Elon Musk To Face Lawsuit For Late Twitter Stock Disclosure

US judge orders Elon Musk to face most of lawsuit alleging he defrauded shareholders with late Twitter shareholding disclosure

10 months ago

Listed US Firms Must Disclose Cyber Breaches In Four Days

US financial regulator adopts new rules to require publicly traded companies to disclose hacking incidents in just four days

12 months ago

Nvidia Charged By SEC For ‘Inadequate Disclosures’ About Crypto Mining

US financial regulator charges GPU giant Nvidia for “inadequate disclosures” concerning the impact of crypto mining on the company’s gaming…

2 years ago

Netflix Sued By Shareholders Over Subscription Disclosure

Disgruntled Netflix shareholders are suing streaming giant Netflix, alleging it misled the market after a significant drop in subscriber numbers

2 years ago

Apple In Spotlight Over Employee NDAs

Former Apple engineer filed whistleblower complaint with US financial regulator over nondisclosure agreement (NDA) attempt

3 years ago

Trump ‘Subpoenaed Apple, Microsoft For Data On Rivals’

Apple changes rules for responding to government data requests after previous administration used subpoenas to gather data on rival Democratic…

3 years ago

Google Project Zero Changes Controversial Disclosure Policy

Google security researchers are to change their rapid disclosure of security flaws – a policy that has angered many tech…

5 years ago

Trump Clarifies US Government Rules For Cyber Security Flaw Disclosures

New rules governing how US agencies disclose cyber security flaws, as the FCC readies net neutrality reversal

7 years ago

Microsoft Blames Russia For Exploiting Google-Exposed Windows Flaw

Microsoft says Russian hackers behind exploit of unpatched Windows flaw, revealed by Google

8 years ago

Security: The Fine Line Between Disclosure And Violation

Apple and Facebook had to decide whether hackers had disclosed useful data, or violated their terms, says Sean Michael Kerner

11 years ago

Security Researchers Uncover Critical Infrastructure Flaws

A security firm has said it will disclose 23 flaws in critical infrastructure software, while chastising a rival firm that…

12 years ago

Facebook IPO Exposes Hacking And Spamming Business Risks

Facebook identified hacking and spam as ongoing issues to comply with US regulations on disclosing IPO-related security issues

12 years ago

Terrorist Tracking Could Open Europe To US Spying

The US can access EU financial data under an agreement designed to track terrorist funds

13 years ago

Facebook Revises Bug Disclosure Policy

In an effort to ease fears that bug submitters could be subject to legal action, Facebook has re-worded its vulnerability…

14 years ago

WikiLeaks Hit By More Attacks

A new denial of service attack has hit WikiLeaks following its release of confidential government cables

14 years ago

Public Calls For Stronger Data Breach Penalties

Consumers would be in favour of stronger regulations for organisations that lose their personal data, according to a new survey

14 years ago