personal data

President Biden To Plug US Data Transfers To China, Russia Etc

US President issues executive order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data from being transferred to hostile nation states

5 months ago

California Passes Law To Delete Personal Data

Privacy move. California passes the Delete Act, so users can to remove their personal online data from a single page

9 months ago

‘Monumental’ Data Breach Exposes Northern Ireland Police Officers

Every police officer in Northern Ireland has had their names and departmental locations exposed in a self-inflicted data breach

11 months ago

Ransomware Hackers Steal Sensitive Charity Data

Londonderry-based IT firm Evide says personal data from charity clients stolen following ransomware attack as organisations warn of fraud risk

1 year ago

Facebook Should Tighten Doxing Rules, Says Oversight Board

Sharing private residential information, even if data is publicly available, should not be allowed by Facebook, Oversight Board rules

2 years ago

FBI Urges Olympic Athletes To Use Burner Phones

FBI urges athletes competing at the Beijing Winter Olympics to leave their personal devices at home, and rather carry burner…

2 years ago

Twitter To Remove Photos Tweeted Without Permission

Privacy overstep? Personal photos and videos of private individuals tweeted without the consent of the person(s) depicted will be removed

3 years ago

Hacker Steals Government Database Of All Argentine Citizens

Argentine government database containing ID card data of all citizens has been stolen by a hacker, and that data is…

3 years ago

Microsoft Power Apps Data Leak Impacts 38 Million People

Check default settings. Names, phone and social security numbers made public to organisations using Microsoft’s Power Apps platform

3 years ago

LinkedIn Data Of 500 Million Users Being Sold Online – Report

Scraped data of nearly half a billion LinkedIn users is being sold online, with two million records being published as…

3 years ago

ICO To Restart Adtech Probe

Information Commissioner's Office puts adtech companies on notice as it relaunches investigation into widespread non-compliance with privacy rules

3 years ago

Judge Rejects Government Appeal On US WeChat Ban

US judge rejects government appeal to reverse earlier decision allowing Chinese app WeChat to remain available in US app stores

4 years ago

Silicon UK in Focus: Data Protection Day 2020

Today is the 14th annual Data Protection Day. Silicon UK speaks to Bob Canaway, Chief Marketing Officer, Privitar to gain…

4 years ago

Twitter Admits To Using Emails, Phone Numbers, For Advertising

Sorry folks. Twitter admits to inadvertently using people's email and phone numbers provided for security purposes, for advertising

5 years ago

UK Teen Sentenced For Hacking, Selling Personal Data

Norwich 19-year-old found to have made hundreds of thousands of pounds in Bitcoin from selling compromised personal data and on-demand…

5 years ago

Google Shuts Down Android Data Programme ‘Over Regulatory Fears’

Mobile Network Insights service provided aggregated, anonymised user data to mobile operators to help them spot network weaknesses

5 years ago

Suspect Arrested In Capital One Bank Breach Affecting 106m Customers

Home of former Seattle software engineer raided after July theft of personal details of millions of credit card applicants

5 years ago

Google ‘Set To Roll Out’ Ad Tracker Blocking In Chrome

The move could help Google improve its privacy image – while at the same time giving it an advantage over…

5 years ago

Equifax Admits 38,000 Driver Licences Stolen In Breach

Hacker treasure trove. Equifax data breach also saw the theft of data belonging to 3,200 passports

6 years ago

ICANN Requests GDPR Exemption As It Develops Compliance Plans

Domain name registrars estimate parts of ICANN's still-unfinished plans could take 'years' to implement

6 years ago

Hacked Credit Agency Equifax ‘Hit By Separate Intrusion In March’

The credit reporting giant was reportedly hit by a separate major breach in March, weeks before the theft of personal…

7 years ago

US Arrests Chinese Man For Multiple Cyber-Attacks

The 36-year-old was arrested in Los Angeles on hacking charges linked to the high-profile hacks of the US Office of…

7 years ago

‘Anonymous Hacker’ Claims To Have Stolen 11 Million NHS Records

The hack was carried out to warn patients that their personal data is being exposed, according to an alleged member…

7 years ago

US Government Seeks Information On Thousands Of Protest Website Visitors

Dreamhost said it plans to fight a search warrant demanding information on a protest site, including the IP addresses of…

7 years ago

Amazon Hopes AWS Macie Machine Learning Tool Will Stem Cloud Data Loss

AWS SUMMIT: Amazon has released Macie, an AI-powered tool aimed at securing data held in the cloud, following a string…

7 years ago

Judge Tells LinkedIn It Cannot Stop Third Parties From Collecting Profile Data

LinkedIn must allow startup HiQ to collect data from public profiles in a case that tests how much control internet…

7 years ago

DefCon 2017: ‘Anonymous’ Browsing Data Easy To De-Anonymise

Researchers discovered the porn habits of a judge and the drug preferences of a German MP by viewing supposedly anonymised…

7 years ago

Ashley Madison Offers £8.5m To Data Breach Victims

The fund will be available for anyone with a "valid claim" for being affected by the 2015 breach

7 years ago

Account Recovery Flaw Leaves Myspace Data Open To Hackers

Someone tell Tom! Myspace is a "graveyard of personal data" that anyone can access

7 years ago

WWE Data Leak Exposes Personal Info Of Three Million Fans

Unprotected AWS server lets anyone get up close and personal with WWE customer data

7 years ago