Tech Giants Warn Of Largest-Ever DDoS Attack

Google, Amazon, Cloudflare all issue warnings after dealing with the largest-ever DDoS attack they have ever seen

10 months ago

Ericsson Still Provides Support Services To Russia

Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson says hardware is not exported to Russia, but it still provides software and technical support

2 years ago

Cloudflare Outage Downs Hundreds Of Websites

Not a cyberattack. Swathes of the Internet knocked offline on Tuesday after 'service issues' at infrastructure provider Cloudflare

2 years ago

TikTok Beats Google To Top US Traffic Spot

Social media app TikTok for first time replaces Google as site with most US visitors in 2021, as pandemic pushes…

3 years ago

Mozilla Turns On DoH By Default For US Firefox Users

Mozilla Foundation has turned on its privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for American users of the Firefox browser

4 years ago

Far-Right Website 8chan Offline After Cloudflare Withdraws Services

Site goes offline following involvement in shootings in Texas, with Cloudflare accusing it of 'directly inspiring tragic events'

5 years ago

Cloudflare Pulls Protection From Far Right Daily Stormer Website

Cloudflare CEO said it was a difficult decision but US civil liberties group hits out at tech firms for clampdown

7 years ago

Recent Cloud Issues Show Security Can Fail Dramatically

CloudBleed and TicketBleed showed how cloud services, while usually more secure, can fail significantly. Will they turn off companies to…

7 years ago

CloudFlare Server Bug Sees Sensitive Customer Data Exposed As Plain Text

Google's Project Zero alerts the content delivery network firm to the flaw

7 years ago

CloudFlare Gets Caught Out By 2016 Leap Second

The leap second caused CloudFlare's RRDNS software to "panic," but the error was quickly identified

8 years ago

Telia Carrier Is Blamed For CloudFlare Outage

CloudFlare CEO says company is "deprioritising" Telia until issues are fixed

8 years ago

CloudFlare Suffers Major European Outage

Telia outage takes down CloudFlare - Internet users complain Slack, Reddit and other sites unavailable

8 years ago

Ageing Algorithm Poses Browsing Risk, Warns Facebook

Cloudflare, Facebook warn browsing in developing countries will be risker when SHA-1 algorithm is retired

9 years ago

Anonymous Targets CloudFlare For Alleged Islamic State Links

Security firm accused of protecting Islamic State-affiliated websites from Anonymous hackers

9 years ago

Google Launches Service To Speed Up Rich Web Content Distribution

Google announces a CDN Interconnect service in collaboration with distribution network services to speed up the delivery of media-rich content…

9 years ago

Cloudfare Offers DDoS Protection For ‘Free Speech’ Websites

CloudFlare offers free anti-DDoS protection for political and artistic websites exercising 'free speech'

10 years ago

Private Keys Can Be Pilfered With Heartbleed Exploits

CloudFlare challenge to steal private keys via Heartbleed flaw finds a handful of winners

10 years ago

CloudFlare: Biggest DDoS Ever Hits Europe

DDoS weighing in at nearly 400Gbps targets unnamed CloudFlare customer in Europe, as attackers use NTP to amplify attack

10 years ago

Suspect Arrested Over ‘Biggest Cyber Attack Ever’

Man arrested believed to be Stophaus leader Sven Olaf Kamphuis over hits on Spamhaus and others

11 years ago

Bitcoin Blockchain And Mt.Gox Knocked Offline By DDoS Attacks

More trouble in Bitcoin land, with the Blockchain DDoSed, Mt.Gox suffering outages and BitFloor giving up entirely

11 years ago

‘Biggest DDoS Attack’ Did Not Hurt The Global Internet – This Time

TechWeekEurope investigates - the Spamhaus attacks didn't slow the Internet much at all, but they are seriously worrying

11 years ago

Wikileaks Back Online After ‘10Gbps DDoS’

Thanks to help from CloudFlare, Wikileaks recovers from a DDoS attack

12 years ago

CloudFlare CDN: We Have To Stay Open, Even To Evil

CloudFlare's network will remain open to all, says CEO Matthew Prince

12 years ago