Canadian PM Trudeau Slams Facebook Amid Wildfire Crisis

Canada’s government continues to turn up the heat against Meta, with Prime Minister Trudeau calling news ban 'inconceivable'

11 months ago

Amazon Suspends 50 Staff At Staten Island Warehouse After Fire

Fifty workers at Amazon's only unionised American warehouse have been suspended after they refused to work after a fire

2 years ago

YouTuber Notes Swelling Battery Issue In Samsung Phones

YouTuber notes batteries in some older and not so old Samsung phones are swelling up, but it is unclear if…

2 years ago

Amazon Unveils Sleep Tracking Device, Updates Echo, Kindle

Arrival of Halo Rise sleep tracker comes amid updates to Fire TV, Kindle, and new Echo devices that double as…

2 years ago

Tesla Megapack Catches Fire In California

Utility-scale Megapack battery from Tesla catches fire, with local residents warned to stay indoors due to air pollution worries

2 years ago

German Police Investigate Possible Arson At Tesla’s Gigafactory

Arson attack? German police investigate fire at construction site of Tesla Gigafactory, after far left group claims responsibility

3 years ago

OVH Hints UPS Cause Of Data Centre Fire

Google meanwhile denies the fire at the OVH data centres in Strasbourg was to blame for the outage of Google…

3 years ago

Data Centre Fire Blamed For Russia Google Outage

Fire in a French data centre causes outage of Google and YouTube services for people in Russia, as well as…

3 years ago

Ring Warns 350,000 Smart Doorbell Customers Over Fire Risk

Amazon's smart home device maker Ring has issued new installation instructions for 350,000 doorbells in the United States, after some…

4 years ago

Apple Expands Lead In Tablets And Takes Aim At Laptops

Apple's iPad sales grow by more than 20 percent to take nearly one-third of the tablet market, while Samsung and…

5 years ago

Tesla Model 3 Explodes After Moscow Motorway Crash

Vehicle catches on fire in heavy traffic after collision with stationary tow truck on Moscow ring road, in latest safety…

5 years ago

Tesla Investigates As Model S Bursts Into Flames In Shanghai

The car was gutted by a fire that began whilst it was stationary in a parking garage, firefighters said

5 years ago

Delivery Robot Bursts Into Flames In California

The KiwiBot food delivery robot was dramatically consumed by fire after a defective battery was erroneously installed in it

6 years ago

HP Issues Recall For Laptop Batteries Amid Fire Risk

A number of laptop models from HP pose a fire or burn hazard, prompting the firm to issue an recall

7 years ago

Emergency Services Network Delay Could See Service ‘Turned Off’

The latest ESN delay takes its planned implementation six months beyond the expected obsolescence of the current network

7 years ago

Apple Investigates Video Of Exploding iPhone 7 Plus

Pass the fire extinguisher. Apple is at the centre of battery fire incident after video shows melting iPhone 7

7 years ago

Microsoft, Amazon Reap Cloud Benefits

Cloud services including AWS, Office 365, Azure have boosted Microsoft and Amazon financials

9 years ago

Amazon Launches Family-Friendly Fire Tablet Costing Under £50

New 7in Fire tablet is also available to buy in a six-pack, for some reason, alongside new Fire HD 8…

9 years ago

Amazon Finally Calls Time On The Fire Phone

Inventory of troubled Fire phone will not be renewed following months of poor sales

9 years ago

Second Airline Bans Lithium-ion Battery Shipments

Second major American airline bans the bulk shipment of lithium-ion batteries over fire concerns

9 years ago

Fire Risk From HP Laptop Cables Prompts Recall

Users of HP laptops should check their power cables immediately, after a product recall due to fire risk

10 years ago

Amazon Fire Phone Arrives With 3D Interaction

Amazon wades into the crowded smartphone market with its 3D Amazon Fire phone, dubbed by some a "mobile cash register"

10 years ago

Sony Warns Of Fire Risk From Vaio Fit Laptops

Sony warns of a serious risk of fire from its new Vaio hybrid laptop launched in February

10 years ago

Power Surges Hit ‘Cursed’ $1.4bn NSA Data Centre

Meltdowns reported at the NSA data storage site whose electricity was cursed by protesters

11 years ago

Lenovo Recalls 160,000 Fire Risk PCs

Lenovo says a number of ThinkCentre M70z and M90z all-in-one PCs are at risk of overheating

12 years ago

Amazon Kindle Devices Clock Up Over A Million Sales Per Week

Amazon has released Kindle sales figures, claiming the device range is selling over a million units per week

13 years ago

Silk Browser Guards Privacy Amazon Tells Congress

Amazon confirms non- track Kindle Fire policy despite routing browser traffic through cloud servers

13 years ago