Reddit Deal With OpenAI Gives ChatGPT Access To Content

OpenAI strikes deal with Reddit to train its AI tech on user posts and give ChatGPT direct access to the…

3 days ago

OpenAI Co-founder Ilya Sutskever Departs To Work On ‘New Project’

Co-founder and chief scientist Ilya Sutskever to leave OpenAI, after role in Sam Altman's firing and rehiring last year

5 days ago

OpenAI Adds Voice Conversation To New ChatGPT Model

Microsoft-backed OpenAI releases new AI model GPT-4o with voice conversation capability, desktop app and updated user interface

6 days ago

OpenAI To Announce Google Search Competitor Next Week – Report

Google's search domination to be challenged next week, with OpenAI reportedly set to announce its own AI search product

1 week ago

Microsoft, OpenAI Sued By More Newspaper Publishers

Eight newspaper publishers in the US allege Microsoft and OpenAI used their millions of their articles to train AI models

3 weeks ago

OpenAI Hit By Austrian Complaint Over ChatGPT ‘False Data’

Rights group argues ChatGPT tendency to generate false information on individuals violates GDPR data protection rules on accuracy

3 weeks ago

Microsoft Beats Expectations Thanks To AI Investments

Customer adoption of AI services embedded in cloud services continues to deliver results for Microsoft, pushing shares higher

3 weeks ago

UK CMA Seeks Feedback On Microsoft, Amazon AI Partnerships

British regulator invites feedback on major partnerships Microsoft and Amazon have struck with smaller AI firms

4 weeks ago

Microsoft Launches Smallest AI Model, Phi-3-mini

Lightweight artificial intelligence model launched this week by Microsoft, offering more cost-effective option for Azure customers

4 weeks ago

EU To Drop Microsoft’s OpenAI Investment Probe – Report

Microsoft to avoid an EU investigation into its $13 billion investment in OpenAI, after EC concluded it is not an…

1 month ago

OpenAI Fires Two Researchers Over Information Leaks

OpenAI fires two researchers for leaking information in first known shake-up since Sam Altman briefly forced out last year

1 month ago

OpenAI Chief Altman Pitches ChatGPT At Corporate Events

OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman addresses hundreds of enterprises in San Francisco, New York, London as it seeks revenue growth

1 month ago

UK Regulator Flags Competition Risks Of AI Foundation Models

British competition regulator has “real concerns” regarding AI foundation models controlled by small number of firms

1 month ago

OpenAI Drops Sign Up Need To Access ChatGPT

AI pioneer to give users the ability to start using ChatGPT instantly, after dropping requirement for sign up

2 months ago

OpenAI Delays Release Of Voice Cloning Tool, Amid Election Concerns

OpenAI concludes it is too risky currently to release its AI voice cloning tool, amid concern at tech's impact on…

2 months ago

GPT-4 ‘Kinda Sucks’ Admits Sam Altman, Says GPT-5 Will Be Better

Old tech now? OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman admits ChatGPT's GPT-4 'kinda sucks' now, but says GPT-5 will be better

2 months ago

OpenAI Reinstates Sam Altman To Board Of Directors

New members join OpenAI's board of directors, including CEO Sam Altman, after conclusion of external investigation

2 months ago

Elon Musk’s xAI To Open Source Grok Chatbot In Dig At OpenAI

Elon Musk's xAI to open source Grok AI chatbot in apparent dig at OpenAI, which he sued earlier this month…

2 months ago

OpenAI Issues Public Rebuttal To Elon Musk Lawsuit

Skewered? OpenAI seeks to dismiss them Elon Musk's lawsuit claims, countering his allegations with his own words within his own…

2 months ago

Elon Musk Sues OpenAI Over Breach Of Contract

Elon Musk sues OpenAI for allegedly giving up its mission to 'benefit humanity' and instead serving interests of Microsoft

3 months ago

OpenAI Sued For Unauthorised Use Of Journalist Content, Again

Three US online news outlets sue OpenAI, alleging the AI pioneer used thousands of their articles to train its chatbots

3 months ago

Microsoft Investment In Mistral AI Prompts EU Scrutiny Calls

European lawmakers call for investigation after Microsoft this week made small investment in French startup Mistral AI

3 months ago

US SEC Investigates If OpenAI Investors Were Misled – Report

Financial regulator examines internal comms of CEO Sam Altman, after his shock firing for not being “consistently candid in communications”

3 months ago

OpenAI Introduces AI Model That Turns Text Into Video

What is real? OpenAI's new AI model 'Sora' can “create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions”

3 months ago

Microsoft, OpenAI Catch China, Russia Using AI Tools For Hacking

Nation-state hackers from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have been identified by Microsoft and OpenAI, using AI tools for…

3 months ago

OpenAI’s Sam Altman Seeks Trillions To Overhaul Chip Industry – Report

Sam Altman reportedly seeking between $5 and $7 trillion to overhaul semiconductor industry to remove AI chip limitations

3 months ago

Peugot To Integrate ChatGPT Across Car Line

Stellantis' Peugot to integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT AI into voice assistant across car line, rolls out eight-year EV warranty

4 months ago

Italy Says ChatGPT Violates Data Protection Rules

Italian data protection regulator says investigation found OpenAI's ChatGPT violates EU's GDPR privacy rules

4 months ago

OpenAI’s Altman Seeks Billions For AI Chip Manufacturing Venture

OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman reportedly in talks with investors in Middle East as he seeks billions to build network…

4 months ago

Sam Altman Surprised At NYT Lawsuit

ChatGPT doesn’t need New York Times data says Sam Altman CEO, as he expresses surprise at newspaper lawsuit

4 months ago