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EU Watchdog Begins Joint Investigation Into Public Sector Cloud Use

European Data Protection Board announces co-ordinated investigation over the use of cloud-based services by public sector organisations

3 months ago

UK Government Launches First Ever Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security Strategy officially launched for the UK, to protect online digital services and British businesses from cyber attacks

4 months ago

Pentagon Mulls JEDI Contract Cancellation Amid Legal Fight

The Pentagon may cancel the JEDI contract altogether and start over, due to the legal battle raging over Microsoft's award

1 year ago

Police Delete Database Containing 150,000 Records

Police database falls down some stairs. British coppers accidentally delete data on 150,000 people from the Police National Computer

1 year ago

Public Sector Leaders Admit Personal Toll From Pandemic

Pure Storage study finds only 6 percent of public sector leaders admit they were extremely prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Government Awards £41m To Help UK’s 5G Gain An Edge

Six small and medium-sized organisations are to trial next-generation wireless projects in healthcare, tourism, rural productivity and other areas

4 years ago

IT Firm Head Apologises For ‘Joke’ Suggesting Labour Voter Redundancies

Storm Technologies Boss said email claiming Labour voters would be let go if business slowed down was just banter

5 years ago

Election 2017: Silicon Readers Switch Allegiance And Back Labour

GENERAL ELECTION 2017: Brexit and lack of technology polices see Silicon voters switch from Tories to Labour

5 years ago

Election 2017: UKIP Has No Technology Policies

UKIP is big on Brexit, big on immigration, but not so big on tech it seems

5 years ago

Leaked Document Outlines Government Plans For ‘Live’ Internet Surveillance

Open Rights Group head says public has a right to know about government surveillance plans

5 years ago

NASA Wants Help From Coders To Speed Up Old Software

Entrants will be given the code to analyse and search for bottlenecks

5 years ago

GDS Addresses Legacy IT In Revised Tech Code Of Practice

No sweeping changes, but GDS aims to simplify the road to government digital transformation

5 years ago

BT Wins £100 Million Contract To Boost Metropolitan Police Network

BT will play a key role in the Met's digital transformation efforts across London

5 years ago

Government Pushes Cyber Essentials Security Certificate Programme

The government will now require all contractors to obtain a Cyber Essentials certificate

5 years ago

IT Upgrade Blunder Leaves MoD Suppliers Millions Out Of Pocket

Some suppliers have been forced to take out loans to pay staff and suppliers

5 years ago

Government Finally Reveals Its Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital will allow government to offer a “revolution” in the way it delivers public services to the great unwashed

5 years ago

UK Government Suffers ‘Alarming’ Loss Of Senior GDS Staff

Concerns raised as Government Digital Services fails to hold on to top talent

5 years ago

The Economics Of OpenStack

Canonical's Mark Baker explains how the economics of Openstack can work in favour for your business when compared to public…

6 years ago

Can The UK Government Really Benefit From Blockchain?

IN DEPTH: Beyond the hype, can the government exploit Blockchain in the same way as other industries such as banking…

6 years ago

How The Internet Came Of Age As A Campaign Tool In 2016 Election

ANALYSIS: Politicians have been adapting to the internet and in Election 2016, they have fully integrated the internet into every…

6 years ago

Camden Council CIO Wants To Save Lives With Data Analytics

Omid Shiraji, CIO of London Borough of Camden, reveals how the council is mapping data to help vulnerable people

6 years ago

Government ‘Can Change’ Despite GDS Turmoil And Long-Term IT Contracts With Megavendors

UK Cloud CEO says there is evidence of a culture shift in Whitehall as smaller vendors wouldn't have got a…

6 years ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Hackers Could Exploit Open Data To Wreak Real-World Chaos

ODI founders want the government to consider open data as critical infrastructure that needs protection

6 years ago

Microsoft Positions ‘Responsible’ AI At Centre Of Digital Transformation Vision

FUTURE DECODED: Microsoft describes how 'respectful', 'trusted' AI and cloud infrastructure can change every business responsibly

6 years ago

Government ‘Could Save’ £2bn By 2020 If It Sorts Out Its Digital Strategy

Institute for Government slams Whitehall for digital transformation failures and lack of leadership

6 years ago

Home Office Extends Fujitsu Contract Another Two Years

The long-running contract will now extend to the spring of 2018, in spite of official Whitehall policy favouring smaller suppliers

6 years ago

Government Digital Service CTO To Step Down In New Year

Andy Beale is the latest high-profile figure to leave the embattled service

6 years ago

Cross Channel: Fujitsu And Lenovo PC Deal And G-Cloud Shunned

All the latest news from the world of the channel, including Microsoft brexit enterprise price hikes

6 years ago

Automation Puts Public Sector Jobs ‘At Risk’

Sixteen percent of public sector jobs likely to be replaced by robots, study finds

6 years ago

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt Safeguards NHS IT Spend

Spending on technology will be protected Jeremy Hunt has pledged, despite NHS financial woes

6 years ago