machine learning

The Value of Data

Discover the untapped potential of data in today's digital age. Explore how businesses harness data to drive innovation, improve decision-making,…

1 month ago

Business Intelligence: Next-Generation Data Analytics

Explore how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping decision-making, driving innovation, and propelling businesses into the data-driven era. Discover how advanced technologies…

2 months ago

AI In Your Pocket

As Mobile World Congress draws closer, how will AI impact the development of the smartphone? AI's transformative impact will be…

5 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Value of AI

Discover the true value of AI and how it's revolutionising the way we live and work. Learn how to unlock…

6 months ago

Machine Learning: Recruiting for AI Skills

As AI moves to the top of the digital transformation strategies of many businesses, is the skills gap a clear…

9 months ago

The Smart Factory 2033

As additive manufacturing, automation, IIoT and data analytics continue to evolve at pace, what does the factory of the future…

1 year ago

ChatGPT: The End of Data Analytics as We Know It?

Discover how AI is profoundly impacts how data is analysed and how your business can use these technologies to extract…

1 year ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

Often machine learning models don’t have all the information they need to deliver effective insights. In the security space in…

1 year ago

Drone and Robot Shopping

The logistics of the last mile have always been challenging for retailers. But, with multiple trials underway, is the future…

2 years ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: IoT and the Edge

What are the remaining challenges to building an IoT environment that all companies can use practically? Networks have also been…

2 years ago

The Wireless Imperative

For all enterprises, understanding how wireless technology factors into their digital transformation strategies is critical. Wireless communication also disrupts IoT,…

2 years ago

Apple Loses Senior Executive Over Remote Working Policy – Report

Insistence by Tim Cook and co that staff work in the offices has resulted in departure of Apple's director of…

2 years ago

Seeing the Future: How to Use Predictive Analytics in Your Business

Being able to predict the future may seem impossible. However, with today’s predictive analytics, enterprises can make accurate assessments that…

3 years ago

Facebook Developing Machine Learning Chip – Report

Engineers at Facebook are reportedly developing a machine learning chip, as part of its internal chip development program

3 years ago

OpenAI Codex Translates English Into Programming Code

No more developers or programmers? Updated machine learning Codex from OpenAI translates English language into programming code

3 years ago

Silicon UK Podcast: The State of Global Digital Skills

The UK lags behind in global and European rankings for data and technology skills, according to Coursera’s latest Global Skills…

3 years ago

Twitter Drops Picture Cropping Tool Over Bias Concern

Twitter confirms it has abandoned a picture cropping algorithm after an indepth investigation confirmed racial and gender bias

3 years ago

Researchers Use AI To Find New Type Of Antibiotic

MIT researchers use machine learning to pinpoint molecule capable of killing drug-resistant bacteria in approach said to usher in a…

4 years ago

Automation Part 2: Your First Robot Employee

Automation in the workplace will have many forms. The rise of AI could usher in new businesses processes that need…

4 years ago

Mind Reading Marketing: Predictive Analytics Today

Being able to predict consumer behaviour has been the holy grail of marketing for decades. As businesses now collect masses…

5 years ago

Regulator Opens Probe Into Apple Card Over Discrimination

New York regulator looks into discrimination claims after Goldman Sachs algorithm gives tech entrepreneur's wife a credit limit 20 times…

5 years ago

How Machine Learning is Transforming Manufacturing

Manufacturing is transforming thanks to AI. As factories become more intelligent, their use of machine learning will only increase. Are…

5 years ago

Ghosts in the Machine: How Machine Learning is Transforming Business

As AI expands to touch every aspect of your business, how can your company embrace machine learning? What are the…

5 years ago

Cerebras Delivers World’s Largest Computer Chip For AI

New chip is the size of an iPad and contains 400,000 cores to handle machine learning challenges

5 years ago

AI Mind-Reading To Help Paralysed People Speak

Facebook funded university project to use AI to read minds of paralysed patients and allow them to communicate

5 years ago

Google Forms Advisory Council To Guide AI Development

How to ensure fairness and ethics in machine learning and artificial intelligence? Google creates advisory body

5 years ago

Xilinx Aims Ultra-Programmable Accelerators At AI, 5G Workloads

Xilinx is looking to take large-scale, cutting-edge workloads to the next level with its upcoming family of programmable hardware accelerators

6 years ago

IBM Introduces Open Source Tool For Monitoring AI Bias

Cloud-based Fairness 360 toolkit is the latest effort at dealing with transparency and liability issues in corporate AI models

6 years ago