Apple To Bring RCS To iPhones Autumn 2024, Says Google

Finally on the way? Google webpage briefly indicates that Apple will bring RCS to the iPhone by Autumn this year

2 months ago

Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Proof PQ3 Protocol

Apple says PQ3 is a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol to protect iMessage's end-to-end messaging

3 months ago

Apple, Microsoft Win Exemption From EU Gatekeeper Designation

Apple's iMessage and Microsoft Bing win exemption that would subjected those services to Europe's tough DMA rules

3 months ago

Apple To Add RCS To Improve Texting Between Android, iPhone

Cross platform texting improvement on the way, as Apple says it will add support for RCS messaging in 2024

6 months ago

Apple, Microsoft Push To Keep iMessage, Bing Off EU Gatekeeper List

Apple and Microsoft are said to be lobbying the European Union to keep iMessage and Bing off DMA Gatekeeper designation

9 months ago

Apple Ramps Up Security, Privacy Amid Ongoing Attacks

Apple confirms plans to tighten up cloud security, including locking down photos and notes stored on its iCloud service

1 year ago

Tim Cook Dismisses Google Pressure To Adopt RCS

Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests 'buy your mom an iPhone,' in response to question about no RCS support or integration…

2 years ago

Google Seeks To Shame Apple Over RCS Refusal

Good luck convincing Tim. Google begins publicity campaign to pressure Aple into adopting the cross platform RCS messaging protocol

2 years ago

Apple Issues Urgent Security Update For iPhones, iPads and Macs

Discovery of 'zero-click' spyware allegedly from NSO Group, sees Apple issuing emergency update to iPhone, iPad and Mac users

3 years ago

Google Chat Arrives For US Android Users

Android users in the United States can now access 'Chat', but a number of major US carriers have yet to…

4 years ago

Google Begins Rollout Of Chat – Android Rival To iMessage

Google bypasses carriers and will begin deploying iMessage rival for Android users in the UK and France

5 years ago

Google Launches ‘Chat’ App To Rival iMessage

Search engine looks to resolve messaging element for Android with the launch of its 'Chat' app

6 years ago

iPhones Vulnerable To ‘Text Bomb’ Crash Bug

Latest security bug is a simple message, which typically causes an iPhone to crash or restart

6 years ago

‘Prank’ Emoji iMessage Is Crashing iPhones And iPads

Another iMessage bug has been found, affecting most versions of iOS

7 years ago

Apple iMessage Lawsuit Cannot Proceed As Class Action

US court says it would be just to difficult to prove non-delivery of messages caused inconvenience to everyone in lawsuit

9 years ago

Apple Adds Two-Step Security To iMessage, FaceTime

Users of the messaging and video telephony tools will now be prompted to activate two-step authentication

9 years ago

Apple Lets Former iPhone Users Unregister From iMessage

New de-registration tool should solve ex-iPhone owners message woes

10 years ago

Apple Admits iMessage Problems, Fixes Server Glitch And Promises iOS Update

Apple has fixed a server glitch preventing former iMessage users from getting SMS on their new handsets, but says a…

10 years ago

Former iPhone User Sues Apple Over iMessage Disruption On Android

Former iPhone user complains not all her messages are being delivered to her new Samsung Galaxy S5

10 years ago

Google Kills iMessage For Android Amidst Security Scare

iMessage for Android app taken off the Google Play store, even though experts can't find anything malicious in it

11 years ago

Apple iMessage And FaceTime Outages Affect iOS Users

Apple confirms disruptions but cause remains a mystery

11 years ago

Social Messaging Apps Cost Mobile Operators £8.8bn in SMS Revenues

Services such as BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook are costing networks dear says Ovum

12 years ago

Apple iOS 5 Outshines Previous Versions: First Look

Apple has built new features, such as iMessage and iCloud, into iOS 5 without affecting the look and feel

13 years ago