Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Faces Intense Scrutiny From Congress

Zuckerberg goes to Congress to answer questions about Libra, but is tackled about privacy, free speech and political ads

4 months ago

Facebook Promises Congress It Will Address Libra Cryptocurrency Concerns

Company's comments follow criticism of Libra by US Treasury Secretary and Chairman of Federal Reserve amidst broader scepticism and hostility

7 months ago

Google Chief Sundar Pichai Faces Congressional Hot Seat This Week

In a year of belligerent hearings targeting Facebook and Twitter, Google is now set to come in for its moment…

1 year ago

Twitter, Facebook Face US Congress Over Misinformation

The US Senate quizzes Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg as midterm elections loom

1 year ago

Apple Defends Privacy Practices To US Lawmakers

Apple insists it is 'radically different' on privacy from the likes of Google and Facebook, but not all are convinced

2 years ago

ZTE Shares Jump As US Lifts Supplier Embargo

The Shenzhen telecoms equipment giant is set to resume trading after months in limbo

2 years ago

US Congress Queries Apple, Google On Data Collection Practices

Lawmakers dispute Apple's claim of superior data privacy and express concern over developer access to Gmail messages

2 years ago

Facebook Lists Firms Granted Special Data Access

A mammoth document provided to Congress is the latest fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal

2 years ago

US ISPs Could Sell User Data If Obama’s Internet Privacy Rules Are Challenged

Strict privacy rules for American ISPs may be overturned after Republican senator resolution

3 years ago

US Congress To Probe Juniper Networks Firewall Backdoor Code

US congressional probe to investigate who placed the backdoor code into Juniper's firewall software

4 years ago