SMIC ‘May Have Violated’ US Law In Producing Advanced Chip

China's SMIC may have violated US export controls in producing advanced 7nm chip for Huawei, official tells Congress, as tensions…

4 months ago

US Lawmakers Inundated With Calls From TikTok Users

US lawmakers inundated with telephone calls from TikTok users as bill that could ban app gains momentum in Congress

5 months ago

Bipartisan Bill Seeks New US Tech Regulator

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Elizabeth Warren, back bill to create new US government tech commission

12 months ago

US Lawmakers Push TikTok Ban Bill After CEO Testimony

US lawmakers signal increased support for bill that could ban TikTok, after five-hour testimony by chief executive Chew Shou Zi

1 year ago

US Lawmakers Kick Off Push For Federal Autonomous Vehicle Laws

Two US lawmakers launch bipartisan effort to educate other legislators about importance of autonomous vehicles as they look to revamp…

2 years ago

Congress Republicans Ask Twitter To Conserve Musk Bid Records

Republicans in US Congress formally ask Twitter to conserve records related to Elon Musk's proposed buyout of company amidst 'concern'…

2 years ago

US Legislation To Boost Chip Funding Set For House

US House of Representatives set to introduce bill on tech funding and domestic chip manufacturing, as EU advances own plan…

3 years ago

SEC Head Calls For Power To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Chairman of the US financial regulator calls on Congress for authorisation to police cryptocurrency trading, lending and platforms

3 years ago

US Antitrust Report Hints At Tech Firm Breakup – Report

Would they dare? US House of Representatives antitrust report includes “thinly veiled call to break up” big tech name firms

4 years ago

Amazon Agrees To Make Bezos Available To Congress

Company had previously resisted making Bezos voluntarily available to testify in congressional antitrust probe that also involves Apple, Facebook and…

4 years ago

IBM Cancels All Facial Recognition Programs, Urges Police Reform

Big Blue cancels its facial recognition programs and calls for reform and new ways to work with law enforcement, "to…

4 years ago

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Faces Intense Scrutiny From Congress

Zuckerberg goes to Congress to answer questions about Libra, but is tackled about privacy, free speech and political ads

5 years ago

Facebook Promises Congress It Will Address Libra Cryptocurrency Concerns

Company's comments follow criticism of Libra by US Treasury Secretary and Chairman of Federal Reserve amidst broader scepticism and hostility

5 years ago

Google Chief Sundar Pichai Faces Congressional Hot Seat This Week

In a year of belligerent hearings targeting Facebook and Twitter, Google is now set to come in for its moment…

6 years ago

Twitter, Facebook Face US Congress Over Misinformation

The US Senate quizzes Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg as midterm elections loom

6 years ago

Apple Defends Privacy Practices To US Lawmakers

Apple insists it is 'radically different' on privacy from the likes of Google and Facebook, but not all are convinced

6 years ago

ZTE Shares Jump As US Lifts Supplier Embargo

The Shenzhen telecoms equipment giant is set to resume trading after months in limbo

6 years ago

US Congress Queries Apple, Google On Data Collection Practices

Lawmakers dispute Apple's claim of superior data privacy and express concern over developer access to Gmail messages

6 years ago

Facebook Lists Firms Granted Special Data Access

A mammoth document provided to Congress is the latest fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal

6 years ago

US ISPs Could Sell User Data If Obama’s Internet Privacy Rules Are Challenged

Strict privacy rules for American ISPs may be overturned after Republican senator resolution

7 years ago

US Congress To Probe Juniper Networks Firewall Backdoor Code

US congressional probe to investigate who placed the backdoor code into Juniper's firewall software

8 years ago

Google Asks Congress To Revise Privacy Laws

Google asks US Congress to revise American privacy laws and takes part in "The Day We Fight Back" campaign, in…

10 years ago

Apple Called To Washington To Dispel Privacy Concerns

Apple has been told to send a representative to Washington DC to discuss its privacy practices with Congress

12 years ago

US SOPA Bill Killed In Congress

The SOPA Anti-piracy bill has been scuttled, but the Senate's PIPA bill sails on

13 years ago

Wikipedia Could Temporarily Shutdown In SOPA Protest

Wikipedia could shut down to put pressure on congress not to pass SOPA

13 years ago

Silk Browser Guards Privacy Amazon Tells Congress

Amazon confirms non- track Kindle Fire policy despite routing browser traffic through cloud servers

13 years ago

Pentagon: Military Action Acceptable Cyber Response

Pentagon sanctions military strikes as a suitable response to cyber-attacks targeting US battle zones

13 years ago