Google Asked AI Researchers To Strike Positive Tone – Report

Scientific papers generated internally at the search engine giant are now subjected to “sensitive topics” review, it has been reported

4 years ago

Thousands Protest At Russian Internet Restrictions

Over 15,000 people protest in Moscow after Russian government moves to tighten control of Internet

5 years ago

BBC Toys With Mind Control Headset For iPlayer

Beam me up Scotty! Headset that reads brainwaves being developed to control BBC iPlayer platform

9 years ago

Canonical Landscape Updated For ARM Server Support

Canonical’s systems management solution Landscape can now manage x86- and ARM-based server environments

11 years ago

Microsoft Buys MetricsHub For Azure Cloud Monitoring

Azure customers now have a free cloud monitoring tool after Microsoft acquired MetricsHub

11 years ago

Trane And GE Add Fine Adjuster For DC Savings

Tracer XT is designed to unify control of data centre environments to optimise power use and reduce costs

13 years ago

IntraLinks Intros Secure Web-Based Courier Service

IntraLinks's cloud-based Courier service promises secure sharing of files, recall, and auditing

13 years ago

Enterprise Mobile Device Security Targeted By Sophos

Sophos expands device endpoint protection, adding controls for IT managers and compulsory registration

13 years ago