artificial intelligence

Tom Siebel-Founded AI Start-Up Files For Public Offering

Predictive analytics start-up, founded by Tom Siebel in 2009, plans to list on NYSE amidst strong demand for new…

2 months ago

Waymo Goes Public With Self-Driving Ride Service

Google-affiliated Waymo to go public with fully driverless rides within 'weeks' after shutting down earlier this year due to pandemic

3 months ago

Securing The DARQ Future

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR) and Quantum Computing expand (DARQ), will be the next wave…

8 months ago

What’s Next After Digitization?

As businesses continue on their digitization roadmap, many have entered the last stage. Benefits are already becoming measurable and driving…

8 months ago

Google AI Scheme Targets Banks Overwhelmed By Pandemic

Google Cloud's PPP Lending AI Solution aims to help banks analyse and process loan applications under US government's aid scheme…

9 months ago

Spies Urged To Adopt AI To Counter Augmented Threats

UK's intelligence agencies must use artificial intelligence to repel increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns, finds study

9 months ago

Coronavirus: AI Takes Over Social Network Moderation As Staff Sent Home

Social networks are turning to AI and automated tools to police social networking posts, as staff are sent home due…

10 months ago

Is Your Next Employee Digital?

With skilled workers becoming increasingly hard to find, could a digital employee be the answer to chronic skills shortages?

11 months ago

AI and Public Standards

As the Committee on Standards in Public Life release their awaited report considering AI and its impact on the delivery…

11 months ago

Google Takes Dataset Search Out Of Beta

Custom-built framework aims to help researchers find the vast amount of data published online by labs, governments, universities and other…

12 months ago

Facebook To Remove Deepfake Videos, If It Meets Certain Criteria

U-turn at Facebook? Social network confirms it will remove some videos modified by artificial intelligence, known as deepfakes

1 year ago

CES 2020: Rules To Govern AI Proposed By White House

US administration also wants European nations to adhere to rules over the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI)

1 year ago

Google Cloud Next UK: Google Cloud To Offer AI Explanations

Explainable AI. Google Cloud will offer explanations so that businesses can see and understand why AI made a particular decision

1 year ago

Google Cloud Next UK: G Suite Gains New Assistive Features

Day two of Google's cloud event, sees new assistive features that utilise AI for G Suite to help both consumers…

1 year ago

Police To Use Drones To Locate Missing Persons

Drone programme officially launched in Scotland this week using AI to help search remote areas for missing or vulnerable people

1 year ago

Trust, Privacy, Ethics and AI

Paul Knight is a Partner at the national law firm Mills & Reeve. Knight specialises in issues of privacy, user…

1 year ago

How Machine Learning is Transforming Manufacturing

Manufacturing is transforming thanks to AI. As factories become more intelligent, their use of machine learning will only increase. Are…

1 year ago

Building Your Business’s AI Future

AI has continued to rapidly advance. With intelligent tools now available to businesses, how can enterprises transform their processes and…

1 year ago

AI Powered Mei Messaging App Arrives On iOS

Crush Analyser. Messaging app that includes an AI assistant to improve personal relationships, arrives on iOS

1 year ago

Elon Musk Predicts AI Computer Interface For Human Brain

Chip implanted in the human brain by NeuraLink could allow 'symbiosis with artificial intelligence'

2 years ago

AI Pioneer Alan Turing To Feature On £50 Note

The mathematician, whose early AI contributions included the 'Turing test', is lauded for his wartime codebreaking work and his ongoing…

2 years ago

IBM Touts AI For Wimbledon Highlights, App Experience

Big Blue's 30 year partnership at Wimbledon continues with AI used to power App and highlights programme

2 years ago

MIT’s ‘Gen’ Aims To Make AI Techniques More Accessible

Researchers aim for a system similar to Google's TensorFlow, but with the flexibility to bring in a broader gamut of…

2 years ago

Twitter Buys London Start-Up Fabula AI

Technology from the London-based start-up is to be used to track down misinformation and spam and 'improve the health of…

2 years ago

HPE Bolsters HPC Credentials With $1.3bn Cray Deal

Veteran supercomputer maker Cray is to be acquired by HPE, to power its HPC push in the years ahead

2 years ago

San Francisco To Ban The Use Of Facial Recognition Tech

First city in the United States looks to ban the use of facial recognition over privacy and human rights concerns

2 years ago

Build 2019: Microsoft Adds AI To Word To Suggest Writing Improvements

The tool goes beyond simple spelling and grammar correction to critique a document's structure and readability

2 years ago

Tesla Promises Autonomous Taxi Fleets By Mid-2020

Elon Musk predicts 'difficult software problem' holding back self-driving cars will be solved by the end of this year

2 years ago

Microsoft Turns Down Police Contract Over AI Bias Concerns

Ethical use of AI prompted Redmond to turn down chance to win police facial recognition contract

2 years ago

Tech Firms Face Test On Their Algorithms For Bias

Computer algorithms and artificial intelligence systems will be required to show they are neutral on race, gender and other biases

2 years ago