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US Senators Plan Bill To Restore Net Neutrality

With FCC deadlocked, two democrat US senators are planning a bill to restore net neutrality regulations across the United States

2 years ago

Microsoft Offers Deepfake Detection Tool

Effort to combat disinformation campaigns sees Microsoft offer software tool to help identify deepfake photos and videos ahead of US…

4 years ago

Hackers Compromise Twitter Accounts Of Major Public Figures

Bitcoin scam sees Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, as well as Barack Obama, Joe Biden and…

4 years ago

Obama Urges Trump To Boost Cyber-Security

Federal study calls for efforts on government-sponsored hacking and insecure Internet-connected devices

8 years ago

Obama Warns Of Cyber ‘Wild West’

Nation-states with advanced cyber-weapons risk entering into a new 'arms race', warns US president

8 years ago

Obama Makes Case For Mobile Device ‘Back Door’

Governments must have access to encrypted devices in order to enforce basic security and tax laws, Obama says

8 years ago

US Sanctions To Tackle Cyber Hacker Scourge

Hackers outside US will be financially punished after United States launches a cyber sanctions program

9 years ago

White House Hires Ex-Facebook Director For Tech Modernisation

Former engineering boss at Facebook hired as the first ever director of IT at the White House

9 years ago

NSA Reform Proposals Slammed As ‘Pitiful’

New proposals governing NSA data collection don't go far enough, campaigners complain

9 years ago

The White House Is Testing Android, But Obama Will Keep His BlackBerry

Even if his staff check the security of Android, no one will make President Obama give up his BlackBerry, says…

10 years ago

NSA Slapped By Courts, IT Firms And Obama’s Advisors

The US government will ignore much that Obama's advisors ask for, says Wayne Rash, but some things will change

10 years ago

Obama Report Says NSA Snooping Risks Public Trust

President Obama's task force wants to make sure a new Edward Snowden is not possible... or necessary, says Sean Michael…

10 years ago

Angela Merkel’s Phone Tapped By NSA – Report

President Obama says US is not tapping Angela Merkel's phone - but Germans aren't satisfied

11 years ago

Is The UK Government Greener Than It Lets On?

Austerity talk could cripple the actual green investment the UK government is making, says Peter Judge

11 years ago

Fury Over NSA Interception Of Verizon Customer Communications

US spy agency, the NSA, is conducting mass surveillance of American citizens' telephone communications thanks to a secret court order

11 years ago

US Authorities Seek More Web Surveillance Powers

US authorities are seeking additional ways to ramp up their Internet surveillance capabilities

11 years ago

AP Twitter Feed Hacked And Claims White House Attack

Hackers compromised the Twitter feeds of the Associated Press and falsely reported White House explosions

11 years ago

President Obama Signs Cyber-Security Executive Order

Analysts have welcomed Obama's signing of an executive order to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attack

11 years ago

SOPA: An Act That Would Break The Internet

The US House Of Representatives' Stop Online Piracy Act would break e-commerce and still fail to prevent piracy, says Wayne…

13 years ago