Internet access

Ofcom Crackdown After ISPs Miss Broadband Switching Deadline

Uswitch says £1.85 billion has been lost in broadband savings, amid industry failure to implement easy broadband switching rules

1 year ago

North Korea’s Internet Knocked Offline

Consequence for ballistic missile test? Internet access in North Korea suffers its largest outage in months on Thursday

2 years ago

Google Spins Out Secret Telecom Project Aalyria

Project Loon successor, Aalyria, seeks to “radically” improve satellite communications, Wi-Fi on planes and ships, and cellular connectivity

2 years ago

US Senators Plan Bill To Restore Net Neutrality

With FCC deadlocked, two democrat US senators are planning a bill to restore net neutrality regulations across the United States

2 years ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Warns Too Many Young People Lack Web Access

On the 32nd birthday of the World Wide Web, inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for all young people around the…

3 years ago

President Putin Signs Bill To Isolate Internet In Russia

Controversial law will route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

5 years ago

Russian Parliament Passes Bill To Isolate Internet

Controversial law would route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

5 years ago

Thousands Protest At Russian Internet Restrictions

Over 15,000 people protest in Moscow after Russian government moves to tighten control of Internet

5 years ago

Alphabet To Deploy Google Project Loon In Kenya

Balloon-powered high speed Internet to arrive in rural Kenya thanks to Project Loon deployment

6 years ago

Google’s Project Loon Leaps Forward With Weather-Predicting Machine Learning

Google is now "years closer" to rolling out a network of the balloons thanks to machine learning

7 years ago

Google Offers Internet Access For Cuba Amid Historic Obama Visit

Cubans to receive Google Internet access as frosty relationship between the two nations thaws

8 years ago

Facebook Free Basics Suspended In Egypt

More trouble for Zuckerberg's free internet access scheme as Egypt joins India in suspending it

9 years ago

Facebook Free Internet Hits Indian Regulator Buffers

Net neutrality halts Facebook's attempts to provide India with free Internet service

9 years ago

Google’s Project Loon Set For Massive Indonesian Trial

Google X's balloon Internet project looks to reach 100 million Indonesians

9 years ago

Facebook Reportedly Abandons Satellites

Is space the final frontier for Facebook? Reports suggest it has abandoned satellite plans for

9 years ago

Facebook’s Criticised In Open Letter

Open letter accuses Mark Zuckerberg of creating a walled garden with the initative

9 years ago

Facebook Touts Free Internet For Colombians

Facebook continues push with app that offers free Web access to people in Colombia

9 years ago

China Cracks Down On 50 ‘Violating’ Websites

Cyberspace Administration of China says sites breached policies on pornography and political news

10 years ago

Doubts Raised Over Global Internet Governance Body

Is the NetMundial Initiative, which seeks to create a world governing body for the Internet, in trouble?

10 years ago

Families Without Internet Miss Out On Childcare Tax Break

A Treasury minister has reportedly admitted that nearly 200,000 families are likely to face problems registering for the upcoming tax…

10 years ago

Google Claims Progress On Balloon Internet Plan

The search engine has said it expects to have a 'semi-permanent' ring of Internet access balloons in place within a…

10 years ago

Internet To Reach Three Billion Users By Year End

Figures reveal booming demand for the Internet in developing countries, on top of growing mobile broadband usage

10 years ago

Facebook Mulls Drones And Satellites For Web Push

Facebook buys a small British firm as it investigates drone, satellite and laser technology for its push

10 years ago

Syrian Internet Restored After Nationwide Blackout

War-torn Syria suffers another nationwide online blackout, with fingers pointed firmly at the Government

10 years ago

Facebook Looks To Drone Technology To Connect The World To The Web

Potential purchase of drone specialists Titan Aerospace will allow Facebook to further expand its connectivity project

10 years ago

World Wide Web ‘An Especially Good Thing’ As It Nears 25th Birthday

76 percent of people believe that the World Wide Web has been good for society as it approaches its 25th…

10 years ago

Google Seeks Testers For Balloon-Based Internet

Google wants you, or more specifically Google's Project Loon wants people who live in California's Central Valley and who would…

11 years ago

Facebook And Partners Back For Global Internet Access

Mark Zuckerberg announces the project that aims to bring cheaper internet access to the world's developing countries

11 years ago

Low Cost Airline Readies Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

An American airline is reportedly about to launch in-flight Wi-Fi, free-of-charge for its passengers

12 years ago

Sweden Tops World Wide Web Index, UK Comes Third

Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for reduced cost and better access

12 years ago