Artificial Intelligence Act: Industry Reaction

Industry experts react to the European Union Parliament approving landmark legislation for artificial intelligence

3 months ago

Samsung Embeds Google’s AI Tech In S24 Smartphones

Samsung unveils its portfolio of S24 smartphones, and reveals they will include Google's generative AI technology

5 months ago

Apple iPhone 15, Apple Watch: Industry Reaction

Analysts respond to arrival of the Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple…

9 months ago

Apple iPhone 14: Industry Reaction

Industry experts react to Apple's 'Far Out' launch of the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, Watch Ultra, and next…

2 years ago

Netflix Loses 1 Million Subscribers, But Predicts Q3 Growth

One million subscriber loss is less than 2 million prediction, as streaming giant offsets investor worry with forecast to add…

2 years ago

Microsoft To Acquire Activision Blizzard For $68.7 Billion

Huge tech acquisition, as software giant seeks major expansion of its gaming credentials with purchase of leading gaming holding company

2 years ago

Chip Shortage Will Not End Soon, Forrester Warns

Analyst house Forrester warns global shortage of semiconductors is not going to end any time soon due to fabless chip…

3 years ago

Fully Automated Vehicles ‘More Than Ten Years Away’

Developers see major technical challenges in making automated cars road-worthy – and adapting to a regulatory environment that doesn't yet…

5 years ago

Businesses Still In The Dark On IoT Cybersecurity

Many enterprises are complacent about IoT security according to new Forrester research, and most lack device visibility

7 years ago

What Will The Launch Of Windows 10 Mean For The IT Industry?

The technology industry gives its two cents on Microsoft’s latest release

9 years ago

Chromebooks Suitable For Some Enterprises, Says Forrester

Google Chromebooks are suited for the enterprise claims Forrester, but not for every business

11 years ago

IBM Leads Enterprise Mobility Service Race, Says Forrester

Enterprises seeking to deliver mobility services would do well to opt for Big Blue, according to Forrester

11 years ago

BYOD Uptake Has Only Just Begun, Warns Forrester

Widespread uptake of the BYOD trend has only just begun says Forrester, so prepare for growth

11 years ago

Analyst Links Elections To Decline In US IT Spending

Weak third-quarter earnings by Intel, IBM, Microsoft and others are due in part to business uncertainty surrounding the US' 6…

12 years ago

Forrester Predicts Half Of Global Population Will Be Online

Forrester has predicted that in five years time, half of the world's population (3.5 billion people) will be online

12 years ago

Nokia Urged To Target Symbian, BlackBerry Users

Nokia's Windows Phone portfolio is predicted to drive a wedge between the Android and iPhone camps

12 years ago

Execs Use Public Cloud To Flout IT Policy

Execs want the cloud to get round the IT department - even though they know it's wrong

12 years ago

iPad 3 and Kindle Fire Lift Tablet Expectations, Says Forrester

Apple's iPad may rule the roost but Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is helping to expand the US tablet market, according…

12 years ago

Tablet Migration Threatens Microsoft Enterprise Position

The sun is apparently setting on Microsoft's domination of the business market according to a new Forrester report

12 years ago

Analyst Plays Down Dot-Anything Brand Risk

Companies should not be concerned about buying up ICANN's new generic top-level domains to avoid risk to their brands, according…

12 years ago

Companies Urged To Opt For Flash-based Storage

Businesses are being advised to replace their tiered storage with a full SSD-based approach

13 years ago

HP’s PC Decision Could Pay Dividends

HP's decision to retain its PC arm will benefit all its businesses, but also comes with some significant risks, says…

13 years ago

Tech Spending To Grow Despite Economic Worries

Forrester predicts that despite economic worries, tech spending will grow in 2011 but then slow in 2012

13 years ago

Sony Tablets Fall Short On Pricing: Analyst

Sony's new Tablet S and Tablet P devices will struggle against Apple's iPad or Amazon's tablet says Forrester

13 years ago

Analysts Predict Tablet Success could sell up to 5 million Google Android tablets this autumn, predicts Forrester Research

13 years ago

US Debt Debate Prompts IT Spending Warning

Forrester is warning of a possible IT spending slowdown due to the ongoing US deficit debate

13 years ago

Google Chromebooks Get Cold Shoulder From Forrester

Forrester Research is not convinced that Chromebooks will be a large part of the post-PC world

13 years ago

Apple Will Eclipse HP And IBM Claims Forrester CEO

Apple will post robust sales over the next two years and may overtake IBM and HP in size, claimed George…

13 years ago

Forrester: Virtualisation Use Grows Sharply

The server virtualisation market is maturing, with a spike in virtual servers, says Forrester

13 years ago