Ericsson To Cut 1,200 Jobs in Sweden Amid ‘Challenging’ Market

Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson blamed “challenging mobile networks market” and “further volume contraction” for job losses

3 months ago

Largest European Rare Earth Deposit Found In Sweden

Vital material for mobile phones and electric vehicles found in Sweden to help end dependent on Chinese suppliers

1 year ago

Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Huawei 5G Ban

Fresh setback for Huawei after Swedish Appeal Court upholds lower court ruling that banned equipment from the Chinese giant

2 years ago

Sweden’s Northvolt Gigafactory Begins Battery Production

First Northvolt battery cell has been assembled in northern Sweden gigafactory, as start-up readies for 2022 production run

2 years ago

Huawei Confirms Appeal Against Sweden’s 5G Ban

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei confirms it will appeal against court ruling upholding ban on the sale of its 5G equipment…

3 years ago

Swedish Regulator To Challenge Court Order On Huawei Ban

After Huawei wins court appeal against Swedish telecom watchdog's exclusion for 5G, the watchdog confirms it will challenge it

4 years ago

China Urges Sweden To Reconsider Its ‘Wrong’ Huawei Ban

Beijing spokesman warns of 'negative impact' for China-Sweden trade, after Swedish watchdog bans Huawei and ZTE 5G equipment

4 years ago

Sweden Excludes Huawei, ZTE For 5G Networks

Swedish regulator cites security reasons for banning 5G telecom equipment from Huawei and ZTE, ahead of spectrum auctions

4 years ago

Sweden Drops Rape Investigation Against Julian Assange

Main reason for Wikileak co-founder's self-imposed confinement in Ecuadorean embassy is dropped by Swedish prosecutors

5 years ago

Swedish Government Admits Huge Data Leak Was A ‘Disaster’

Details of defence plans, military personnel and witness protection details exposed during outsourcing project.

7 years ago

AWS Readies Sweden Move As Part Of Nordics Push

New region will reduce latency and satisfy data sovereignty requirements for local customers

7 years ago

UN: Julian Assange Should Be Compensated For Confinement

WikiLeaks founder has been arbitrarily detained by the UK and Sweden, says UN expert panel

8 years ago

Data Centres In Sweden Could Get a 97 Percent Tax Break

Swedish government proposes data centre electricity tax reduction to promote web services industy in the Nordic country

9 years ago

Malware Creator Jailed For Infecting More Than Half a Million Computers

Alex Yucel jailed for almost five years after stealing computer users' personal data in 100-plus countries

9 years ago

Facebook And Ikea Fans Make Flatpack Data Centres

Ikea inspired Facebook's next data centre in Sweden, but Peter Judge says these are not the first flatpack racks

10 years ago

Facebook To Build Second European Data Centre In Sweden

The new ‘Rapid Deployment Data Centre’ design will be assembled on-site like Ikea furniture

10 years ago

Google Agrees Swedish Wind Power Deal For Finnish Data Centre

The company will buy all energy produced by 29 wind turbines for the next ten years

10 years ago

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Warg Jailed For Two Years

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is given a prison sentence, but also faces extradition to Denmark

11 years ago

Facebook To Use Chilly Arctic Air For New Data Centre

Facebook has opened its first data centre outside the United States with a green facility in Sweden

11 years ago

Pirate Bay Co-Founder “Anakata” Faces New Charges

Swedish authorities intend to keep Gottfrid Svartholm Warg in prison

11 years ago

Google Fights Sweden Over ‘Ungoogleable’ Definition

Sweden's government wanted to include the word 'ungoogleable' in a dictionary of modern language, but Google's lawyers begged to differ…

11 years ago

Sweden Tops World Wide Web Index, UK Comes Third

Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for reduced cost and better access

12 years ago

Cambodia Cops Arrest Pirate Bay Co-Founder

Gottfrid Svatholm could be sent back to Sweden to serve jail time

12 years ago

Sony Mobile To Cut 1,000 Jobs

The unit formerly known as Sony Ericsson moves its headquarters to Japan

12 years ago

Julian Assange Set To Ignore Surrender Notice

Assange says it is unlikely he will make his way to the nearest police station following a request from the…

12 years ago

Assange Appeals Against Third Extradition Decision

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief keeps fighting on, as Assange lawyers head back to court

12 years ago

Swedish Police Begin New Pirate Bay Investigation

Swedish web hosting company says police asked it to reveal personal details about Pirate Bay domain owner

12 years ago

4G LTE Smartphones To Go On Sale In Sweden

TeliaSonera begins selling Samsung Galaxy II LTE smartphones in Sweden

12 years ago

Delegation Aims To Pull Silicon Valley Data Centres To Sweden

Officials from Sweden are on a mission to lure Californian data to the cooler, greener Nordic environment

12 years ago

Nordics Launch A United Cold Front On Data Centres

As data centre energy comes under pressure, putting your data on ice could be a good option, says Peter Judge

12 years ago