Businesses Turn To Remote Workers To Obtain Skills, Expereo Finds

New research from Expereo finds one third of global enterprises hire people they have never met, due to skills shortage

7 months ago

AI To Ease Unnecessary Software Burden On UK Businesses, Freshworks Finds

Amid pressure on IT budgets, Freshworks research shows IT managers are dealing with 160 percent more software than last year

8 months ago

Lack Of Reliable Tech Blamed For Poor Productivity, Apogee Finds

New research from Apogee finds nearly half of staff blamed lack of access to right workplace technology for fuelling negativity

11 months ago

Sophos Study Finds Most Firms Struggle To Execute Essential Security Tasks

State of cybersecurity report for 2023 from Sophos reveals that majority of businesses find essential security tasks challenging

1 year ago

CTO 3.0: The Neo Chief Technology Officer

As businesses continue to transform, what has this meant for the development of the CTO? Tasked with managing new working…

3 years ago

Are You A Kinetic Technology Leader?

Kinetic leaders envision, enable, and deliver growth and help their organizations navigate through change. The 2020 Global Technology Leadership Study…

4 years ago

The Rise Of The Chief Data Officer

Data is now the most important commodity all businesses possess. Managing what can be vast databases of information needs a…

4 years ago

So, you want to be a CIO?

The role of the CIO is evolving with more of a focus on revenue and strategy, according to the 2019…

4 years ago

Silicon in Focus: Florian Roth, Chief Information Officer: SAP SE

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries. 77% of…

4 years ago

What is low code?

We speak to low code firm Outsystems about the growing sector, which many predict is going to revolutionise how businesses…

5 years ago

Financial services and the hybrid cloud

Financial service providers must have high levels of compliance and deliver world-class services to their customers. Has the hybrid cloud…

5 years ago

Equifax Former CIO Jailed For Insider Trading

DoJ - Former CIO knew of breach and opted to excise his stock options before breach became public

5 years ago

Technology Business Management ‘Can Change The Game’ For IT

Digital transformation has elevated IT departments to being central to business success, which means they need to be run differently

7 years ago

Jaguar CIO: Updating Legacy Tech Is My Number One Priority

Jaguar CIO outlines digital transformation plan with focus on infrastructure modernisation

7 years ago

Tech Quiz: Big Data Analytics

Big data is a big deal in the IT world and beyond. But how much do you know about this…

7 years ago

IT Departments ‘Should Report’ To Cybersecurity Teams To Combat Threats

INTERVIEW: Malwarebytes CISO Justin Dollu has flipped the traditional IT hierarchy so tech adoption is done with cyber security in…

8 years ago

Where Do The Roles Of The CIO And CDO Begin And End?

With the increasing importance of data someone needs to take control of it, but who?

8 years ago

Effective Workplace Mobile Strategy ‘Drives’ Productivity

Workers say flexible working makes them more productive and creative, according to Economist Intelligence Unit survey

8 years ago

CMO Vs. CIO – Is There Room For Both In The Boardroom?

Avanade's Julian Tomison discusses how and why CIOs and CMOs should be working together to move towards the 'Digital Workplace'

8 years ago

New VMware CIO Offers Insight Into Company’s 2016 Plans

PART 2: VMware Senior Vice President and CIO Bask Iyer describes market strategy for the world's largest virtualization software maker.

8 years ago

New VMware CIO Explains Approach To Containers

PART 1: Bask Iyer leads VMware's global information and technology organization, managing critical technology systems that support its worldwide business…

8 years ago

What Should CIOs Ask Santa For This Christmas? (Part 1)

It’s that time of the year when IT managers can ask Santa and his elves for a little bit of…

8 years ago

Top 5 Trends For CIOs In 2016

Stephan Romeder, GM at Magic Software Europe, discusses what IT managers can expect in the coming year

8 years ago

CIOs Ignore Data And Make Risky Decisions Based On Instinct

Colt study reveals IT leaders often disregard data and external advice when making decisions

8 years ago

Artificial Intelligence Could Assimilate CIOs, Says Gartner

Total singularity may still be science fiction, but it's still worth CIOs 'raising awareness' of the issue to ensure appropriate…

9 years ago

Service Providers ‘Failing’ To Help Firms Migrate To The Cloud

Cloud Industry Forum poll finds UK IT bods are scratching their heads at migration complexity

9 years ago

Chinese CIO Budget Growth Outperforms UK And Ireland

Chinese CIOs get an IT budget increase of 8.5 percent in 2015, with UK and Irish CIOs getting just 1.4…

9 years ago

White House Hires VMware CIO Tony Scott

VMware exec set to aid in 'changing the way the Federal government manages IT'

9 years ago

Data Centres Have Returned As “A Top Priority” In The UK

First international ‘Colocation Club’ unsurprisingly finds the data centre to be a key part of UK IT architecture

9 years ago

Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Super CIO?

Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of data centre predictive analytics company Romonet, explains what companies will expect from IT managers if they…

9 years ago