Twitter becomes X

Fake Accounts Proliferating On X, Study Warns

Ahead of US presidential election, fake accounts supporting Donald Trump are proliferating on Elon Musk's X, study finds

3 days ago

SpaceX Demos First Video Call Of T-Mobile’s Direct To Cell Service

Video call made from one smartphone connected to Starlink satellite, to another phone connected to T-Mobile USA network

5 days ago

Jack Dorsey Resigns From Bluesky Board, Calls X ‘Freedom Technology’

Another u-turn? Former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey suddenly quits Bluesky's board of directors, and calls X 'freedom technology'

3 weeks ago

EU Requests Content Moderation Data From X

Using the Digital Services Act, European Commission asks X (formerly Twitter) for details over reduction in content moderation resources

3 weeks ago

Australian PM Hits Out At Elon Musk Over Knife Attack Video

Censorship row brewing down under, after the Australian Prime Minister calls Elon Musk an 'arrogant billionaire'

1 month ago

Elon Musk’s X Offers Free Blue Checks, Free Subscriptions

Twitter began offering free premium features, including “blue checks,” to selected users this week, amid reports of declining active users

2 months ago

Elon Musk’s X Names New Head Of Safety

Enticing advertisers back? Nine months after previous head of trust and safety resigned, X confirms new Safety and Brand Safety…

2 months ago

Trump’s Truth Social Makes Successful Market Debut

Shares in Donald Trump’s social media company rose about 16 percent after first day of trading on the Nasdaq

2 months ago

Fewer People Using Twitter After Musk Takeover – Report

Research data suggests fewer people are using Elon Musk's X, but platform insists 250 million people are using X everyday

2 months ago

Microsoft, Meta, X, Match Group Challenge Apple App Store Terms

Big tech players side with Epic Games, and allege Apple is flouting court order over its App Store in the…

2 months ago

Elon Musk Replies To Far Right User, After Reinstatement Of X Account

Far right activist has his X (Twitter) account restored by Elon Musk, who last week fired former CNN anchor Don…

2 months ago

Judge Signals Elon Musk May Lose Lawsuit Against Non-profit

Elon Musk's high profile lawsuit against a hate speech non-profit may be in trouble, after judge sounds sceptical note over…

3 months ago

X Briefly Suspends Account Of Alexei Navalny’s Widow

Yulia Navalnaya had her account on Elon Musk's X briefly suspended, as she pleads with Kremlin to release husband's body

3 months ago

Elon Musk Ordered To Testify In SEC Twitter Takeover Probe

SEC doubles down and orders Elon Musk to testify again, for investigation of his $44 billion Twitter purchase

3 months ago

Elon Musk Continues Disney Feud, Funds Mandalorian Lawsuit

Lawsuit by Gina Carano against Disney over her firing from 'The Mandalorian', is supported with funding from Elon Musk's X

4 months ago

Twitter Spin-off Bluesky Opens Itself To General Public

Twitter's natural heir Bluesky finally opens its doors to the general public, after ending invite-only phase

4 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Apologises To Parents At Senate Hearing

CEOs of Meta, TikTok, X and other platforms appear before Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss online protections for children

4 months ago

Twitter Appeal Against Search Warrant For Trump’s DMs Denied

Federal Appeals court denies challenge by Elon Musk's X (formerly Twitter) to search warrant for Donald Trump's DMs

4 months ago

SEC Investigates After Fake Post On X/Twitter Account

US securities regulator confirms unknown individual accessed its X social media account to post false message about ETFs

5 months ago

Value Of Twitter/X Falls 71 Percent Since Elon Musk Takeover – Report

Another valuation cut from X/Twitter shareholder shows remarkable fall in platform's market value since Elon Musk takeover

5 months ago

Twitter/X Fails To Block Content Moderation Disclosure Law In California

Elon Musk's X loses bid to block California law that requires social media to publicly disclose their content moderation practices

5 months ago

Judge Rules Twitter Violated Contract Over Failure To Pay Bonuses

Elon Musk's Twitter (now X) violated contracts by failing to pay millions in promised bonuses, federal judge rules

5 months ago

Outage Resolved At Elon Musk’s X

Social media platform X (aka Twitter) is back up and running, after thousands of users in US, UK and Europe…

5 months ago

Privacy Complaint Filed Against Elon Musk’s X

Complaint filed by Max Schrems’ campaign group Noyb, alleges Elon Musk's X breached EU's GDPR by micro ad targetting

5 months ago

Big Brands Increase Ad Spend On Instagram, Amid X Boycott

Meta reaps the benefits, as big US brand names ramp up ad spending on Instagram, after as pause on Elon…

5 months ago

X Ad Sales Projected To Fall More Than 50 Percent – Report

Ad sales at X (aka Twitter) are reportedly projected to fall over 50 percent to $2.5bn, down from $4.7bn before…

6 months ago

Elon Musk Calls For Firing Of Disney CEO Amid Ad Boycott

Disney boss Bob Iger “should be fired immediately” tweets Elon Musk in fresh broadside, amid advertising boycott

6 months ago

Elon Musk Tells Fleeing Advertisers To Go F*** Themselves

X owner Elon Musk used multiple expletives about advertisers who have boycotted Twitter over extremist content

6 months ago

Advertising Exodus To Cost Elon Musk’s X $75m – Report

Year of end advertising exodus at Elon Musk's X going to cost Twitter as much as $75m in advertising revenue

6 months ago