Chip Shortage To Continue Hurting UK Car Market In 2022

Car sales will continue to hurt in 2022 due to the ongoing chip shortage that has badly dented vehicle supply…

3 weeks ago

Chip Shortage Forces Subaru To Temporarily Shut Factories

Japan-based Subaru becomes latest car maker to close factories due to ongoing chip shortages hitting automotive sector hard

7 months ago

US Presses TSMC For More Chips For Car Makers

Global silicon shortage continues, as US Commerce Department presses Taiwanese chipmakers to ease the supply pain for car makers

9 months ago

Chip Shortage Continues Pain For Car Makers

Two car making giants, GM and Stellantis, confirm ongoing production problems caused by the global semiconductor shortage

11 months ago

White House Takes On Silicon Shortage, Identifies Choke Points

Biden administration is ramping efforts to help car makers deal with chronic silicon shortage that is impacting production

11 months ago

Taiwan Meeting With Top US Official Will Discuss Silicon Shortage

Silicon squeeze. Global shortage of silicon chips will be a topic covered during Taiwan's meeting with a senior US official

12 months ago

Mazda Warns It May Cut Production Due To Silicon Shortage

Needing chips. Ongoing silicon shortages prompt Japanese car maker Mazda to warn it may cut global vehicle production by 34,000

12 months ago

Coronavirus: Silicon Shortage Slows Car Production

Supply chain squeeze. Worldwide shortage of CPUs is slowing the manufacturing of new cars from a number of the world's…

1 year ago

UK Could Allow Self-Driving Cars On Motorways In 2021

British motorways in 2021 could see self-driving cars in the slow lane, under proposals being considered by the government

1 year ago

Emissions Tricking Software Prompts Recall Of 22,000 Porsche Cayenne Cars

Porsche denies the findings but will honour the recall

5 years ago

CES 2017 Review: A Showcase Of IoT, Smart Software, And Solid Workhorse Tech

ANALYSIS: This year's Consumer Electronic Show indicated the future of hardware and smart system for business as well as pleasure

5 years ago

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, And Microsoft’s Cortana Are Set To Hit The Road With Four Major Car Brands

CES 2017: BMW, Ford, Nissan, and Hyundai all look to add virtual assistants into their vehicles

5 years ago

BlackBerry QNX Dev Platform 7.0 For Arrives For Connected Cars

CES 2017: QNX Software Development Platform touted as ultimate embedded OS for the automotive industry

5 years ago

All New Tesla Electric Cars Will Come With Self-Driving Hardware

Elon Musk’s car company is determined to usher in an era of autonomous cars

5 years ago

McLaren Denies Apple Takeover Or Investment Talks

The brakes have been applied on rumours of an Apple aqusition of McLaren

5 years ago

Ford Plans Self-Driving Cars By 2021

Ford's autonomous car fleet will be sold to ride-sharing companies such as Uber

5 years ago

Volvo Is Bringing Self-Driving Cars To London’s Streets In 2017

“Most ambitious” trial to date will see Volvo XC-90 vehicles drive themselves around the capital

6 years ago

Ford, Audi, BMW Cars Vulnerable To Keyless Fob Hack

Secure your car's keyless fob in a farraday cage, after radio “amplification attack” unlocks cars

6 years ago

Driverless Cars ‘Could Actually Stop Crashes’

Institution of Mechanical Engineers report claims 95 percent of accidents are caused by human error

6 years ago

Porsche Turns Down Driverless Cars

Consumers would much rather enjoy driving a sports car themselves, Porsche boss says

6 years ago

Google Self-Driving Car Report Reveals 13 ‘Near-Misses’

Plenty of near-misses and mechanical failures recorded, but nearly 425,000 miles of testing completed by Google vehicles

6 years ago

Ford Wants To Use Wearables To Make Driving Safer

Carmaker sets up new research facility to investigate links between wearables and driving

6 years ago

Google And Ford Set To Team Up On Self-Driving Cars

Report claims that new partnership on autonomous vehicles will be revealed at CES 2016 next month

6 years ago

Google Takes Major Next Step On Driverless Cars

Research into autonomous vehicles to be separate company under Alphabet umbrella

6 years ago

Volvo Launches In-Car Delivery Service In Time For Christmas

Last-minute present shopping made easy as Volvo drivers can have goods sent to their boots while they work

6 years ago

Tesla Seeks Engineers For Self-Driving Cars

Despite labelling AI an “existential threat”, Elon Musk wants engineers to build a self-driving car

6 years ago

Volkswagen’s Emissions Software Cheat ‘Will Cause 60 Premature Deaths’

An MIT study suggests a swift vehicle recall by Volkswagen would avoid 130 early deaths, though

6 years ago

Volvo Reveals Its Plans For The Self-Driving Cars Of Tomorrow

Swedish manufacturer looks to make driving fun again with autonomous driving technology

6 years ago

Tech-Heavy Audi A4 Lays Foundations For The Future Of Driving

TechWeekEurope takes the Audi A4 for a spin and finds how driving aids and smart entertainment features could form the…

6 years ago

Self-Driving Cars ‘Can Be Hacked Using A Homemade Laser Pointer’

Fooling laser sensors can lead to cars swerving to avoid imaginary obstacles, researchers warn

6 years ago