Foreign Cyberattack Blamed For Kansas Court System Disruption – Report

Five week disruption to court system in US state of Kansas is being blamed on 'sophisticated foreign cyberattack'

8 months ago

Musk Cleared Over Tesla ‘Funding Secured’ Tweets

Jury clears Elon Musk of wrongdoing in class-action lawsuit over 2018 Tesla privatisation tweets plaintiffs said cost them billions

1 year ago

GlobalFoundries Seeks To Dismiss IBM Claim For $2.5 Billion

US contract chipmaker GlobalFoundries asks New York court to dismiss Big Blue claim that it is owed $2.5 billion in…

3 years ago

Apple Vs Epic Games Court Battle Continues

Second day of courtroom showdown in the US reveals Epic Games management would have accepted a special commission deal with…

3 years ago

Death Threats Against Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou

A number of death threats allegedly made against Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou, whilst she remains under house arrest in Vancouver

3 years ago

Judge Rejects Government Appeal On US WeChat Ban

US judge rejects government appeal to reverse earlier decision allowing Chinese app WeChat to remain available in US app stores

4 years ago

Teenager Pleads Not Guilty To Organising Twitter Hack

Not me, gov'nor. Florida-based teenager pleads not guilty to masterminding major hack of Twitter's internal systems for bitcoin scam

4 years ago

France Upholds Record Google Data Protection Fine

French court upholds earlier £45m penalty on Google for failing to obtain Android users' consent to use their personal data…

4 years ago

Uber Italia Hit By Labour Exploitation Probe

Milan court accuses Uber of using recruitment services that paid migrants as little as 3 euros per delivery to work…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: British Courts To Adapt With Video Calling

With a temporary pause on new jury trials in British Crown Courts due to Coronavirus pandemic, Justice ministry says video…

4 years ago

Airbnb Wins Top EU Court Ruling Over Regulatory Status

European Court of Justice decides Airbnb is an 'information society service' and not a real estate agent, defeating challenge by…

5 years ago

Apple ‘Deeply Concerned’ Former Staff May Flee To China – Report

Former Apple staff who allegedly stole data concerning its self-driving cars, present a flight risk US prosecutors have told a…

5 years ago

Elon Musk Concludes Court Appearance

Tesla boss insists his “pedo guy” comments were meant as an off-the-cuff insult, and not to be taken seriously, Unsworth…

5 years ago

Apple Heads To Court Over £11bn Bill For Back Taxes

EU's General Court to hear appeal against European Commission's record 2016 fine, itself part of a broader crackdown on low…

5 years ago

MI5 Handling Of Personal Data ‘Unlawful’, Watchdog Warns

Intelligence agency did not store data correctly and kept it for too long, official watchdog warns

5 years ago

US Takes Hacker Extradition Case To London Court

Two men are accused of helping run the Infraud hacking group, said to have stolen more than £409m from individuals…

6 years ago

Court Rules In Favour Of Engineer Sacked Over Personal Messages

A Romanian engineer was wrongfully sacked after his employer read personal messages sent using an account set up for work,…

7 years ago

European Court Of Justice May Rule On UK Surveillance Law

The legality of last year's Investigatory Powers Act may be referred to the European Court of Justice, following a challenge

7 years ago

Court Papers Confirm US Government Paid Carnegie Mellon To Hack Tor

US university credibility questioned after court documents show it was paid to hack Tor network

8 years ago

Bitcoin Is Not Subject To VAT, Court Rules

European court rules that Bitcoin transactions are liable for same taxes as typical currency

9 years ago

Online Voyeur Sentenced For Webcam Hacks

Creep alert. Stefan Rigo hacked webcams using BlackShades malware and spied on couples having sex

9 years ago

Microsoft Continues To Resist Drug Email Handover

Redmond's Cloud data sovereignty fight with the US government continues, as the two sides return to court

9 years ago

Judge Orders Oracle, Google Mediation For Android Lawsuit

Never-ending lawsuit. Oracle's Android lawsuit against Google likely to enter sixth year US judge warns

9 years ago

British Hacker Faces Deportation To United States

Brit allegedly hacked US Army, NASA, and Federal Reserve, but fights extradition request to the US

9 years ago

Skype Taken To Court Over Customer Data Refusal

Microsoft refuses to hand over customer data to Belgian authorities investigating criminal matter

9 years ago

Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Starts In Austria

A closely-watched data privacy lawsuit against Facebook has been filed in an Austrian court today

9 years ago

Secretive UK Court Declares GCHQ Mass Surveillance Program Unlawful

GCHQ was operating illegally for at least seven years between 2007 and 2014

9 years ago

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Warg Faces Stiff Prison Sentence

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg found guilty by Danish court in that country's biggest hacking case to date

10 years ago

The UK Is Taking Its Courtrooms Online

Police, legal professionals and defendants will get access to new digital tools and services by 2016

10 years ago

ICO Fines British Abortion Charity £200k For Data Breach

British Pregnancy Advice Service was hacked twice in March 2012 by Anonymous hacker James Jeffrey

10 years ago