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Shareholders Sue Twitter, Elon Musk For Stock ‘Manipulation’

Disgruntled shareholders are now suing both Twitter and Elon Musk, over volatile share price swings during the chaotic takeover attempt

3 months ago

Apple No Longer The Most Valuable Company In World

Oil giant Aramco has overtaken Apple as the most valuable company in the world, amid a decline in the iPhone…

3 months ago

Netflix Sued By Shareholders Over Subscription Disclosure

Disgruntled Netflix shareholders are suing streaming giant Netflix, alleging it misled the market after a significant drop in subscriber numbers

3 months ago

Tesla’s Elon Musk Sells Shares Worth $4bn, Promises No More

Elon Musk sells $4 billion of Tesla shares to help in his Twitter takeover, but indicates no further Tesla share…

4 months ago

Apple First To Breach $3 Trillion Market Cap

The iPhone juggernaut briefly surpasses the $3 trillion market capitalisation threshold on Monday, over a year since passing the $2…

7 months ago

Tesla Reaches $1 Trillion Valuation

Car maker Tesla now worth at least double that of Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford combined, after breaching $1 trillion market…

10 months ago

Tim Cook Lands $750m Bonanza In Share Award

CEO Tim Cook is awarded more than three quarters of a billion dollars in Apple shares after ten years in…

12 months ago

Microsoft Now Valued At $2 Trillion

Software giant Microsoft joins Apple, as it cross the $2 trillion threshold to become only the second company to reach…

1 year ago

Tesla Shares Rally After Expensive Share Slide

Shares in the world's most valuable car maker rose nearly 20 percent, after selloff wiped off $300 billion market capitalisation

1 year ago

Elon Musk No Longer World’s Richest Man

It was a short run. Fall in Tesla share price sees Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reclaim title as world's richest…

1 year ago

Elon Musk Leaves California, Moves To Texas

After threatening to pull Tesla out of California altogether, Elon Musk reveals he has personally left the US state and…

2 years ago

Elon Musk’s Net Worth Surpasses $100bn

Tech entrepreneur Musk's fortune briefly surpasses $100bn amidst a fivefold increase in the share price of electric carmaker Tesla so…

2 years ago

Nvidia Overtakes Intel To Become Most Valuable US Chipmaker

Move aside Intel. Nvidia is now the most valuable chipmaker in the United States, despite not actually making any of…

2 years ago

Symantec, Broadcom Axe Acquisition Talks – Report

Symantec reportedly walks away from acquisition talks with Broadcom, after disagreement about price

3 years ago

Dell’s EMC Acquisition In Danger Over Tax Problems – Report

Hefty tax bill could kill off what could be the largest acquisition deal in tech history for Dell and EMC

7 years ago

Google Shares Break Record After Positive Q3 Results

Google shares have risen to over $1,000 per share, buoyed by the recent strong performance in Q3

9 years ago

Microsoft Eases Investor Worry With £25bn Share Buyback

With so many changes to its corporate structure, Microsoft seeks to placate shareholders by making them some money

9 years ago

Facebook Stock Nears IPO Float Price

Facebook shares are on a roll and have recovered to almost reach their IPO float price

9 years ago

Apple Profit Slides Amid Robust iPad Sales

Apple is still selling huge numbers of iPads and iPhones, but that did not prevent its first profit drop in…

9 years ago

Facebook Shares Dip After Sandberg Offloads Shares

Another executive has offloaded FAcebook shares, further denting the market's confidence in the social networking giant

10 years ago

Facebook Shares Down As Co-Founder Offloads More Stock

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has continued to reduce his shareholding in the social networking giant

10 years ago

Symantec Board Shows CEO Salem The Door

A Salem witch trial? Symantec's CEO is booted out by the board

10 years ago

Facebook Selects 18 May For IPO

Facebook has set 18 May as the day it will launch one of the biggest tech IPOs in recent years

10 years ago

HP Management Accused Of Misleading Investors

A lawsuit is claiming HP execs misled investors prior to the decision to partly withdraw from the consumer market

11 years ago

HP’s Problems Down To Hurd And Fiorina, Lane Says

Chairman Ray Lane said HP is reversing the damage done by former CEOs Mark Hurd and Carly Fiorina

11 years ago