Government Wants Flying Taxis In Operation By 2028

Flying taxis could become reality in UK in next four years under new government action plan that also lays out…

4 weeks ago

Amazon Drones Begin Medicine Deliveries In Texas

Customers of the Amazon Pharmacy service can now receive certain prescription medications via drone delivery in Texas

6 months ago

US Air Force Denies Simulated AI Drone ‘Attacked’ Operator

US Air Force says simulation in which AI-powered drone attacked operator in order to achieve objectives never took place

11 months ago

SpaceX Restricts Ukrainian Starlink Use For Drones

Elon Musk firm takes steps to halt Ukraine's use of Starlink connectivity in engagements with Russian invaders

1 year ago

Drone and Robot Shopping

The logistics of the last mile have always been challenging for retailers. But, with multiple trials underway, is the future…

1 year ago

Geneva Police Ground Drone Busting Eagles

Where eagles no longer dare. Switzerland cancels its drone busting eagle duo, over uncertain success rates and safety concerns

1 year ago

Royal Mail Drones To Aid Postal Deliveries To Remote Locations

The Royal Mail is to increase the use of drones to assist in the delivery of the post to remote…

2 years ago

Snap Releases Pocket-Sized ‘Flying Camera’ For Selfies

Snap releases Pixy 'flying camera' drone that can take selfies while flying around the user, as social media companies compete…

2 years ago

Autonomous Drone Saves The Life Of Heart Attack Victim

A man is Sweden is alive thanks to the speedy arrival of flying medical drone that carried and delivered vital…

2 years ago

Bird Attack Forces Google To Suspend Drone Deliveries

Angry birds! Google Wing delivery drones in the Australia capital of Canberra have been grounded after being attacked by ravens

3 years ago

No Drone At Gatwick, Claims Former Drone Executive

There was no drone? Doubt cast on repeated drone sightings that closed Gatwick airport for days during the Christmas period…

3 years ago

Isle Of Wight Drone Medical Delivery Trials Set To Continue

Delivery trials of medical goods to the Isle of Wight set to recommence next month as authorities look at expanding…

3 years ago

Drone ‘Entered Gatwick Airspace’ After Losing Control

Australian-built unmanned 'flying car' rose into Gatwick airspace in 2019 incident after operator lost control and kill switch failed to…

3 years ago

US To Permit Drone Operations Over Homes, Plus Night Flights

Significant development in the US for the future of drone operations will allow flights over homes, and operations at night

3 years ago

Amazon’s Flying Home Security Camera Sparks Privacy Debate

Always Home Cam drone from Amazon subsidiary Ring is designed to fly around homes to offer 'peace of mind', but…

4 years ago

Tesco To Trial Drone Delivery Service

Late to the party? UK's biggest supermarket Tesco to trial drone deliveries for small basket-sized shops in southern Ireland

4 years ago

US ‘Set To Ground Civilian Drone Programme’ Over Spying Risk

Department of the Interior may permanently ground fleet of nearly 1,000 civilian drones over China espionage fears

4 years ago

UK Drone Users Register Today Or Risk £1,000 Fine

British drone pilots have until today to register or risk a £1,000 fine. But will criminals and rogue drone operators…

4 years ago

Near Miss With Drone At Gatwick Airport

Rogue drone came within 20m (65ft) of a passenger plane as it flew in to Gatwick Airport in July

4 years ago

Smartphone App Can Quickly Locate Drone Pilots

Smartphone app can “remotely identify airborne drones” as well as pinpointing the location of its pilot

4 years ago

Drone Pilots Risk £1,000 Fine If Not Registered

£1,000 fine if drone pilots, including kids, don't register, pass a theory test and get a £9-a-year licence

4 years ago

Researchers Develop Autonomous Drone For Wind Farm Inspections

New technology reduces need to ferry human technicians out to offshore wind farms, potentially resulting in significant cost savings for…

5 years ago

Gatwick Drone Operators Had ‘Detailed Knowledge’ Of Airport

Inside job. Suspicion grows that drone operators who shut down Gatwick airport had inside knowledge

5 years ago

BT Launches Counter Drone Solution

Worried about intruding drones? BT has the answer after it launches its Counter Drone Solution

5 years ago

Swiss Post Suspends Drone Delivery Trials Following Crash

Tests of drone-based medical delivery system halted after delivery drone's parachute malfunctions, causing it to crash 50 yards from group…

5 years ago

Alphabet Board Dismisses Sexual Harassment, Diversity Proposals

Board of directors rejects all shareholder proposals to tackle a range of issues for Google's workforce

5 years ago

No Drunk Drone Driving, Warns Japan

Prison sentence on the cards for people who fly drones whilst drunk, after Japan passes new law

5 years ago

European Union Publishes Drone Usage Laws

No more wild west? More regulations for drone operators with set of common rules for the region

5 years ago

Amazon To Start Drone Deliveries ‘Within Months’

Amazon unveils latest version of its Prime Air delivery drone, after it finally gains FAA approval

5 years ago

Chinese Drones Pose Spying Risk, US Authorities Warn

Drones manufactured or sold by Chinese firms, such as market leader DJI, may pose a risk to national security or…

5 years ago