broadband access

Enterprises Planning Expansion Worry Over Connectivity, Expereo Finds

Despite macroeconomic, geopolitical worries, Expereo reveals most businesses have a positive outlook and will increase tech investments

1 year ago

Biden Announces Discounted Internet For Low-Income Americans

President Biden announces commitment from 20 US Internet Service Providers for discounted monthly connection for those on low-incomes

2 years ago

Ofcom: Telecom Firms Must Do More To Help Struggling Customers

Despite falling average telecom prices, two million UK homes are struggling to afford internet access, comms regulator finds

3 years ago

President Biden Targets Tech Monolopies, Data Collection

Sweeping executive order signed by US President Joe Biden on Friday targets tech giant domination, broadband provision, data collection, right…

3 years ago

OneWeb Gains Additional $500m Funding From Bharti

Busy period for OneWeb with additional funding, launch of more satellites, and signing deal with BT for rural broadband provision

3 years ago

UK Unlikely To Hit 5G And Broadband Target

Ambitious government target for 85 percent coverage of gigabit-capable broadband by 2025 may not be achieved, committee of MPs warn

4 years ago

One In Four UK Homes Can Access Gigabyte Broadband, Ofcom Says

UK communications regulator Ofcom reveals 8 million British homes can now access broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps, despite pandemic

4 years ago

Ofcom Probes BT Charges For Rural Broadband Connections

Telecoms watchdog launches probe of BT after some rural customers face quotes of over £100,000 for broadband installation or upgrade

4 years ago

Amazon Gains FCC Approval For $10 Billion Broadband Satellite Project

Watch out SpaceX and OneWeb, as Amazon's Project Kuiper gains official approval from the FCC for 3,200 broadband satellites

4 years ago

Google Project Loon Finally Approved For Kenya Deployment

Two years after deal was first signed, Project Loon is approved by Kenyan government for 4G connectivity via high altitude…

4 years ago

OneWeb Satellite Network Fails To Gain Russian Approval

Russia continues to say 'net' to British firm's plan to offer broadband satellite services in that country

5 years ago

New Broadband Code Of Practice For ISPs

Bye bye for "up to" speed claims. New rules surrounding minimum broadband line speeds come into force

5 years ago

Government Pledges Nationwide Full Fibre Broadband By 2033

Need for speed. Government plan revealed for all households and businesses to enjoy 1Gbps by 2033

6 years ago

Poor Broadband Hinders Education Of 1.2 Million Children

Digital poverty line. Poor broadband line speeds see 1.2 million children falling behind, survey finds

6 years ago

Ofcom Publishes New Rules To Deliver Full Fibre Broadband

Package of new measures to increase investment in full fibre networks to UK homes and businesses

6 years ago

Tales In Tech History: BT And the Creation Of BT Openreach

The debate on Openreach's future has been raging for the past few years, so we thought it was time to…

7 years ago

Investigation Slams ‘Dreadful’ Broadband In New Homes

Working from home? Best not do it in a new home then, as investigation reveals 'shocking state' of broadband for…

7 years ago

Ofcom Details Plan To Open Up BT Openreach Ducts & Poles

Regulator wants rivals to have fair access to BT's underground pipes and telegraph poles

7 years ago

Which? Bad Broadband Campaign To Tackle Poor Connections

Buffering hell. Which? campaign to help 'millions of households' suffering from poor broadband

7 years ago

Ofcom Mulls Automatic Compensation For Broadband Problems

Regulator rejects industry proposals, and proposes instant compensation for when landline and broadband services goes wrong

7 years ago

LGA Urges Cheap Broadband For Poorest People

Local Government Association calls for USO to include 'social tarrif' to aid connectivity for society's poorest

8 years ago

Google Station To Provide Free Wi-Fi Across India’s Public Hotspots

Facebook’s project is about to get some competition in India

8 years ago