Artifical Intelligence

Elon Musk’s NeuraLink Chip To Stream Music To Your Brain

So long AirPods? Neuralink project will eventually directly stream music into a person's brain, claims Elon Musk

3 weeks ago

Coronavirus: Huawei Launches Flagship P40 Smartphone During Pandemic

Photography-focused P40 smartphone range launched by Chinese tech giant, as it contends with US restrictions, and potentially a chip ban

4 months ago

NTSB Slams Tesla’s Autopilot Safeguard, Blames Regulator Oversight

Tesla and US safety regulators criticised over a lack of safeguards in a fatal 2018 Autopilot crash by US National…

5 months ago

European Commission Unveils Strategy For Digital Future

Europe launches ambitious digital strategy as it seeks to create single European market for data in an effort to combat…

6 months ago

AI More Accurate Than Doctors For Detecting Breast Cancer – Report

AI system from Google is more accurate than doctors in diagnosing breast cancer from mammograms, study from UK and US…

7 months ago

Intel Pays $2 Billion For AI Firm Habana Labs

Chipmaker continues to open the cheque book to fund growth of its AI expertise and portfolio, with $2 billion Habana…

8 months ago

Google Allegedly Targeted Racial Groups To Aid Facial Recognition – Report

Search engine allegedly used 'deceptive practices' to collect facial scans of coloured people, according to US media report

10 months ago

Google Completes Integration of DeepMind Health

NHS Trusts agree to allow Google to process NHS data, as DeepMind Health completes integration

11 months ago

MacDonald’s To Replace Humans With AI Drive-Through Assistants

Sign of things to come? Human servers to be replaced by AI voice tech in drive-throughs in the US

11 months ago

Cerebras Delivers World’s Largest Computer Chip For AI

New chip is the size of an iPad and contains 400,000 cores to handle machine learning challenges

12 months ago

Government Invests £250m For NHS AI Lab

Health Secretary announces £250m to be spent on boosting the role of AI within the health service

1 year ago

AI Mind-Reading To Help Paralysed People Speak

Facebook funded university project to use AI to read minds of paralysed patients and allow them to communicate

1 year ago

Oxford University Gets £150m Investment For AI Ethics

University's largest ever donation from American billionaire will fund research into AI ethics

1 year ago

Facebook To Create 500 Engineering Jobs In London

Good news for Londoners as Facebook said it will create 500 jobs by year end, mostly for content takedown

1 year ago

Microsoft Deletes Facial Recognition Database Over Privacy Fears – Report

Responding to privacy and ethical concerns, Microsoft deletes facial recognition training database

1 year ago

Digital Assistants Enforce Gender Bias – UN report

Report claims female-voiced Siri and Alexa entrench gender biases with submissive responses

1 year ago

Microsoft Offers Azure Tools, Services For AI, Blockchain

New offerings to make it easier for businesses to utilise artificial intelligence and blockchain

1 year ago

Government Inquiry Into AI Algorithm Bias

Worried that AI may discriminate on race or gender? Government orders inquiry despite ongoing use in policing

1 year ago

Apple To Scale Back Hiring After iPhone Slowdown – Report

Hiring spree at Apple to slow for certain divisions, warns Tim Cook, but there will be no hiring freeze

2 years ago

CES 2019: Intel Teams Up With Facebook For AI Chip

As Intel's car division opens up about its progress so far with self-driving cars

2 years ago

Microsoft Adds AI, HoloLens Goggles To Dynamics 365 Portfolio

New additions see business uses for Redmond's augmented-reality goggles HoloLens

2 years ago

AI Poses Jobs Threat, Admits BoE Chief Economist

AI threat. Skills revolution needed to prevent large swathes of people becoming "technologically unemployed"

2 years ago

IBM DeepLocker Turns AI Into Hacking Weapon

Artificial intelligence can power a new generation of malware that can bypass top tier cyber defences

2 years ago

Google Tailors Android 9 Pie To Enhance User Experience

Google's latest version of its mobile operating system includes time limiting options and night-time screen adjustment

2 years ago

AI To Create Jobs, Claims PwC Report

Artificial intelligence will create as many jobs as it displaces by boosting economic growth, says analyst

2 years ago

IBM AI Machine Draws In Debate With Humans

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL”. IBM AI machine holds its own in public debate with human

2 years ago

Google Pledges AI Halt For Weapon Systems

Alphabet signals u-turn after military project, and publishes its core principals for AI development going forward

2 years ago

Facebook Building Team To Design Own Chips – Report

Artifical intelligence move? Facebook is reportedly building a team to design its own semiconductors

2 years ago

AI Needs Ethics Code, Says House Of Lords

UK is uniquely positioned to shape the development of artificial intelligence, but code of ethics is needed so it benefits…

2 years ago