Warning After Videos Show Apple Vision Pro Users Driving Teslas

US administration issues warning after videos show Apple Vision Pro users appearing to interact with content while driving

3 months ago

Apple Vision Pro Sells Out As Pre-Orders Open

Apple's Vision Pro headset sells out immediately after pre-orders open, but quickly dropping demand confirms status as 'niche product'

4 months ago

Silicon UK Roundtable: Tech Trends for 2024

In this Silicon Roundtable we bring together industry visionaries, thought leaders, and experts to delve into the exciting landscape of…

5 months ago

When Worlds Collide: A Phygital Future?

The digital and physical retail spaces have been converging for over a decade. As the age of the phygital consumer…

8 months ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Smart Virtual Spaces

The convergence of VR and AR and the inception of the Metaverse could herald a new age of working collaborative…

9 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Your Virtual Strategy

The metaverse is predicted to have the potential to help UK executives ‘move the needle’ on DE&I initiatives, according to…

9 months ago

Is the Metaverse Dead? Head-to-Head

In this Head-to-Head interview, Tara McGeehan, President, CGI UK and Australia discusses the current state of the Metaverse and whether…

9 months ago

Is the Metaverse Dead?

With generative AI grabbing the headline and massive investment, has the Metaverse become yet another technology that failed to find…

9 months ago

Apple Pushes ‘Spatial Computing’ With Vision Pro Headset

Apple successfully builds on familiar iPhone, iPad experience with mixed-reality Vision Pro headset, but analysts say appeal remains limited

12 months ago

Tim Cook ‘Pushed Forward’ Apple VR Headset Launch

Tim Cook reportedly pushed for launch of Apple mixed-reality headset this year over arguments of design team that technology was…

1 year ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Do Businesses Care About the Metaverse?

As the Metaverse evolves, are business leaders paying more attention to this space and placing active development on their strategic…

1 year ago

John Carmack Quits As Meta Defends Massive VR Investments

Gaming industry legend John Carmack quits Meta as company's chief technology officer defends billions spent on VR and 'metaverse'

1 year ago

ByteDance’s Pico Debuts Headset To Rival Meta’s Quest 2

Pico, owned by TikTok parent ByteDance, launches next-generation VR headset to directly compete with Meta's Quest 2

2 years ago

Google To Test Augmented Reality Glasses In Public

After privacy setback a decade ago, Google admits it is ready to begin testing new augmented reality glasses in the…

2 years ago

3DEXPERIENCE World 2022: “The new economy is the experience economy”

During the three-day event, Dassault Systèmes showed what SOLIDWORKS can achieve in terms of 3D design thanks to a series…

2 years ago

The Business of the Metaverse

Is Facebook’s vision of the Metaverse a realistic proposition for businesses? Silicon UK spoke to Jason Alan Snyder, Global Chief…

2 years ago

Analyst: Apple AR Headset Could Arrive ‘Next Year’

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sees Apple AR + VR headset arriving next year, with a lightweight design and a price around…

3 years ago

Apple Partners TSMC For AR Display Screens – Report

Long rumoured augmented reality push by Apple, reportedly sees it partner TSMC to develop ultra-advanced display technology

3 years ago

An Augmented Reality Future?

Rumours that Apple is actively developing AR technology that would deliver a usable and wearable AR could herald a new…

3 years ago

Neo Factory: The State of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 initiatives are transforming factories in a myriad of industries, from aerospace and health care to plastics and shipping.…

3 years ago

Latest Feature: Intelligent Spaces: Using Smart Cities

The demands from everyone that lives in a city has radically changed over the last decade. Silicon UK considers how…

4 years ago

Apple AR Glasses Set For 2023 Debut – Report

Rumour mill. Apple's augmented reality venture will reportedly deliver its long-rumoured AR glasses released sometime in 2023

5 years ago

UK Tech Sector ‘Unicorn’ Goes Into Administration

Blippar, which pioneered AR software for linking information and adverts to real-life objects and even people's faces, is to be…

5 years ago

Microsoft Targets Schools With £135 Windows 10 PCs & Education Software Updates

Microsoft has new PCs, partnerships and software updates as it pitches vision of 'classroom of the future'

6 years ago

Amazon Sumerian Is A Web-Based VR Programming Tool For AWS

The cloud-based 'Sumerian' development tool automates the development of 3D experiences and their deployment across desktop and mobile devices

6 years ago

Apple ‘Prepares’ AR Headset For 2020 Launch

Apple reportedly plans to back its belief in AR with dedicated hardware

7 years ago

Samsung Partners With Google For ARCore Augmented Reality

Google to bring its ARCore platform to Galaxy devices thanks to augmented reality deal with Samsung

7 years ago

Is The Current Cybersecurity Model Sustainable In The World Of AI, AR & IoT?

IP EXPO 2017: Cybersecurity heavyweights discuss the future of the industry, noting that the answers may be in its past

7 years ago