Social Networking Giants Grilled By MPs On Hate Content

After Donald Trump's ban from many social networking platforms, British MPs grill executives on their respective hate content policies

2 months ago

Removing Huawei Equipment To Take Five Years, Operators Tell MPs

Executives from Vodafone and BT give MPs a blunt assessment of the time needed and the cost to remove Huawei…

8 months ago

Coronavirus: Pandemic Ends 700 Years Tradition After Virtual Parliament Approval

Plan for a virtual parliament has been approved, breaking a 700 year tradition of law makers conducting business in the…

11 months ago

MPs Urge Consideration Of Hands Free Phone Ban For Drivers

Government urged to consider tougher restrictions on using hands-free phones whilst driving

2 years ago

MPs Call For Facial Recognition Halt

Influential group of MPs call on police to suspend the use of automatic facial recognition technologies

2 years ago

Former Cambridge Analytica CEO Nix Grilled By MPs

Alexander Nix admits obtaining Facebook data from Cambridge researcher in testy exchanges with MPs

3 years ago

Facebook To Clearly Label Political Ads

Pledge comes as social network's tech boss is grilled by committee of British MPs

3 years ago

MPs To Question Equifax Over Delay In Data Breach Report

MP demands to know why it took so long for Equifax to report breach and why it has not contacted…

3 years ago

UK Parliament Hit By Cyber Attack Targeting Email Accounts

Experts have suggested that a foreign government could be responsible

4 years ago

Russian Hackers Stole And Traded British MPs’ Passwords

Emails and passwords belonging to British MPs and high level public servants traded online

4 years ago

MPs Demand Action Against Ticket Tout Bots

Politicians want the Government to make it illegal for touts to use computer software to harvest tickets as soon as…

4 years ago

Investigatory Powers Bill Is Passed By Parliament

Most Labour MPs join the Conservatives to pass controversial surveillance legislation in Parliament

5 years ago

MPs Slam Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

Committee of MPs adds to criticism of the Snoopers' Charter, saying it is “not thought through”

5 years ago

ICO: Three-Year-Olds Can Hack Websites

Online 'How To Hack' guides makes hacking child's play, Christopher Graham tells MPs

5 years ago

TalkTalk CEO Defends Security Strategy To MP Committee

TalkTalk defends the ISP during a grilling from MPs and reveals it hasn't signed up for Cyber Security Essentials

5 years ago

MPs To Probe TalkTalk Hack As Police Arrest Fourth Suspect

Police arrest fourth TalkTalk hack suspect as Committee of MPs announces launch of formal investigation

5 years ago

MPs Declare GCHQ PRISM Access Lawful

GCHQ access to the controversial PRISM programme is legal, Intelligence and Security Committee says

8 years ago

MPs Urge HMRC To Act On Google ‘Tax Avoidance’

Google faces more fierce criticism over its tax affairs from MPs, and government is urged to take proper action

8 years ago

MPs Bemoan ‘Tax Avoidance’ Amongst Top Government IT Suppliers

Accenture and Capgemini say they are doing nothing wrong, as MPs vent frustration

8 years ago

Government Admits Rural Broadband Rollout ‘Challenges’

Ed Vaizey admits the government's 2015 rural broadband targets are “challenging”

8 years ago

Ministers, MPs And Privacy Groups Go To War Over Snooper’s Charter

The Draft Communications Data Bill is released but is widely panned by MPs and privacy experts

9 years ago

British MPs To Receive Taxpayer-Funded iPads

It has been confirmed that all MPs will be equipped with iPads, paid for by the British taxpayer, in order…

9 years ago

Ministers Object To Default Porn Block

Ministers are already hinting that a proposal to censor the Internet by default is a dead duck

9 years ago

MPs: GCHQ Snooping Law Makers Are Tech Idiots

Conservative and Lib Dem MPs bash other politicians' knowledge over the tech aspects of proposed controversial surveillance laws

9 years ago

MPs Want ISPs to Block Porn By Default

ISPs should be forced to provide a censored internet feed to protect children from "adult" content, say MPs

9 years ago

MPs Hit Out At Operators For 4G Auction Delay

MPs have stepped into the 4G auction debate, criticising mobile operators for delaying spectrum allocation

9 years ago

MPs Debate Rural Broadband And 4G Licences

The government says 4G technologies could play a crucial role in extending broadband provision to rural areas

10 years ago

MPs Allowed Twitter And iPads In The Commons

Hand-held devices and tweeting will be allowed, but no tweet-driven debates in Parliament, says committee

10 years ago