CIA Builds Own Artificial Intelligence Tool – Report

US intelligence agency, the CIA, is reportedly building its own AI tool to assist in its intelligence gathering activities

9 months ago

CIA Mulled Killing Julian Assange, After Leak Of Hacking Secrets

Furious CIA officials in 2017 reportedly considered abducting and even assassinating WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, over Vault 7 leak

3 years ago

NHS Challenged Over Data Contract With Palantir

Contract between NHS and data mining firm Palantir now at centre of lawsuit filed by UK political website

3 years ago

Swiss Encryption Firm Crypto AG At Centre Of Spying Allegation

Was a Swiss cryptography company acting as a front for America's CIA during the cold war, in order to eavesdrop…

4 years ago

CIA Alleges Huawei Accepted Funds From Chinese Military

The allegations from the US' intelligence agency are the latest to pile pressure on Huawei in the West

5 years ago

Iran: New Cyber-Attacks Target Telecoms, Nuclear Infrastructure

Meanwhile, former US intelligence officials claim Iran and China killed dozens of spies following a 'catastrophic' cyber-communications lapse

6 years ago

US Intelligence Bosses Warn Against Huawei Smartphones

Directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA urge consumers not to purchase Huawei smartphones or ZTE kit

6 years ago

Wikileaks Reveals CIA Tool To Hack ‘Air Bridged’ Computers

"Brutal Kangarooā€¯ tool used by US spooks to hack into computers not connected to the Internet

7 years ago

WikiLeaks Reveals CherryBlossom CIA Router Snooping Hacking Tools

CherryBlossom can monitor Internet traffic and inject malicious code into targeted routers

7 years ago

Leak Of CIA Hacking Secrets Serves As Alert To Close Security Gaps

ANALYSIS: Exposure of the CIA's hacking tools give an unsettling look at the capabilities of U.S. spies, but also a…

7 years ago

WikiLeaks Will Work With Manufacturers To Develop ‘Fixes’ For CIA Hacking Tools

The whistleblowing site will publish 'additional documents' after fixes have been pushed out to citizens

7 years ago

Wikileaks Documents Claim CIA Can Hack Samsung TVs, iPhones and iPads

Watching TV but who is watching you? CIA allegedly uses Samsung TVs to spy on citizens

7 years ago

Kickstarter Project Seeks $10,000 To Release CIA Database

A US researcher is looking for donations to make 10 million pages of CIA documents available online

8 years ago

New CIA Digital Directorate To Focus On Cyber-Spying

The new Directorate of Digital Innovation is to accelerate the CIA's development of cyber-espionage capabilities

9 years ago

CIA ‘Searched Intelligence Committee Network’

Senator Dianne Feinstein goes on the offensive, as CIA denies accessing intelligence committee's network

10 years ago

The NSA Refuses To Stop Spying On Germany

Representatives of the German secret services fail to reach an agreement with US colleagues

11 years ago

Edward Snowden Granted Temporary Asylum In Russia

After two months in legal limbo, the whistleblower finally leaves the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow

11 years ago

David Petraeus Proves It: Email Is Not Secure

Wayne Rash asks: how could the head of the CIA not realise he couldn't trust secrets to Gmail?

12 years ago

Anonymous Claims Supreme Court And CIA Takedowns

Anonymous claims hits on the UK Supreme Court and the CIA

12 years ago

Anonymous Takes Down Greek Government Websites

It has been a busy weekend for Anonymous with attacks on the Greek parliament, CIA, state of Alabama, and Mining…

12 years ago

Lulzsec Is Poisoning Anarchism And Whistleblowing

WikiLeaks exposed information and Anonymous attacked copyright moguls. Peter Judge asks, what is Lulzsec's justification?

13 years ago

US Plans Stricter Laws For Government Network Hacks

US lawmakers are revisiting a cyber-security proposal which would make hacking government Websites a felony

13 years ago

Lulzsec Hackers Take Down CIA Site And Hit Senate

Hacktivists Lulzsec overloaded the CIA's website on Wednesday, as part of continuing protests

13 years ago

CIA Responds To WikiLeaks With WTF

The US intelligence agency's WikiLeaks Task Force will assess the damage caused by the WikiLeaked cables

13 years ago