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Wikileaks Julian Assange Extradition To US Approved By Home Secretary

Julian Assange loses decade long battle against his extradition to the United States, but Wikileaks says it will appeal decision

2 years ago

Priti Patel Approves Extradition Of Autonomy Founder Mike Lynch

Bad news keeps coming for co-founder and former CEO of Autonomy Mike Lynch, as Home Secretary approves his extradition to…

2 years ago

Online Safety Bill Is A ‘Missed Opportunity,’ MPs Warn

DCMS committee says draft version of landmark online safety bill is not robust or clear enough to tackle illegal or…

2 years ago

Home Secretary Backs Police Facial Recognition Trials

Sajid Javid fires back at criticism and says police have to use the latest tech tools to solve crimes

5 years ago

Home Secretary ‘Demands’ Action From Tech Firms On Child Abuse

Sajid Javid pledges more cash, and demands tech giants tackle online child sexual abuse, or face legislation

6 years ago

Amber Rudd: I Don’t Need To Understand Encryption To Demand Change

Tech firms should remember their 'moral' obligation to help fight militant attacks instead of 'sneering' at politicians, Rudd has said

7 years ago

Home Office Criticised Over ‘Flimsy’ Consultation For Investigatory Powers Act

Longer consultation needed. Open letter slams Home Secretary Amber Rudd for 'breaching' Cabinet Office guidelines

7 years ago

RSA 2012: Jimmy Wales Set For ‘Snooper’s Charter’ Showdown With Theresa May

Wales tells TechWeekEurope he plans to explain the flaws of 'Snooper's Charter' to home secretary next month

12 years ago

Anonymous Strikes Down Theresa May Website In Extradition Protest

TechWeekEurope learns an Anonymous splinter group took down Theresa May's website, whilst targeting the ICO and the Supreme Court

12 years ago

Home Secretary Defends Phone And Internet Surveillance Proposals

Theresa May claims tracking communications will help crack down on paedophiles and terrorists

12 years ago

Facebook Reaches Compromise Over CEOP Button

The social network has finally agreed to use the child protection button on its site, while launching a PR offensive…

14 years ago

Home Secretary Meets Facebook Over Child Protection Button

The social network giant’s sustained refusal to adopt the UK's Ceop online protection scheme for children has led to a…

14 years ago

Home Secretary Defends McKinnon Extradition Decision

Alan Johnson has defended his decision to extradite hacker Gary McKinnon, claiming he needs to "face the music"

14 years ago