YouTube Threatens To Block Russian Protest Group’s Anti-War Content

YouTube threatens to pull anti-war content from Russian rights group, after complaint from Putin regime's Roskomnadzor

4 days ago

Australian PM Hits Out At Elon Musk Over Knife Attack Video

Censorship row brewing down under, after the Australian Prime Minister calls Elon Musk an 'arrogant billionaire'

1 month ago

Apple Pulls WhatsApp, Threads From China App Store

Beijing orders Apple to pull Meta's WhatsApp and Threads from its Chinese App Store over national security concerns

1 month ago

Elon Musk Replies To Far Right User, After Reinstatement Of X Account

Far right activist has his X (Twitter) account restored by Elon Musk, who last week fired former CNN anchor Don…

2 months ago

Russia Places Meta Spokesman On Wanted List

Meta spokesman Andy Stone placed on Russia's 'wanted list', with Meta Platforms previously classified as 'terrorist' organisation

6 months ago

Wikileaks Founder Says X (Twitter) ‘Overrun By Trolls, Lunatics’

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales says “a lot of thoughtful and serious people are fleeing Twitter” since Elon Musk takeover of platform

6 months ago

Google Russia Declared Bankrupt After Bank Account Seizure

Russian subsidiary of Google officially declared bankrupt after authorities in Moscow seized bank account in dispute with Western tech

7 months ago

Russia To Try Block VPN Access In 2024, Lawmaker Claims

Access to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in Russia will be blocked from March 2024, Russian lawmaker claims

8 months ago

China To Limit Time Kids Use Smartphones

New proposals in China to limit the time that children and teenagers can spend on their smartphones to two hours…

10 months ago

US States Fight Court Order Blocking Social Media Misinformation Efforts

Group of Democratic US states attorney general joins appeal against court order blocking government social media misinformation efforts

10 months ago

Judge Blocks Biden Officials Communicating With Social Media Firms

Win for US republicans, after federal judge restricts some Biden officials from meeting and communicating with social media companies

11 months ago

China To Restrict AirDrop, Bluetooth File-Sharing, Citing National Security

After protests last year, Chinese cyber regulator to clamp down on wireless file-sharing technology on national security grounds

12 months ago

Twitter’s Top Users Posting Less, Pew Research Finds

As Elon Musk pledges to tweet what he wants, even if it will lose him money, comes worrying Twitter usage…

1 year ago

China Warns Elon Musk Over Wuhan Lab Leak Tweet

Chinese Communist Party issues blunt warning via state media to Tesla's Elon Musk, over pushing Wuhan Lab Covid leak theory…

1 year ago

Twitter Access Restored In Turkey After Earthquake Criticism

Service restored after Turkey restricted access to Twitter after criticism of government response to devastating earthquakes

1 year ago

Wikimedia Denies ‘Infiltration’ By Saudi Spies

Wikimedia Foundation denies Wikipedia was infiltrated by Saudi agents after report by Middle East human rights groups

1 year ago

Twitter Suspends Journalists Over Elon Musk Jet Tracking Articles

Twitter accounts of a number of high profile journalists have been suspended after covering the Elon Musk jet tracking story

1 year ago

Europe’s Top Court Rules Google Must Remove ‘Inaccurate’ Data

Fresh development in 'right to be forgotten' case, as CJEU rules Google must remove data from online search results if…

1 year ago

Apple’s Limits AirDrop For iPhones In China

Airdrop file-sharing tool has been limited by Apple in China, after it was used by anti-government protesters in the country

2 years ago

Starlink Terminals Smuggled Into Iran – Report

Amid Internet shutdowns and ongoing protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, Starlink terminals are reportedly being smuggled into Iran

2 years ago

Texas Social Media Law Enforcement Paused By Federal Appeals Court

Federal appeals court pauses Texas social media law’s enforcement, as case heads to the US Supreme Court for ruling

2 years ago

Twitter Reviews Permanent User Ban Policies – Report

Return of Donald Trump to Twitter? Platform is reportedly reviewing its policies over permanently banning users, amid Elon Musk acquisition

2 years ago

Twitter Seeks Judicial Review Of Indian Takedown Order

Clash continues, Twitter court challenge against Indian government order to remove certain content it deems to be against the law

2 years ago

Russia ‘Not Planning To Block YouTube’ Says Minister

Digital minister says Russia not planning to block YouTube in the country as Russian users would suffer, amidst mounting tensions…

2 years ago

Texas Social Media Law Restored By US Appeals Court

Social networking firms can be sued by Texas officials or local residents over moderation decisions, after Appeals Court restores local…

2 years ago

Global Nations Sign Declaration For Free, Open Internet

Multiple nations including US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, launch 'Declaration for the Future of the Internet' to safeguard open and…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Acquires 9 Percent Of Twitter

Just days after Elon Musk touts building a new social media platform, the world's richest man becomes Twitter's largest shareholder

2 years ago

Russia’s Roskomnadzor Hacked By Anonymous

Hacking collective Anonymous says it breached Russia federal agency Roskomnadzor last week and leaked 360,000 files (800GB)

2 years ago

Demand For VPNs In Russia Surges After Facebook, Instagram Block

Russians' are flocking to download VPNs so as to bypass the Kremlin's block on Meta platforms including WhatsApp and Instagram

2 years ago