machine learning

Seeing the Future: How to Use Predictive Analytics in Your Business

Being able to predict the future may seem impossible. However, with today’s predictive analytics, enterprises can make accurate assessments that…

2 months ago

Facebook Developing Machine Learning Chip – Report

Engineers at Facebook are reportedly developing a machine learning chip, as part of its internal chip development program

4 months ago

OpenAI Codex Translates English Into Programming Code

No more developers or programmers? Updated machine learning Codex from OpenAI translates English language into programming code

5 months ago

Silicon UK Podcast: The State of Global Digital Skills

The UK lags behind in global and European rankings for data and technology skills, according to Coursera’s latest Global Skills…

7 months ago

Twitter Drops Picture Cropping Tool Over Bias Concern

Twitter confirms it has abandoned a picture cropping algorithm after an indepth investigation confirmed racial and gender bias

8 months ago

Researchers Use AI To Find New Type Of Antibiotic

MIT researchers use machine learning to pinpoint molecule capable of killing drug-resistant bacteria in approach said to usher in a…

2 years ago

Automation Part 2: Your First Robot Employee

Automation in the workplace will have many forms. The rise of AI could usher in new businesses processes that need…

2 years ago

Mind Reading Marketing: Predictive Analytics Today

Being able to predict consumer behaviour has been the holy grail of marketing for decades. As businesses now collect masses…

2 years ago

Regulator Opens Probe Into Apple Card Over Discrimination

New York regulator looks into discrimination claims after Goldman Sachs algorithm gives tech entrepreneur's wife a credit limit 20 times…

2 years ago

How Machine Learning is Transforming Manufacturing

Manufacturing is transforming thanks to AI. As factories become more intelligent, their use of machine learning will only increase. Are…

2 years ago

Ghosts in the Machine: How Machine Learning is Transforming Business

As AI expands to touch every aspect of your business, how can your company embrace machine learning? What are the…

2 years ago

Cerebras Delivers World’s Largest Computer Chip For AI

New chip is the size of an iPad and contains 400,000 cores to handle machine learning challenges

2 years ago

AI Mind-Reading To Help Paralysed People Speak

Facebook funded university project to use AI to read minds of paralysed patients and allow them to communicate

2 years ago

Google Forms Advisory Council To Guide AI Development

How to ensure fairness and ethics in machine learning and artificial intelligence? Google creates advisory body

3 years ago

Xilinx Aims Ultra-Programmable Accelerators At AI, 5G Workloads

Xilinx is looking to take large-scale, cutting-edge workloads to the next level with its upcoming family of programmable hardware accelerators

3 years ago

IBM Introduces Open Source Tool For Monitoring AI Bias

Cloud-based Fairness 360 toolkit is the latest effort at dealing with transparency and liability issues in corporate AI models

3 years ago

Microsoft Builds AI Into Windows 10 With Spring Update

The Windows ML artificial intelligence platform will help Windows gadgets carry out machine learning tasks themselves, instead of sending them…

4 years ago

‘Evolutionary’ AI Tricks Classic Video Game Q*bert Into Delivering Points Overdrive

New research demonstrates evolutionary techniques may hold promise for training artificial intelligences of the future

4 years ago

Google AutoML Will ‘Democratise’ AI By Minimising Skill Needed To Train Custom Models

Google AutoML tools will make it simple to train custom AI models that are 'beyond the dreams' of most engineers

4 years ago

Smartphones ‘Can Be Unlocked’ Using Covert Sensor Data

Singapore researchers used sensor information freely available to any mobile app to unlock Android phones in only three tries

4 years ago

Trade Union Worried About AI-Driven School Inspections

National Association of Head Teachers cautions against machine learning scheme for school inspections

4 years ago

Google Machine Learning Technology Helps NASA Discover New Exoplanet

Machine Learning technology powering many of Google's apps and services finds a new use helping astrophysicists find new planets orbiting…

4 years ago

Why Object Storage Can Be Optimal For AI, Machine Learning Workloads

Here is why AI and ML applications demand the data management capabilities supplied by enterprise object storage solutions

4 years ago

Amazon Offers AI Consulting Service For AWS Users

Amazon ML Solutions Lab will offer AWS customers to develop machine-learning features and products

4 years ago

AWS Deploys New EC2 Instances For Machine Learning, AI Customers

Next-gen EC2 instances designed for compute-intensive applications that require massive parallel floating point performance

4 years ago

BBC Embraces AI Tech Research With UK Universities

Eight British universities will help the broadcaster develop an AI system to delve into audience habits

4 years ago

Google Says Its AI Can Program AI Better Than Humans Can

Google's AutoML programme, announced earlier this year, has now produced machine-learning models that outperform hand-built ones

4 years ago

Government Review Lays Out Steps To Boost UK’s AI Industry

'Data trusts' should be formed to ensure information is shared securely, while guidance should be developed on how to explain…

4 years ago

Criteo: AI & Data Sharing Can Help Publishers & Retailers Fight Back Against Tech Giants

INTERVIEW: Criteo's Gregory Gazagne talks AI, machine learning, Brexit and why smaller publishers and retailers can compete with Google, Facebook…

4 years ago

Microsoft Touts Cloud & Machine Learning Powered Security Of Microsoft 365

INTERVIEW: Microsoft's Brad Anderson tells Silicon why the Azure cloud, machine learning and enterprise mobility make Microsoft 365 businesses more…

4 years ago