EU Eyes Telegram User Numbers As It Nears Regulatory Threshold

European Commission says in contact with Telegram as platform nears 45 million user threshold for stringent DSA rules

2 weeks ago

Telegram To Reach One Billion Users Within Year

Catching WhatsApp? Billionaire founder of Telegram claims encrypted platform will reach one billion users within a year

2 months ago

Telegram Reaches 900m Users, Nears Profitability

Encrypted messaging app Telegram reaches 900 million users, nears profitability as secretive company considers IPO

3 months ago

Killnet Threatens To Shut Down Hospital Ventilators, After London Arrest

Russian cybercrime hacking group Killnet reportedly threaten to shut down ventilators at British hospitals, after gang member arrest in London

2 years ago

Telegram Founder Reassures Ukrainian Users Of Privacy

Pavel Durov, co-founder of Telegram, says he had to leave Russia because of FSB demands and insists the data of…

2 years ago

Germany May Close Down Telegram, Minister Warns

Shutting down popular messaging service Telegram in Germany cannot be ruled out, Interior Minister warns, amid battle over pandemic restrictions

2 years ago

Russia Fines Facebook $235,000 Over ‘Illegal Content’

Russia penalises Facebook again for hosting 'illegal content', after social network highlights Russian disinformation campaign

3 years ago

WhatsApp To Press Ahead With Privacy Update

What backlash? Facebook's WhatsApp says it will go ahead with its privacy policy update, but hopes that it has better…

3 years ago

Signal Ramps Up Hiring After Surge – Report

Signal reportedly hiring more staff to cope with surge, as it and Telegram benefit from WhatsApp data policy update controversy

3 years ago

Signal Installations Surge Amid WhatsApp Data Concerns

Research shows installations of Signal messaging app approaching one million a day, amid concern over WhatsApp data policy update

3 years ago

Telegram Files EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple

Secure messaging app Telegram files official antitrust complaint with EU officials, over Apple's App Store and the fees it charges

4 years ago

Russia Unblocks Telegram After Two-Year Ban

Privacy-focused chat app Telegram became more popular than ever in Russia during the ban and is widely used by news…

4 years ago

Bluetooth Messaging App Bridgefy Grows Amid Hong Kong Protests

Going offline. Protesters in Hong Kong are reportedly using a Bluetooth-based messaging app to communicate

5 years ago

Most WhatsApp Users Have Still Not Patched

WhatsApp's vulnerability still not patched by most people Wandera warns, as Telegram boss attack the platform

5 years ago

Encrypted Apps Used To Exchange Child Abuse Images – Report

Criminals increasingly utilising encrypted apps, rather than the dark web, to trade child abuse images

5 years ago

Russia Asks Apple To Remove Telegram From App Store

But Telegram CEO and founder claims that Apple has already prevented its messaging app from updating globally

6 years ago

Russian Malware Compromises Telegram Chats

The TeleGrab malware steals chats from Telegram's desktop application, which doesn't support end-to-end encryption

6 years ago

Iran Begins To Block Telegram Messaging App

First Russia now Iran becomes latest country to begin blocking access to Telegram services

6 years ago

Russia’s Telegram Ban Shuts Down Google Services

Amazon and Google have been caught in the crossfire as Russia's regulator RKN tries to keep Russians from using Telegram

6 years ago

Russian Court Orders Ban On Telegram Messaging App

But will it work? Russian court orders telecom firms to block Telegram messaging app in Russia

6 years ago

Russia To Limit Telegram Messaging App

Russian lawsuit to limit access to Telegram after it refuses to allow FSB intelligence service access

6 years ago

Telegram Founder Doesn’t Budge On Sharing Of Private Data

Pavel Durov has, however, agreed to officially register the app with Russian authorities

7 years ago

Russian Authorities Blame Telegram For Concealing Terrorist Activities

More pressure placed on Telegram as its end-to-end encryption gives terrorists a place to hide

7 years ago