Edward Snowden

EU Agrees US Trans-Atlantic Data Sharing Deal

European Commission on Monday adopts its “adequacy decision for the EU-US Data Privacy Framework”, but legal challenge is threatened

11 months ago

Edward Snowden Granted Russian Citizenship By Vladimir Putin

Will he be drafted? Former NSA contractor turned 'whistleblower', Edward Snowden, granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin

2 years ago

Amazon Hires Former NSA Director In Charge During Snowden Revelations

Amazon names former NSA director to board of directors, who was also the man in charge when Edward Snowden blew…

4 years ago

NSA Surveillance Program Exposed By Edward Snowden, Ruled Unlawful

Spying setback. US Court of Appeals rules the NSA surveillance and mass data collection program exposed by Edward Snowden, was…

4 years ago

US Government Sues Edward Snowden Over Book

Former NSA whistleblower and resident of Moscow Edward Snowden is sued by US authorities

5 years ago

Edward Snowden Develops App For Monitoring Physical Security

The Android-based app monitors the physical environment around it and sends end-to-end encrypted updates via Signal mobile software

6 years ago

Snowden Advocates the Need for Open Source And OpenStack

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says that open source and OpenStack can help users avoid the silent vulnerability of things they…

7 years ago

NSA Contractor Indicted For Stealing 50TB Of Classified Data

Booz Allen contractor Harold Martin could be the next Edward Snowden

7 years ago

Hacker Group ‘ShadowBrokers’ Release NSA Exploits After Auction Fails

"ShadowBrokers" releases 61 files said to contain exploit tools used by the NSA, which could fuel a race between attackers…

7 years ago

Microsoft To Show Source Code To Brazilian Officials

Amid concern of spy backdoors in its software, Microsoft opens code inspection centre in Brazil

8 years ago

US Congress Report On Snowden ‘Aggressively Dishonest’

A report describing Edward Snowden as a 'disgruntled employee' distorts facts in an act of 'bad faith', Snowden responds

8 years ago

Snowden Leaks Tie UK Spy Station To US Kill Operations

The latest documents leaked by Edward Snowden show a link between RAF Menwith Hill and US targeted strikes

8 years ago

EU Citizens Still In Danger From Mass Surveillance, Say MEPs

EU Parliament calls for protection of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and clampdown on data transfers to the US

9 years ago

Judge Dismisses Wikimedia’s Anti-Surveillance Case Against NSA

Civil liberties organisations argue decision ignores evidence of indiscriminate NSA spying

9 years ago

Jimmy Wales: Get Encrypted, Or Face The Consequences

Wikipedia founder calls for better security for everyone, and an end to censorship

9 years ago

Amnesty International Demands Inquiry After GCHQ Spying

Amnesty calls for independent inquiry over UK spying on human rights organisations

9 years ago

Snowden Documents ‘Cracked By Russia, China’

A report claims Snowden's NSA documents have been decoded by the Russian and Chinese governments, while others call the announcement…

9 years ago

USA Freedom Act Reforms NSA Bulk Data Collection

US Senate approves USA Freedom Act and reforms the NSA's bulk data harvesting activities

9 years ago

NSA Data Collection Ruled Illegal By US Court

American appeals court rules bulk collection of phone records by NSA is illegal, but program still continues

9 years ago

Police Chief Warns ‘Terrorist Friendly’ Tech Firms

Britain's top anti-terrorism policeman launches extraordinary attack on unnamed tech firms

9 years ago

GCHQ Licensed To Hack Phones And Computers

Licensed to spy. GCHQ permitted to hack into computers and phones, even with no national security concerns

9 years ago

China Hits Back At Obama Over Software Backdoors

The war of words escalates between America and China over its demand for a backdoor in foreign software

9 years ago

NSA Reform Proposals Slammed As ‘Pitiful’

New proposals governing NSA data collection don't go far enough, campaigners complain

9 years ago

Cable & Wireless Aided GCHQ Spying Efforts – Snowden

Leaked documents suggest Cable & Wireless network was used as part of GCHQ's surveillance programmes

10 years ago

Blackphone Gears Up To Release Security-Focused Tablet

New release follows success of initial Blackphone smartphone earlier this year

10 years ago

NSA, GCHQ Accused Of Breaking Into Networks Run By Deutche Telecom

A system called TREASUREMAP was reportedly used to spy on German network operators

10 years ago

NSA Ex-Director Touts $1m Per Month Security Service

Former NSA director Keith Alexander is filing for security patents and promising an intrusion detection service

10 years ago

Snowden Calls For Development Of Anti-Surveillance Kit

Edward Snowden calls on the tech industry to develop anti-surveillance products in wake of NSA spying

10 years ago

Search Warrant For GMail User’s Emails Sparks Privacy Worries

Privacy concerns raised after US judge grants a warrant against Google to seize an individual's Gmail emails

10 years ago

Germany Drops Verizon After NSA Spying Furore

German government cancels Verizon Communications contract in the wake of the NSA spying row

10 years ago