ESET Finds Candiru Campaign On UK, Middle East Websites

One of the firms recently placed on the US trade blacklist has been found by ESET Research to have compromised…

2 weeks ago

President Biden Tightens Restrictions On Huawei, ZTE

Tightening the screw. US President Joe Biden signs legislation to stop Chinese firms from receiving new equipment licences from US…

3 weeks ago

US Adds Israel’s NSO Group To Entity List

US hits Israeli surveillance specialist NSO Group with trade restrictions after adding it to its Entity List, citing the spyware…

1 month ago

Huawei To Offload Server Division – Report

Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies reportedly in talks to sell its x86 server business due to the ongoing US blacklist

1 month ago

US Commerce Dept Open To Additional Measures Against Huawei – Report

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo makes clear the Biden administration will take further action against Huawei - if necessary

2 months ago

Apple Bans Fornite Indefinitely, Amid Ongoing Legal Battle

CEO of Epic Games condemns ‘extraordinary anticompetitive move by Apple’ after it bans Fornite from App Store indefinitely

2 months ago

US Approves Licence For Huawei To Purchase Car Chips – Report

Softening attitude? US officials approve licence applications from blacklisted Huawei, so its car component business can buy chips

3 months ago

US Removes Xiaomi From DoD Blacklist

Shares in Xiaomi rally after US DoD removes Trump's blacklisting of Chinese smartphone maker over alleged ties to the Chinese…

7 months ago

US Blacklists Seven Chinese Supercomputing Entities

Entity list additions. US Commerce Department adds seven Chinese supercomputing entities to US blacklist, for working with Chinese military

8 months ago

Huawei To Receive $2.5 For Each Smartphone Using Its 5G Tech

Chinese networking firm Huawei for the first time ever announces its royalty rates for manufacturers using its 5G technology

9 months ago

US Adds Xiaomi To Military Blacklist

Xiaomi and eight other Chinese companies added to US military blacklist, as outgoing US administration throws final punches

11 months ago

SMIC In ‘Complete Shock’ Over US Sanctions Threat

Shares in Chinese chip maker SMIC have plummeted over concerns it will get dragged into US-China tech cold war and…

1 year ago

US To Allow Huawei And US Firms To Develop 5G Standards – Report

Kiss and make up? Not really, as United States drafts rules that will allow US firms to work with Huawei…

2 years ago

US Officials Agree New Restrictions On Tech Exports To China – Report

Trump administration is tightening rules to prevent China from diverting advanced US tech for use by the Chinese military

2 years ago

United States Levels New Charges Against Huawei

US accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets and assisting Iran, as US Commerce Dept extends temporary trading license for 45…

2 years ago

US Meeting To Review Fresh Huawei, China Restrictions – Report

High level Trump administration officials to meet later this month to discuss further restrictions on tech exports to China and…

2 years ago

Microsoft Granted ‘Mass Market’ Export Licence For Huawei

Sign of a thaw? Huawei will be still be able to utilise Microsoft software after US Dept of Commerce grants…

2 years ago

US Government ‘To Grant 90-Day Extension’ To Huawei Licence

US expected to extend reprieve from Huawei economic blacklist by another 90 days when it expires on Monday, as Huawei…

2 years ago

Adobe Restores Services For Venezuela

Software giant Adobe gives users in Venezuela three months free after reaching agreement with the US government

2 years ago

ARM Will Continue To Supply Huawei With Chip Tech

British chip designer ARM will continue to supply Huawei with chip designs, after ruling the designs do not contain any…

2 years ago

Trade Talks Begin: US To Allow Select Firms To Sell To Huawei – Report

Trade negotiations between China and the US resume, as US reportedly signals easing of Huawei blacklisting

2 years ago

US Adds More Chinese Firms To ‘Entity List’

Another 28 Chinese companies have been added to US blacklist over alleged mistreatment of Muslim minorities

2 years ago

Microsoft President Calls For US To End Huawei Ban

US national security will not be impacted if Huawei is able to use Microsoft's OS and software, says Brad Smith

2 years ago

Huawei Drops Lawsuit Against US Over Seized Kit

United States decides to return Huawei equipment seized in Alaska in 2017, so Chinese firm drops lawsuit

2 years ago

US Commerce Department ‘Has Received 130 Huawei Exemption Requests’

Applications pile up, but department has yet to issue a single licence allowing US firms to get around Huawei blacklist,…

2 years ago

Huawei Enters ‘Battle Mode’ To Beat US Blacklisting

Founder Ren Zhengfei says firm is facing “live-or-die moment” and says it must enter 'battle mode' to survive

2 years ago

Huawei’s Delayed 5G Handset Arrives In UK

Huawei's Mate 20 X (5G) now selling in the UK, set to be joined by the Honor 20 Pro photography-oriented…

2 years ago

Huawei Sees ‘Difficulties’ Ahead As Revenues Surge

Revenues jumped by 23 percent and smartphone sales by 24 percent in the first half, ahead of US blacklist move…

2 years ago

Congress Moves To Block Trump’s Relaxing Of Huawei Blacklist

US lawmakers introduce bills to maintain tight restrictions on blacklisted Huawei

2 years ago

US Government Seeks Huawei Lawsuit Dismissal

Chinese firm's legal action against US blacklisting challenged, as US government seeks dismissal

2 years ago