Twitter Changes Policy On Blocking ‘Hacked Materials’

Twitter will no longer block links to articles containing hacked materials, following criticism over treatment of controversial New York Post…

1 day ago

Republicans Accuse Twitter Of Anti-Conservative Bias

Two Republican Congressmen in the US write letter to CEO Jack Dorsey over 'Twitter's discrimination against conservative voices'

3 months ago

Tech Firms Withhold Data Sharing With Hong Kong

Tech giants pledge pause data sharing with authorities in Hong Kong, after China imposed draconian security law for the territory

3 months ago

Russia Unblocks Telegram After Two-Year Ban

Privacy-focused chat app Telegram became more popular than ever in Russia during the ban and is widely used by news…

4 months ago

Zoom Briefly Suspends Accounts Of Chinese Activists

Zoom meeting of US-based Chinese activist group to commemorate Tiananmen Square massacre results in brief account suspension

4 months ago

Pressure On Zuckerberg Grows, As Facebook Old Guard Join Protest

Employees from the early days of Facebook denounce Mark Zuckerberg over his decision not to act against posts by US…

5 months ago

Facebook Hit By Staff Backlash Over Trump Posts

Facebook's Zuckerberg singled out for criticism by senior-level staff after allowing presidential post that Twitter labelled as 'glorifying violence'

5 months ago

Trump Ready To Sign Executive Order For Social Media Firms

US President ready to follow up on threat to 'close down' social networking firms after Twitter places fact warning label…

5 months ago

Russia To Delay Electronic Sales Ban

Delay to implementation of law banning sales of electronic devices in Russia unless they come pre-loaded with Russian-made software

7 months ago

Coronavirus: Russia Postpones Sovereign Internet Test

Official government test of Internet that is cut off from rest of the world cancelled by Russia, amid the global…

7 months ago

Apple Shareholders Vote On Chinese App Removal Policies

Apple's policy to obey Chinese government orders to remove certain apps from its App Store in China is facing a…

8 months ago

Turkey Lifts Wikipedia Ban After Nearly Three Years

Ban on Wikipedia in Turkey for nearly three years has ended after freedom of expression ruling from country's Constitutional Court

9 months ago

Former Executive Slams Google Over Human Rights

Former head of international relations has alleged that things have changed from Google's original moto of “don't be evil”

10 months ago

BBC News Launches ‘Dark Web’ Site To Beat Censorship Regimes

Going dark. International BBC news website can now be accessed via the Tor network, to thwart censorship

12 months ago

UK Government Drops Controversial Porn Age Checks

Long standing plan to introduce age checks on porn websites has been dropped by the British government

1 year ago

Europe’s Top Court Rules Facebook Has To Remove ‘Illegal’ Comments Worldwide

Far reaching ruling by ECJ could have big implications for other tech firms, and there is no appeal open to…

1 year ago

Information Overlord: Google and Your Right to be Forgotten

With a surprise ruling in favour of Google, has the right to be forgotten, now become obsolete outside of Europe?

1 year ago

Google Cancels Controversial ‘Project Dragonfly’

Pressure from staff. Android search engine app for Chinese market cancelled by Google

1 year ago

Poland Files Complaint Against EU Copyright Rule Change

Complaint filed in Europe's top court against controversial copyright law change recently adopted by EU

1 year ago

President Putin Signs Bill To Isolate Internet In Russia

Controversial law will route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

1 year ago

UK Porn Viewers To Face Age Checks From 15 July

No 'summer loving' for British porn viewers if they fail to verify their age from mid July

2 years ago

Russian Parliament Passes Bill To Isolate Internet

Controversial law would route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

2 years ago

Russia Threatens VPN Clampdown

Russian regulator gives one month notice, effectively ordering VPNs to block banned websites and messaging services

2 years ago

China Tightens Grip On Blockchain-Based Services

Users of blockchain-based information services will have to register their real names and identity numbers in latest crackdown – even…

2 years ago

‘No Plans’ For China Return, Says Google Boss

But Pichai tells the US Congress that Google continues to explore its options in that country

2 years ago

Google Staffers Urge Cancellation Of Project Dragonfly

Open staff letter calls on search giant to abandon attempts to create censored search app for Chinese market

2 years ago

Google ‘Thoughtfully Considering’ How To Offer China Services

Alphabet boss tells US senators that firm is considering China re-entry, but declines to address censorship concerns

2 years ago

Google Confirms Existence Of Project Dragonfly

Google confirms Project Dragonfly is being developed, but 'censorship search' for China is not close to launch

2 years ago

US Congress Grill Google On China Censorship Plans

Google faces calls from six US senators, numerous human rights groups, and 1,000 staff over China expansion

2 years ago

Apple Removes Thousands Of Apps From China App Store

Cost of doing business? 'Illegal' lottery and gambling apps the latest to be purged from Apple's China App Store

2 years ago