Bluetooth Messaging App Bridgefy Grows Amid Hong Kong Protests

Going offline. Protesters in Hong Kong are reportedly using a Bluetooth-based messaging app to communicate

3 months ago

Most WhatsApp Users Have Still Not Patched

WhatsApp's vulnerability still not patched by most people Wandera warns, as Telegram boss attack the platform

6 months ago

Encrypted Apps Used To Exchange Child Abuse Images – Report

Criminals increasingly utilising encrypted apps, rather than the dark web, to trade child abuse images

9 months ago

Russia Asks Apple To Remove Telegram From App Store

But Telegram CEO and founder claims that Apple has already prevented its messaging app from updating globally

1 year ago

Russian Malware Compromises Telegram Chats

The TeleGrab malware steals chats from Telegram's desktop application, which doesn't support end-to-end encryption

2 years ago

Iran Begins To Block Telegram Messaging App

First Russia now Iran becomes latest country to begin blocking access to Telegram services

2 years ago

Russia’s Telegram Ban Shuts Down Google Services

Amazon and Google have been caught in the crossfire as Russia's regulator RKN tries to keep Russians from using Telegram

2 years ago

Russian Court Orders Ban On Telegram Messaging App

But will it work? Russian court orders telecom firms to block Telegram messaging app in Russia

2 years ago

Russia To Limit Telegram Messaging App

Russian lawsuit to limit access to Telegram after it refuses to allow FSB intelligence service access

2 years ago