UK Ministry Of Defence Documents Leaked After Supplier Hack

MoD documents allegedly leaked online after cyberattack on fencing supplier by Russia-linked LockBit ransomware gang

10 months ago

FBI Leads Takedown Of Qakbot Malware Infecting 700,000 Computers

International takedown. US, UK and European law enforcement takes down infrastructure of the Qakbot malware

11 months ago

Chinese Media Allege NSA Tapped Into Telecom Network

State media outlets in China allege US NSA has infiltrated country’s telecommunications networks to 'control' local infrastructure

2 years ago

Ransomware Attack On KP Snacks Prompts Shortage Warning

Cyberattack on KP Snacks has seen it issue a warning of shortages of crisps and peanuts in British shops over…

2 years ago

Red Cross ‘Appalled’ As Hackers Steal Humanitarian Data Of 515,000 People

A new low. International Committee of the Red Cross shuts down reunification system, after hackers steal data of 515,000 vulnerable…

2 years ago

Washington DC Police Dept Threatened After Ransomware Attack

Russian hackers who stole 250GB of data from Washington DC police department in ransomware attack, threaten to expose police informants…

3 years ago

Pfizer Attack Carried Out By North Korean Hackers

North Korean hackers have attempted to steal valuable Covid-19 vaccine information from Pfizer, warns South Korean intelligence

3 years ago

Hackers Bypassing MFA To Access Cloud Accounts, Warn CISA

US cyber agency warn hackers are bypassing multi-factor authentication (MFA) authentication protocols to compromise cloud accounts

4 years ago

Garmin Reportedly Victim Of Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack has reportedly crippled internal systems at Garmin, although company only confirms 'outage' of services

4 years ago

Hackers Compromise Twitter Accounts Of Major Public Figures

Bitcoin scam sees Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, as well as Barack Obama, Joe Biden and…

4 years ago

Government Proposes New IoT Security Laws

New law to ensure basic cyber security features would be implemented in all Internet-connected products

5 years ago

Hack Lets Burglars Enter Locked Hotel Rooms Without Leaving A Trace

F-Secure's method works on locks used in major hotels around the world

6 years ago

Foreign Office ‘Targeted By Sustained Cyber-Attack’

The British government was the subject of a sophisticated phishing campaign for several months last year, researchers say

7 years ago

Wikileaks Documents Claim CIA Can Hack Samsung TVs, iPhones and iPads

Watching TV but who is watching you? CIA allegedly uses Samsung TVs to spy on citizens

7 years ago

What Makes Ransomware the Worst Type of Malware

In a SecTor keynote, F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen explains why ransomware is so bad and what the Russians really have in…

8 years ago

Inteno Router Flaw Opens Up Home Networks To Hackers

F-Secure has discovered a critical flaw in the way some Inteno routers update their firmware leaving them vulnerable to malware

8 years ago

InfoSec 2016: Watch Out For The Professional Cybercriminal, Warns Mikko Hyppönen

F-Secure's Mikko Hyppönen tells us why businesses need to be aware of increasingly professional cyber-criminals

8 years ago

Malvertising Campaign Targets Skype

Malvertising campaign expands focus from traditional browser targets to include Microsoft's Skype app

8 years ago

Beware – Governments Are All Over Your Data, Expert Warns

Governments “are doing a lousy job” when it comes to educating about online data collection, says F-Secure expert

8 years ago

Facebook Makes Malware Removal Tools Free For Users

Infected users will be alerted when they're on the network and given the option to remove the malware with F-Secure…

10 years ago

Almost All Mobile Malware Targets Android Says F-Secure

More than 99 percent of new mobile malware targets Android, but someone, somewhere is still targeting Symbian

10 years ago

F-Secure Key Launched To Manage Passwords Away From US Snoops

F-Secure looks to become the European security provider of choice after the Snowden leaks, whilst announcing a deal with GCHQ…

11 years ago

CryptoLocker Cuts Ransom As Bitcoin Price Goes Up

Malware creating scumbags tweak the algorithm to keep the fee affordable

11 years ago

Android Malware Fraud ‘Rampant’

Android targeted by new fraudulent apps in first half of 2013, F-Secure warns

11 years ago

F-Secure Plans ‘Cool’ Consumer Cloud Products

F-Secure has new products on the way. CEO Christian Fredrikson says they will cooler and more attractive than Dropbox

11 years ago

Underground Android Tool To Target PC Data

More Android malware, but sample surprises users in how it targets PC information

11 years ago

Mac Malware Signed With Apple Developer ID Targets African Activist

Genuine Apple developer ID used in attacks on Angolan activist

11 years ago

There Is ‘No Mobile Malware Crisis’

Mobile threat a concern, but still not much of one, F-Secure research shows

11 years ago