Snooper’s charter

Online Safety Act Becomes Law In Blow To Campaigners

Online Safety Act receives Royal Assent, and government claims it will make the UK safest place in the world to…

9 months ago

Apple Warns Of FaceTime, iMessage Withdrawal In UK Over Act Changes

UK government warned by Apple it will not comply with proposed updates to Investigatory Powers Act, and could withdraw FaceTime,…

12 months ago

EU Top Court Rules German Data Law Illegal

Germany's data retention law ruled illegal by top EU court, except in cases of serious national security threat

2 years ago

MI5 Handling Of Personal Data ‘Unlawful’, Watchdog Warns

Intelligence agency did not store data correctly and kept it for too long, official watchdog warns

5 years ago

High Court Sets Deadline For Investigatory Powers Act Changes

Government has six months to revise parts of its 'Snoopers Charter' to bring it inline with European regs

6 years ago

High Court Urged To Force Urgent Changes To Surveillance Law

Campaigners want changes to Snooper's Charter in place by July after court found portions 'incompatible' with EU law

6 years ago

Government To Place Limits On ‘Snooper’s Charter’

Police will now require independent authorisation to access data, but critics say the changes don't limit 'indiscriminate surveillance' of personal…

7 years ago

Civil Liberties Group Targets Crowdfunded Court Challenge Against Snoopers’ Charter

Liberty wants to put the core parts of the Investigatory Powers Act to the legal test

8 years ago

UK Data Surveillance Powers Declared Illegal By EU Court

The decision could create some major problems for the UK in a post-Brexit world

8 years ago

‘Snooper’s Charter’ Repeal Petition To Be Considered By Parliament

The petition is to be considered for parliamentary debate after receiving more than 130,000 signatures

8 years ago

American ISPs Need Permission To Share User Web Data

Privacy win for America. The FCC requires US ISPs to gather consent before sharing online data

8 years ago

Snooping Becomes Legal In Switzerland To Combat Terrorism

Swiss voters have approved a law that allows security services to conduct surveillance operations

8 years ago

Snoopers Charter Powers Offer ‘Vital’ Tool, Review Concludes

'Independent' review of controversial surveillance legislation concludes spies can continue bulk data collection

8 years ago

Investigatory Powers Bill Is Passed By Parliament

Most Labour MPs join the Conservatives to pass controversial surveillance legislation in Parliament

8 years ago

Investigatory Powers Bill Given Cautious Support By Human Rights Committee

Journalist sources must be protected says committee of MPs, but admits bulk data collection can be justified

8 years ago

Theresa May Promises Snoopers Charter Review

Bulk data collection scrutiny - 'draconian' Investigatory Powers Bill to face independent investigation

8 years ago

Government ‘Needs To Explain Snooper’s Charter Effects’

Majority of UK public is still unclear on what the IP Bill will involve, Open-Xchange survey finds

8 years ago

Privacy Groups, Tech Industry Slam ‘Rushed’ And ‘Draconian’ Investigatory Powers Bill

NEWS ANALYSIS: The tech industry wants Investigatory Powers Bill to be subject to full parliamentary scrutiny, while privacy campaigners fear…

8 years ago

Snoopers’ Charter Revisions ‘Don’t Fix Flaws’

The Investigatory Powers bill is being rushed through in spite of significant concerns, according to critics

8 years ago

MPs Slam Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

Committee of MPs adds to criticism of the Snoopers' Charter, saying it is “not thought through”

8 years ago

GCHQ To Spy On Consumer Shopping Data

Proposed new surveillance bill is too broad and could allow GCHQ to access people's shopping history, warns campaigner

9 years ago

Tim Cook – Beware The “Dire Consequences” Of Increased Surveillance

Apple CEO adds his backing to end-to-end encryption and calls for more public awareness

9 years ago

May: Surveillance Bill Drops ‘Contentious’ Aspects

Critics insist the bill must require independent judicial approval for the collection of Internet browsing records

9 years ago

Met Anti-Terror Chief Slams “Unhelpful” Social Media Companies

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley claims social media giants aren't doing enough to help police with the fight against terrorism

9 years ago

ISPA Names Theresa May ‘Internet Villain Of The Year’ Over Surveillance Fears

Industry body ISPA says ISPs must be consulted about revived Snoopers' Charter as issue of surveillance dominates again at the…

9 years ago

Is The Snooper’s Charter Good For UK Tech?

Snooper's Charter appears to be revived, but with some predicting a tech exodus from the UK, what impact will have?

9 years ago

UK Faces Tech Firm ‘Exodus’ If Snooper’s Charter Is Passed

Eris Industries has relocated, at least temporarily. If controversial Snooper's Charter becomes law, other UK-based tech firms could follow

9 years ago

Queen’s Speech Confirms Return Of Snoopers’ Charter

Government confirms sweeping new powers for the security services in fresh blow to privacy campaigners

9 years ago