carbon emissions

BT Pledges To Curb Carbon Emissions By 2030

Green pledge. UK telecoms giant BT brings forward its net zero carbon emission target from 2045 to 2030, and sets…

2 months ago

UK Government Sets Out Strategy For Green Hydrogen Sector

Hydrogen has long been touted as a better solution for green transportation among other uses, and now the government sets…

4 months ago

Apple $200m ‘Restore Fund’ Targets Climate Change

Apple reveals $200 million investment fund called the 'Restore Fund', to remove carbon emissions and support sustainable forestry

8 months ago

IBM Pledges ‘Net Zero’ Greenhouse Emissions By 2030

Big Blue going green. IBM announces 2030 target, and becomes one of 20 new companies to join the 'Climate Pledge'…

10 months ago

Google Achieves Carbon Neutral Footprint

Alphabet division becomes first major company to reach carbon neutrality, and is also world's largest corporate buyer of renewable energy

1 year ago

Uber Pledges Electric Only Rides By 2030

Firm pledges to rid itself of combustion engine powered vehicles in US and Europe by 2030, and will be zero-emission…

1 year ago

Apple Pledges To Be Carbon Neutral By 2030

Green pledge sees Apple join other tech firms such as Microsoft and Amazon, by pledging to not to add carbon…

1 year ago

UK To Ban Diesel, Petrol Car Sales From 2035

Environmental push. Boris Johnson announces Britain is to bring forward its ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles…

2 years ago

Microsoft Pledges To Be Carbon Negative By 2030

No more carbon footprint. Ever. Redmond pledges to remove all the carbon it has created since it was founded back…

2 years ago

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Pledges To Be Carbon Neutral By 2040

Environmental pledge from CEO, as staff stage walkout at Seattle HQ in protest at Amazon's green record

2 years ago

Yandex Data Centres To Supply Hot Water To Finnish City

The city of Mäntsälä looks to reduce C02 emissions by up to 40 percent by heating its water with Russian…

6 years ago

Why Vendors, Not Users, Must Cut Phone Emissions

Don't expect users to act on the increasing greenhouse gas emissions their phones cause, says Peter Judge. It's an industry…

7 years ago

Microsoft Readies Zero-Carbon Data Centre

Microsoft to utilise biogas derived from local municipal waste for clean data centre energy

8 years ago

Broadband Promises Green Future Says UN Report

Broadband allows for flexible working practices, but it's also a boon for the environment, says a UN report

10 years ago

Bloom Energy Eyes Up Data Centre Niche For Fuel Cells

Fuel cell maker Bloom Energy is turning its attention to the data centre sector to help tackle emission reduction issues

10 years ago

EIA Calls For Elimination Of Harmful Air Con Gas

The EIA has called for the “global elimination” of HFCs, commonly used in data centre cooling systems

10 years ago

Lighting Tweaks Could Save Businesses £700m

Carbon Trust finds firms could save up to £700m a year and cut carbon emissions with efficient lighting

10 years ago

Cloud Could Cut Electricity Bill By £1.2bn

Cloud can reduce emissions and energy consumption across the IT estate by 50 percent

10 years ago

Firms Look To Data Centres For Carbon Savings

Carbon-concious businesses are increasingly turning to the data centre to meet their emission targets

10 years ago

Businesses Urged To Improve Green Reporting

The Environment Agency has cut its CO2 emissions by almost a fifth and urged others to follow suit

10 years ago

BT Tests Low-Energy Broadband, Charts Progress

BT is testing an energy saving option for broadband lines as part of its ongoing green drive

11 years ago

Calls For Emission Action As Defra Launches Consultation

The government is being urged to take the lead on carbon emissions as Defra launches its consultation

11 years ago

Nearly Half UK Firms Want CRC Scheme Scrapped

UK businesses are calling for the government to scrap the its controversial carbon tax scheme

11 years ago

BT Demands Carbon Commitment From All Suppliers

BT has introduced a Climate Change procurement standard to ensure all its suppliers reduce their carbon emissions

11 years ago

Cloud To Reduce Data Centre Energy Costs by 38 Percent

A research firm has predicted that cloud computing could help data centres reduce their energy spending by as much as…

11 years ago

Government Delays ‘Green Stealth Tax’ Until 2012

The government has delayed the implementation of the CRC scheme after its controversial change last month

11 years ago

Google Self-Driving Cars Hit The Road

For the past year Google has been sending self-driving robot automobiles across California roads in an experiment to save lives…

11 years ago

New Boundary Touts PC Energy-Saving Solution

New Boundary Technologies has a new energy saving solution for businesses concerned with running their office computers more efficiency

11 years ago

Exploding Energy Myths And Cutting Costs

Training employees to recognise their responsibility towards the environment is the best way reduce carbon emissions, says Sage MD Paul…

11 years ago

UK Leads The Way In Carbon Reduction Targets

The UK is a better position than most to meet proposed tougher EU emissions targets, but it still has a…

12 years ago