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Australia Wants Search Engine Choice Screen On Smartphones

Search engine move plotted down under. Australian watchdog plans to make Google offer smartphone users an alternative search engine

1 month ago

Nokia Tablet Unveiled By HMD Global

Possible challenger to Apple iPad? New Android-based tablet device unveiled, namely the £199.99 Nokia T20 tablet from HMD Global

2 months ago

Top Search On Bing Is ‘Google’, Google Tells Court

Top search term on Microsoft's Bing is 'Google', Google tells European Union court as it argues record £4bn antitrust fine…

2 months ago

Google Appeals EU’s 2018 Antitrust Fine

Google seeks dismissal of EU's 4.3bn euro antitrust fine, tells court payments to phone makers were needed in Android's fight…

2 months ago

EU Set To Unveil Common Phone Charger Proposal

Only a decade late? European Commission on Thursday will reportedly present its proposed legislation for a common phone charger

2 months ago

South Korea Slaps Google With $177m Fine

Antitrust regulator in South Korea has fined Google $177m for blocking customised versions of the Android operating system

3 months ago

Google To Tempt iOS Users With Android Switch App

Google is developing a 'Switch to Android' app so that iOS users can port their data and apps from their…

4 months ago

Google Reveals ‘New Chapter’ For Bug Bounty Program

Google's 'vulnerability reward program' has found over 11,000 bugs and paid out $29m over past ten years, but now has…

4 months ago

Windows 11 Slated To Arrive Before Year End

Microsoft unveils its next operating system Windows 11, and promises Windows 10 users a free upgrade, if the PC is…

5 months ago

Google Adds Encryption To Messages App, Expands Earthquake Detection

Android announcements includes Google Messages now offering end-to-end encryption and expanded Earthquake detection and alerts

6 months ago

Google To Halt Charges For Alternative Search Engines On Android

Google is to allow other search engines to be offered on Android for free, after cancelling the default search preference…

6 months ago

Huawei To Launch Harmony 2.0 Operating System Next Week

Huawei's Android replacement operating system for mobile handsets and devices, Harmony OS 2.0, will be officially launched next week

6 months ago

Google I/O: Android 12 Boasts Major Redesign

Google I/O: With few hardware (Pixel etc) announcements, Google confirms massive redesign for Android 12, including new look and feel

6 months ago

Android ‘Exposes’ Covid-19 Contact Tracing Data

Android devices expose contact tracing data to hundreds of third-party apps, finds analysis of 'privacy-first' Apple-Google framework

7 months ago

Malware From Google Play Store Infects 700,000 Users

Etinu malware bypasses Google's security protections, infects 700,000 Android users to make unauthorised purchases before being removed

7 months ago

Massive ‘Parcel Delivery’ SMS Scam Campaign Hits UK

Millions of scam text messages hit UK mobile phones pretending to be from parcel delivery firms, but in reality spreading…

7 months ago

One In Six Android Phones In Developing Markets Infected

Mobile specialist Upstream warns large percentage of Android phones in developing markets infected with malware, due to a number of…

7 months ago

HMD Revamps Budget, Midrange Nokia Handsets

Six new Nokia handsets from HMD, ranging from budget to midrange handsets with prices starting as low as 75 euros…

8 months ago

Google Wins Over Oracle In Decade-Long Case

US Supreme Court hands victory to Google in decade-long spat with Oracle over search giant's use of Java SE API…

8 months ago

Microsoft Kills Cortana iOS, Android App

Protracted death of digital assistant continues, as Redmond officially pulls support for the Cortana apps on the Android and iOS…

8 months ago

Microsoft’s Surface Duo Set For European Launch Next Week

Coming next week to this side of the pond, Microsoft's Surface Duo will still cost an eye watering £1,349 for…

10 months ago

DoJ Sues ‘Gatekeeper’ Google Over Alleged ‘Illegal Monopoly’

Breakup threat. US Department of Justice lawsuit accuses Google of abusing its position to dominate search and search advertising

1 year ago

Oracle’s Android Lawsuit Against Google Heard At US Supreme Court

Ten year old Android dispute is heard before highest court in the United States this week, as Oracle seeks ruling…

1 year ago

China Readying Google Antitrust Investigation – Report

Hollow threat? Chinese authorities reportedly preparing antitrust investigation of Google's Android OS, amid trade tensions

1 year ago

Huawei Readies Harmony OS For 2021 Android Replacement

Second version of Android replacement operating system, Harmony OS, announced by Huawei - with 2021 hinted at general release date…

1 year ago

Android 11 Tightens Privacy Controls, Touts Conversation Management

Conversation management, upgraded media controls, smart device access, privacy permissions, and faster updates are some of the features of Android…

1 year ago

Android Phones Bricked By Picturesque Wallpaper Of A Lake

Idyllic photo of a mountain lake surrounded by trees actually bricks Android phones, and in some cases only a factory…

1 year ago

Latvia Set To Release Covid-19 App Based On Tech Companies’ Framework

Latvia is aiming to be one of the first countries to release a Covid-19 contact-tracing app based on Apple and…

2 years ago

Android Hit By ‘Incredibly Sophisticated’ Malware

Malware found on Google Play looks innocent at first, then downloads additional capabilities that allow it to take over targeted…

2 years ago

One Billion Android Phones At Hack Risk – Which?

Which? report warns hundreds of millions of Android phones are now at risk because they are no longer receiving security…

2 years ago