SpaceX ‘Developing Spy Satellites’ For US Agency

SpaceX reportedly developing network of hundreds of low-orbit spy satellites for US intelligence agency under classified $1.8bn contract

4 weeks ago

US Air Force Denies Simulated AI Drone ‘Attacked’ Operator

US Air Force says simulation in which AI-powered drone attacked operator in order to achieve objectives never took place

11 months ago

Biometric Devices Sold On eBay Contained US Military Data

Sensitive US military data has been found on the memory cards within biometric devices sold on eBay, researchers find

1 year ago

Australian Defence Contractor Hit By Ransomware

Ransomware attack on defence communications platform ForceNet is latest high-profile cyber incident to hit Australian organisations

1 year ago

US Investigates Huawei Equipment Near Missile Silos, Military Bases

US authorities begin investigation over Huawei equipment installed in mobile towers near military bases and missile silos

2 years ago

Ukraine Using Clearview AI On Dead Russian Soldiers

Facial recognition system from Clearview AI used by Ukraine to uncover Russian special forces, combat misinformation, and identify dead Russian…

2 years ago

Facebook Metaverse To Use Tech From Former Military Contractor

Facebook to build its 'metaverse' with technology from AI.Reverie, which has long history of US military and defence contracts

2 years ago

UK To Create National Cyber Force, Amid £16.5bn Defence Rise

UK's biggest defence investment since Cold War, to combine cyber operations of UK military and intelligence in one unified command

3 years ago

US Army Develops AR Goggles For Dogs

US Army AR specs simulate laser pointer allowing human handler to direct military dogs from a distance, while seeing what…

4 years ago

Facebook Shuts Down Russian Military Intelligence Operations

Social networking giant takes down 'co-ordinated inauthentic behaviour' connected to Russian military intelligence services

4 years ago

Ransomware Gang Releases Secret Industrial Documents

DoppelPaymer ransomware developers release files stolen from contractors to SpaceX, Tesla, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and US Navy

4 years ago

US Officials Agree New Restrictions On Tech Exports To China – Report

Trump administration is tightening rules to prevent China from diverting advanced US tech for use by the Chinese military

4 years ago

US Charges Four Chinese Military Officials Over Equifax Hack

The US Department of Justice has charged four Chinese military hackers with carrying out the 2017 breach of Equifax credit…

4 years ago

Canadian Military Contractor Hit By Ransomware

Ransomware attackers claimed to stolen 60GB of data from Canadian defence contractor after ransomware attack in December 2019

4 years ago

Russia Acknowledges ‘Possibility’ Of US Attacks On Power Grid

The remarks follow US reports that US military hackers have placed malware within Russia's power grid, creating the potential for…

5 years ago

Israel Hits Back At Hamas Cyber Attack With Airstrike

Ultimate cyber defence? Israeli warplanes stop attempted Hamas cyber attack, with airstrike that 'removed' its HQ

5 years ago

US Defence Department Sees Global Division Over 5G Standards

Military study warns the US may be the only country to widely use the 5G mmWave standard, with the rest…

5 years ago

SpaceX Starts Construction Of Mars Rocket Prototype

The company also launched its first navigation satellite for the US military, in a win against Boeing and Lockheed-Martin

5 years ago

Microsoft Set To Win Secret Clearance Ahead Of Pentagon Cloud Bid

Microsoft is battling Amazon's AWS for the multi-billion-pound deal, after Google pulled out due to ethical concerns

6 years ago

Google To Be Sued By Belgian Military

Images of military sites are not being blurred, but on the plus side users can check out Google's garage birthplace

6 years ago

Government Planning New Offensive Cyber-War Unit

The proposal would expand the UK's existing offensive cyber capabilities fourfold, with funding in the hundreds of millions of pounds

6 years ago

US Military To Spend £1.54bn On AI Research

The move follows Google's decision to step back from controversial drone AI research scheme Project Maven

6 years ago

UK Set To Announce Funding For Independent Satellite System

The government has reportedly cleared the way for work to begin on a navigation system to rival the EU's Galileo

6 years ago

Hacker Selling US Military Secrets On Dark Web

Reaper drone data and operation manual for M1 ABRAMS battle tank for sale on dark web after Netgear router exploit

6 years ago

HPE Allowed Russian Military To Review Code Of Pentagon Security Tool

Some argue the source code review could make it easier for Russia to find weaknesses in ArcSight, a key US…

7 years ago

More Than 100 Robotics Pioneers Call On UN TO Ban Killer Robots

An 'arms race' around lethal autonomous weapons would cause widespread instability, warn founders of robotics and AI companies

7 years ago

US Senate Considers Kaspersky Lab Cybersecurity Ban For Military

American lawmakers to consider banning Kaspersky Lab products due to Russia espionage concerns

7 years ago

Booz Allen Hamilton Leaves Pentagon Files On Open Amazon Server

Oops. American defence contractor leaves sensitive US government files on public server with no password protection

7 years ago

US Military Suffers Massive Leak Of Confidential Air Force Data

The leaked military documents have been described as the "holy grail" for foreign spies

7 years ago