US Begins Julian Assange Extradition Appeal

Lawyers for the United States tell the UK's High Court that the judge who blocked Julian Assange extradition had been…

3 months ago

Apple Seeks Pause On Epic Games Antitrust Ruling

As appeal against ruling on Epic Games lawsuit begins, Apple asks US judge to put on hold orders to change…

3 months ago

Huawei Confirms Appeal Against Sweden’s 5G Ban

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei confirms it will appeal against court ruling upholding ban on the sale of its 5G equipment…

4 months ago

Google Appeals EU’s 2018 Antitrust Fine

Google seeks dismissal of EU's 4.3bn euro antitrust fine, tells court payments to phone makers were needed in Android's fight…

4 months ago

Apple Files Appeal In Corellium Copyright Lawsuit

And so it continues. Despite settlement of one lawsuit, Apple has filed an appeal in another lawsuit against Corellium

5 months ago

Swedish Court Rejects Huawei Appeal Over 5G Ban

Appeal by Huawei against Swedish regulator's decision to exclude it from 5G networks dismissed, with 5G auction slated to begin…

1 year ago

White House Appeals Judge’s TikTok Ruling

Trump administration has appealed a judge's decision to block US attempts to place tough restrictions on ByteDance's TikTok

1 year ago

Facebook Oversight Board Begins Hearing Cases

Two years after it was first mooted, Facebook oversight board which can overrule Mark Zuckerberg on content matters, starts hearing…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: French Court To Rule On Amazon Warehouse Appeal

Appeal by Amazon against Trade Union court action, that resulted in the e-commerce giant closing all its warehouses in France

2 years ago

US Supreme Court Rejects Apple Appeal Against VirnetX

Bad news for Apple, as the US Supreme Court rejects iPad maker's appeal against a $440m patent infringement financial penalty

2 years ago

Google Begins Appeal Against EU Shopping Penalty

Alphabet unit begin fightback against European antitrust regulators in three day hearing at EU General Court in Luxembourg

2 years ago

Amazon Challenges Pentagon Over JEDI Cloud Contract

Political bias? AWS files intention to appeal DoD's decision to give major cloud contract to Microsoft

2 years ago

Oracle Appeals Pentagon JEDI Contract Exclusion

'JEDI suffers from corruption of a high order' thunders Oracle as it appeals lower court ruling over its exclusion from…

2 years ago

Facebook Loses Facial Recognition Appeal

Federal court rejects Facebook attempt to quash class action lawsuit over storage of biometric data

2 years ago

Qualcomm Seeks Antitrust Enforcement Delay, Ahead Of Appeal

Chipmaker disputes US judge ruling, and asks her not to enforce the antitrust order until it can appeal

3 years ago

US Appeals Court Hears Net Neutrality Challenge

Legal challenge to overturning of net neutrality laws continues, with decision due in the summer

3 years ago

Microsoft’s Skype Loses Belgian Appeal Over Customer Data

Microsoft unit fine upheld and is ordered to hand over customer data relating to criminal investigation

4 years ago

Facebook Search Warrant Appeal Thrown Out By US Court

Facebook challenge to bulk search warrants for customer accounts dismissed by New York court

5 years ago

Google Loses Street View WiSpy Privacy Appeal

Google’s infamous WiSpy incident continues to haunt the company as it loses a privacy appeal in California

8 years ago

HP Itanium Trial Delayed After Oracle Appeal

HP's attempt to collect up to £2.6 billion in damages from Oracle will have to wait a little longer after…

9 years ago

BT Battle With Ofcom Refered To Competition Commision

The appeal by BT against Ofcom's pricing for local loop unbundling has been referred to the Competition Commission

9 years ago

Britain’s Anti-Piracy Act Delayed By Cost Dispute

The DEA is hit by another delay, as secondary legislation needs to be approved following the BT and TalkTalk appeal

10 years ago

High Court Demands Action Over Gary McKinnon Extradition Case

Two judges have given medical experts 28 days to report on hacker McKinnon's psychological state pending his extradition appeal

10 years ago

NHS Trust Will Appeal Against ICO Penalty

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust will appeal if fined £375,000 by ICO

10 years ago

Assange Set For Final Extradition Appeal

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has won the right to one further appeal to the Supreme Court

10 years ago

Judge Throws Out Oracle’s $1.3bn Award From SAP

New judgement means Oracle may not bank the largest US IP infringement fine, awarded against SAP

10 years ago

Microsoft Open To $300m Claim As Court Appeal Fails

US court rejects Microsoft's appeal in an IP suit with i4i, makes it vulnerable to a $300 million judgement

11 years ago