a multibillion-pound lawsuit, accusing the company of contributing to cost-of-living price rises

9 months ago

Elon Musk’s Twitter Sued Again Over Unpaid Bills

Small businesses in US sue Twitter, alleging Elon Musk's firm failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid…

1 year ago

Elon Musk Overstated Tesla Autopilot New Lawsuit Alleges

Elon Musk is being sued again as Tesla shareholders accuse the CEO of overstating self-driving tech and defrauding investors

1 year ago

Twitter Offers Free Adverts To Major Brands – Report

Elon Musk's plan to turn around collapse in Twitter ad revenues reportedly sees platform offering free ads to existing advertising…

1 year ago

FTX Customer Lawsuit Seeks Recovery Of Digital Assets

Class action lawsuit filed by FTX customers against failed crypto exchange and its arrested former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

1 year ago

Hundreds Of Former Twitter Staff File Complaints

Twitter this week is being accused by 100 former staff members of a variety of legal violations including targeting women…

1 year ago

Lawsuit Against FTX Founder, As New Boss Slams Previous Management

Class action lawsuit launched against Sam Bankman-Fried, as new FTX CEO slams previous corporate management practices

2 years ago

Tesla Sued Over Autopilot, FSD Claims

False advertising allegation. Lawsuit alleges Elon Musk and Tesla mislead by falsely advertising its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features

2 years ago

US Judge Approves Apple Settlement In Retail Class Action Lawsuit

US federal judge approves settlement offered by Apple in nearly decade-old case over compensation for unpaid time Apple Store staff…

2 years ago

Meta Sued For $150 Billion By Rohingya Refugees

Meta sued for billions of dollars for not allegedly removing anti-Rohingya hate speech during 2017 violence in Myanmar (Burma)

3 years ago

One Million Brits Sue Facebook For Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Over two years since it happened, and Facebook is still facing legal consequences of Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal

4 years ago

Google Plus Users To Receive Financial Settlement

American users of the defunct Google Plus can claim $12 as part of a lawsuit settlement, but have until 8…

4 years ago

iPhone Users Can Claim Money From Apple For Slowdown

Users of old iPhones in the United States can now claim money back from Apple, as a result of its…

4 years ago

Google Faces App Tracking Lawsuit

Lawsuit alleges Google continues tracking user activity on mobile apps, even if tracking is turned off in Google account settings

4 years ago

Google Hit With Lawsuit For Tracking Internet Use

Class action lawsuit seeks $5 billion from Google, for allegedly tracking people's internet usage via browser's 'private mode'

4 years ago

Apple To Settle US iPhone Slowdown Lawsuit

Each user affected by the iPhone slowdown will be paid up to $25, in proposed $500 million litigation settlement in…

4 years ago

Facebook Loses Facial Recognition Appeal

Federal court rejects Facebook attempt to quash class action lawsuit over storage of biometric data

5 years ago

Google Slapped With Location Tracking Lawsuit

That didn't take long. Last week's revelation that Google tracks users’ location even if tracking is turned off, prompts US…

6 years ago

US Supreme Court To Hear Apple Appeal In App Store Monopoly Case

The lawsuit over excessive App Store developer fees could have a broad impact on e-commerce platforms such as those of…

6 years ago